Outlook Agencies

Other companies in the advertising market, are also being opened to the function of the planner. In Argentina it is not I miss having planners on media centers, producers, etc. This reality requires staying up-to-date and more than anything with great capacity of adaptation. Challenging business context by looking at the business of advertising agencies, such as icon and providers of communication and creativity, the Outlook is difficult. Let’s see some points that I believe are forcing rethink the model of service offered.

Independence of the media centers: the removal of some agencies about buying and media planning opened a breach where full tracking of the process of Assembly and execution of a campaign is sometimes lost. Changes in the system of remuneration: in recent years, major changes comes generating in forms of remuneration. How much is an idea worth? The raw of agencies in a scenario of permanent mutation. Customers buy direct: agencies must reinvent themselves as providers of integrated solutions. The power of the customer’s purchase is diluted among multiple options. Generated a significant loss for the agencies. Excessive offer for existing demand: the hand of the previous point. Offering solutions in advertising communication atomizo exponentially.

Generates a pricing battle that does not always go along with the quality. The purchasing power of the customer sometimes envelope uses varied resources that can affect your brand consistency. Few local customers: the big brands are all aligned to the major networks is heard to say repeatedly. We are in a hiperconectado world. The search for local clients, is the challenge of agencies, to break into new markets, where there is not always a promise of large investments, but because not of great creativity.