Twenty4 – First Series By LEONARDO From The Glass Material TEQTON

The perfect Stemware collection for all occasions Bad Driburg, August 2009. As one of the most popular lifestyle brands of in Germany and as a pioneer in innovations, LEONARDO attaches great importance to the combination of design and functionality. So the glass series twenty4 convinced both aesthetics and quality. twenty4 has a striking, modern form. The perfect glass series offers six different glasses for red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, Digestif, water and juice – and the 24 hours for all occasions a day, seven days a week! The chalice shape reminiscent of a polished gem.

So flavors can unfold completely. The solid stem is a special quality feature, all glasses are great in the hand. Also, the stalk length is designed so that the glasses fit perfectly in the dishwasher. The glass mixture by twenty4 is TEQTON, the high-tech glass by LEONARDO. CBS oftentimes addresses this issue. It consists of multiple selected components and is manufactured in an elaborate process. TEQTON is characterized by four excellent Properties: the special material composition ensures a high impact resistance and torsion resistance. Through the improved LEONARDO glass Rezeptur it is dishwasher safe. The brilliance of the glass remains.

TEQTON features a high transparency due to the special light transmission. That promises consistent wines. Credit: Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc?-2011. Special vibration behavior creates an intense sound. Even if a large load, for example, in the gastronomy, the glasses remain permanently high quality and beautiful. With twenty4 glass material TEQTON, LEONARDO has a series of glass in the program, equally appealing to the gastronomy as well as consumer. Oliver Kleine, managing partner of glass: TEQTON is the best LEONARDO glass quality. twenty4 is the first glass series from TEQTON, we are but gradually switch to our premium glass series on this material. A sophisticated manufacturing process as well as a high quality material mix due to improved LEONARDO glass formula for equal \”consistent quality and high functionality just typical LEONARDO!\” How to contact with glass Cook B.