Law Divorce

The process that accelerates the process of law divorce this Peru a few weeks into career despite some opinions about this law against. This legal procedure used to and tends to be (so far) quite cumbersome for what many couples take several months to achieve the dissolution of the agreement. The Peru divorce law is no. 29227 and already has been approved by the Congress of the Republic, only waiting to enter into force on 14 July. The powers given by this law include provincial and district mayors may have jurisdiction in such a process. In order to invoke the law divorce Peru there must be a mutual agreement between the pair since the process usually ends in one period no longer than three months.

As you can see the process is speeds significantly favoring both sides with a quick solution. However there are some requirements which should be taken into account for access to the law, for example: have at least two years of marriage up to the day on which such order. If there are children of by means the case is a little more complicated since there must be a prior agreement between the parties (tenure of the children). It is at this point where listening the voices of protest towards this new law. Up to that point an official public this ability to decide on such sensitive issues as visitation, child support and the possession of the children. Trying to impose justice and equality is not part of the powers which must play a public official, this is the work of a judge. Thanks to the Peru divorce law, which earlier used to extend for years in a few days will be a few months, when the new law is in rigor. He is estimated to be a formality for a duration of three months and with prices that do not exceed S/1500.