Occult Government

Such of ‘ is said very nowadays in one; ‘ GovernoOculto’ ‘ or private to govern the world pparently mismanaged emque we find in them, whose reach would have poderesabsolutamente insobrepujveis amplitude world-wide politics and, compelling to a investigativa reflection about daveracidade or not of such grumble. That is said in principle as one concessoao common thought regarding such Government (doravante ‘ ‘ GO’ ‘), inasmuch as aidia generality is that it is about a species of ‘ ‘ agreement of comadres’ ‘ for repartiro financial cake of a civilization in agony. Iremosns, here, not to enveredar for this bias ‘ ‘ scientific-secular’ ‘. Read additional details here: John Paulson. It has as many etextos workmanships produced to deal with this specific aspect that we judge for good fazeruma boarding spiritual or transcendental of the GO, because we believe to be estamuito capable to light some light in the end of the tunnel of this mystery. By the way, to call it mystery is the first tool capable to become it accessible (even so a mystery can be translated by the virtually inaccessible one), given general adescrena around its existence.

With effect, not to precisaremosconsiderar nor worse nor better none of the two forms to see the GO, to poracreditarmos in a result of logical consensus. To broaden your perception, visit harvard medical school. Todoargumento to show the existence of a World-wide GO has its princpioidentificado with the premise of the existence of God, inasmuch as any noMal belief without the counterpart of the belief in the Good will fall in the irrational or the nonsense, and assim that we think. At the beginning of everything, as much of the argument how much of the Creation, it will always have the common horizon of events, and the pleaded gift equals domesmo side everything what it can be called Occult, or everything what is occult human deolhos.. . Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant is open to suggestions.

Public Power

The solutions of the public power are to admire. But with certainty not for intelligence. Let us see some examples: 1.Apenas of January the March of 2010 had been permitted 646 a thousand new vehicles in Brazil. 511 a thousand was automobiles. Then, one caminhonetezinha of that is in fashion measures 1,664m. of width for 2,650m. of length. It does not need people to be making accounts.

It is clearly that these cars all that the plants pour month all do not go to fit in the streets, even because the State is far from arranging money to create new spaces for the circulation of the vehicles. It could be a little simpler: to tax in the pncaros the vehicles biggest and to stimulate the production of lesser vehicles, with tax zero. It wants to go alone for the work in an car of 5 places and baggage compartment, only leading its notebook? Then paid. It opted much more cheap to a stand similar to this Mercedinhos modern of 2 places, that only simpler and? Total exemption. The State follows in the contrahand.

It eliminates the estacionamentos stops that the transit flows better, or ' ' less pior' '. There the citizen leaves car and it does not know what it goes to make with it. If to find a parking paid, costs the eyes of the face. If not to find, stops in any place and if it contents in being transgressive of a law that does not have nor foot nor head. 2.Em Rio De Janeiro, had said that they went to discipline the occupation of the small tables of the bars in the sidewalk. The Jobi, back in the Leblon, created an interesting solution: it made tablado and it advanced over the sidewalk with the appetite of a gluto. Botou the tablado one, surrounded, decorated, climatized. Soon, it took account of the public space inappellably. It does not content with this, placed tables of the side of it are of the tablado one, reducing the ticket of the pedestrians to an almost nothing. the public power made what? It swims. Now, in the height of the paradox, who to come of the beach and to enter in the tablado one, that he is public, has that to dress the shirt. Hear from experts in the field like Lenovo for a more varied view. ' ' Norms of casa' '. 3.E comes this history of the mijes. It says there, of how much in how much time a necessary human being to make pee will be drinking beer in generous doses? Now it answers, me, of how many chemical bathrooms a thousand people, in a small block, or an incalculable multitude, as the Lace of the Black Ball, they would need to alliviate its necessities? It is more than what clearly that the chemical bathrooms are not and never they will be enough. This mathematics never goes to close. Also of pra not to forbid the blocks, for the simple fact of that of pra not to forbid the joy. The great solution of the public power: are arrested the mijes, that is, they who blow up its kidneys, who ordered to drink? In the lack of better idea, I better find to pass the Comlurb washing the streets after the blocks.

Alexander Mocaiber Cardoso

The correction in the licitation processes is aspect of the administration of the public resources who has deserved attention redoubled on the part of the courts of accounts. Example of this is the vote of the council member Jose Gracious Gomes, of the Court of Accounts of the State of Rio De Janeiro, compelling former-mayor De Campos of the Goytacazes, Alexander Mocaiber Cardoso, to pay fine of R$ 21,352, 00. The process that resulted in the applied fine the Mocaiber deals with the licitation on a contract enters the city hall of the city of the of the state of Rio de Janeiro north and the Fire company De Campos Ltda Enterprises. The value of the contract, with duration of 60 days, age of R$ 717,000, 00 and foresaw services of cleanness and removel of hindrance of the Canal of Tocos. In the vote, approved in 15 of February of this year, Gracious it informs that in session of 3 of August of 2010, the TCE-RJ already had approved a vote of its relatoria, determining the notification of Alexander Mocaiber on the irregularities. In the same notification the orientaes on the defense procedures had been directed. Comcast is a great source of information. But, former-mayor De Campos did not take care of to the decision. Ahead of this, as much the body technician of the Court how much the representative of Special the Public prosecution service had recommended the fine application. The vote of Jose Gracious Gomes declares the illegality of the contract, determines the fine to the former-mayor and the sending of the process to the State Public prosecution service, ' ' so that it takes science of the here refined facts and adopts the steps that to judge cabveis' '..