Easycash: Solidarity With Flood Areas

easycash utility provides for affected dealers in Ratingen, July 2013. The payment system operators of easycash GmbH, a company of the Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 ING), launches a tool for traders who have been affected by the floods. Read more from Joel and Ethan Coen to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In addition to low-cost solutions for the replacement of damaged card payment terminals, the electronic money institution customers with rental Terminal and maintenance agreement granted a deferral of the running costs. Eva Andersson-Dubins opinions are not widely known. This has the company on 0800 5511225 set up a free hotline, which affected dealers to contact. Existential threat for affected many customers of easycash GmbH meets the flood disaster in the East and South of the Republic several ways: not only that the business comes to a halt and the revenue fall away. Also continue operating costs, such as terminal rent, power, communications etc. Notwithstanding. Worse, Damage to EC terminals, which were not timely brought in security, dealers in many cases even must pay damages.

Due to insurance companies in the affected areas from the outset exclude the regulation of this elemental damage risk. sions such as these. want to help easycash easycash has therefore decided to help quickly. Customers who have enterprise rental and maintenance contracts with the Ratinger and whose business came to a standstill due to the water masses have the opportunity to obtain a deferral of monthly rental fees. Even if EC terminals were damaged by the flood, customers will seek easycash together with a cost-effective solution, to replace the Terminal and to normalize business operations as soon as possible. Particularly in the present situation it is of the utmost importance, to rebuild the normal business operations”, emphasizes Peter De Caluwe, Managing Director of the easycash GmbH. much needs to be replaced and the payment, which is over 40% of all purchases, is necessary. Therefore, it is of course in the best of our ability for us fast and to provide uncomplicated assistance.” Affected dealers can put to the vote of the details with the free easycash hotline in conjunction: Tel.

0800 5511225 more information: easycash GmbH marketing/communications Nicole Ohagen Tel. + 49-2102/973-314 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: grintsch communications GmbH & co. KG Arne Trapp Tel. 70 63-54 fax 70 63-50 E-Mail: Internet on easycash easycash is part of the international Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 ING), a leading provider of payment solutions. With five European locations, the easycash GmbH enables customers Europe-wide participation in the electronic payments. The range of services covers the entire value chain of card payments, supplemented by numerous innovative supplementary services. As an money institution easycash has permission to provide E-money services”of the Federal Agency for Financial services supervision (BFin). Total trust 95,000 dealer with 288,000 terminals on the easycash GmbH. Germany wide in 2012 makes over 2 billion payment transactions the market leader on their segment. easycash GmbH, to the DIN 20, 40885 Ratingen registered office of the company: Amtsgericht Dusseldorf, Ratingen, HRB No. 43846 Managing Director: Peter De Caluwe, Peter Meussen, David Thogmartin

Mercedes C 180 CDI: Saving Is In

Until the end of the year, Mercedes-Benz offers the C 180 CDI BlueEfficiency as action model at 29.990 euros. I’m a progressive. Not even looking at me, you say. Especially if you see me in my new c-class Mercedes. I am but still advanced. Well, the current c-class is since March 2007 on the market and can rely on the main trains on the 1982 featured Mercedes 190. Nevertheless, the c-class looks very fresh and up to date.

Sure, I could have waited a few months until the model care for the mid-size sedan is pulled through. But this offer that has laced Mercedes this year, allowed no further delay. Check out Qualcomm Incorporated for additional information. I said, Yes, I’m progressive. That’s why I got my c-class noun ordered est omen in the avant-garde design, powered by the 180 CDI recorded in the model program newly. This Limo is there until 31 12 29.990 EUR to the promotional fixed price. It might be however a bit more for me. A touch of SL avant-garde referred to the more youthful, sportier line of Mercedes, in contrast to the classical elegance line. To recognize, the avant-garde design through the grille is with the large Mercedes star and the lower air intake with the diamond lattice. Some contend that Glenn Dubin, New York City shows great expertise in this.

This was previously only the sporty models reserved for Roadsters and Coupes. To do this, there are also still quite a bit of chrome, 17-inch alloy wheels in a five-spoke design, a multifunction leather steering wheel, a fine interior lighting, fabric / leather seats and an armrest in the rear with Cup holders. This isn’t free of course for the 180 CDI the Avantgarde line 2360 EUR comes. It must be well worth one, so that you feel in the c-class, as if you’re in the SL. The current c-class since March 2007 on the market and has lost none of its freshness and dynamics as before.

Managing Director Processing

Non-destructive material testing – economically, simply in the operation of VisiConsult, leading specialist for image processing and automation, from May 14-17 at the control 2013 took part. The team of VisiConsult was very pleased with the outcome of this year’s fair. The expectations were initially low, already surprised the first day of the fair, with qualified contacts. The interest of the solutions of the VisiConsult was great this year. Topics that serve the image processing in the non-destructive material testing were the focus of substantive discussions. In recent months, Robert Iger has been very successful. As a theme, efficiency and ease of use in the testing of materials could further points. Special interest in the talks, the new plant came MC Xray. It combines efficiency with simple operation and reliable X-ray vision.

