Is it possible to get rich at the school and at the University? The answer is one: NO, definitely: not and that I can’t do rich attending school or University. Connect with other leaders such as NUVIA here. 1st reason: by schools and universities, were created to teach the curriculum and professional skills, but not to teach financial skills that consist in knowing how to use the money that you have. 2nd reason: by schools and universities were created to form excellent employees, but not entrepreneurs. 3rd reason: that the majority of educators are poor or middle-class people. No offense but in reality, that can teach a poor money management. Who can teach you an educator who has never made an undertaking, on the creation of companies and profitable business? 4th reason: by that in the universities nor teach you what what the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer.

5th reason: by any school or University, teaches a subject called: passive income. This type of income is that really going to allow a person to acquire financial freedom. In conclusion, I would like to tell you to please not go me to evil interpreted, if it is necessary to attend school to acquire general culture, to socialize, to make us not rejected in society, and for everything that you want or comes to mind, but never to learn how to make money. If you want to learn to earn money, should think how think the rich, all you should do is read books of millionaires, reading books on financial education, watch videos, attend seminars of financial education, if possible get a mentor. And I say a mentor a mentor is a person who has already obtained financial success and who can help giving good advice to make you apply all the knowledge financial education that learn and start their first ventures in the art of making money. Remember that time is gold, don’t waste more time and begin to learn and Act, remember that the power of action is infinite..