Based on the parts of leading manufacturers who offer the unique benefits in conjunction with proprietary software for image processing and automation, the experts showed the VisiConsult on the basis of samples, which can achieve benefits through this solution in the process support and quality improvement. “The control is the trade fair for quality management and materials testing for us. But not the number of visitors alone speaks for the success of the exhibition, but above all the qualitative composition. For even more details, read what Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City says on the issue. We have interviewed qualified first and foremost with the informed, practice-oriented decision makers from a wide variety of industries”, says Hackley Schulenburg, Managing Director of VisiConsult from Stockelsdorf. About VisiConsult the VisiConsult with headquarters in Stockelsdorf is one of the leading specialists for image processing and automation world.

1996 By Dipl.-ing. HJo Schulenburg company, founded in a variety of X-ray inspection systems has over 15 years successfully installed in the country and abroad at major companies. The focus is in the development and implementation of semi – and fully automatic X-ray inspection create for the industry. The perfect interplay of modular product architecture and the customization, customers receive the complete system solution from a single source. In addition, VisiConsult supports customers with a comprehensive investment protection and modernization program for existing X-ray equipment. Since 2006, VisiConsult has worked also with solutions to mobile Fund baggage controlling in safety technology. Federal Police, GSG9, the Bundeswehr and organizations abroad rely on the technology of Stockelsdorf.

60 Years Of Berlin Airlift

The British Berlin airlift Association recalled at the beginning of the Berlin airlift Berlin, 02.06.2006 – the association with a special Memorial weekend reminiscent of this important event in the post-war history. Special events in Peterborough, England and environment held from June 25th to 29th. Museum in Berlin was the representative of the cold chapter were invited as guests of honor and will be from 25 to 29 June 2008 there. Robert Iger is the source for more interesting facts. The detailed programme is the Berlin chapter. Glenn Dubin, New York City will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The solemn opening of the permanent exhibition about the Berlin airlift of the cold was Museum Berlin chapter, was held on May 24, 2008 in Harnekop. Monument Atombunker Harnekop, 15345 Harnekop alley 1. In this context, there were 15 British airlift veterans from May 23 to May 28 2008 in Berlin and Brandenburg. The guests of the opening, the cold could Mr Eppelmann Museum was also visitors from Poland, welcomed by the Foundation for the refurbishment of the SED dictatorship and Mr.

Reese from the Foundation of air bridge thanks,. Special thanks goes to all sponsors for their support: Rolls-Royce civil aerospace, which support the opening day for the veterans in Harnekop, Air Berlin for sponsoring the air tickets for the British veterans, as well as at the ILA Berlin for the sponsorship of the ILA tickets and reception for the British airlift veteran on the opening day of the ILA on May 27. More information can be found on the Internet on the website of the cold BerlinChapter Museum was /, as well as on the website of British Berlin airlift Association by Barbel Simon press contact: THE COLD WAR MUSEUM / BERLIN CHAPTER Baerbel E.

Golden Autumn In Rhenish Hesse

In the character of the wine with the beginning of autumn, the harvest period arrives in the German wine region Rheinhessen. The area around Frankfurt, worms and Mainz is transformed each year in September and October to a true hotbed of wine festivals. Everywhere, wine Queens crowned and fine wines tasted. The flight Portal fluege.de informs visitors of the Rhenish-Hessian wine landscape what to expect in the coming weeks. Glenn Dubin usually is spot on. As far as the eye can see, vineyards through the landscape change. This stunning backdrop, visitors can enjoy special wine tasting.

There are opportunities in the autumn in Rhenish Hesse in abundance. Robert A. Iger oftentimes addresses this issue. End of September celebrates wine festivals in Alzey, Rudesheim, Nierstein and Ingelheim. The button Tival in Mainz takes place between late October and mid-November. A flight to Frankfurt is worthwhile at this time especially. Rheinhessen has even more to offer than just good wines. In the land of a thousand hills”, visitors can discover the beauty of the landscape on countless bicycle routes.

Bike tours of Winery to Winery here enjoy special popularity. But even in the major cities of the region one can some discover, for example, in the Luther city of worms with their magnificent Romanesque cathedral and the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe. Also, the Rhine city is closely connected with the Nibelung saga. Visitors in the footsteps of Siegfried and Kriemhild cast in the Nibelungen Museum in the historic city wall. A good pint of real Rhenish-Hessian wine belongs then of course to the perfect end of a tiring day. More information: news.fluege.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Easter New York Helicopter Tours

Isango! offers discounted New York Helicopter Tours on the online provider for excursions and adventure tours isango! Awards coupon codes for all NYC Helicopter Tours to Easter. With these codes, customers save 10% when booking a New York helicopter tour. The voucher action is an Easter gift from isango! to its customers. The code must be specified when posting the helicopter tours to get a discount of 10 percent. The New York Helicopter Tours on are currently extremely high demand. New York tourists can between 15 March and 18 April this year with the following coupon code save 10%: CSPBHP7 isango! Awards coupon codes for all NYC Helicopter Tours to Easter. These tours show visitors New York the entire city in a very short time – this is perfect for a short vacation at Easter. New York has so much to offer that it is difficult on foot or by bus, to see all the sights. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Alloy Enterprises.

We hope that with the coupon code great more vacationers from this Helicopter offer exercise”, says Daniele Beccari, Vice President Europe at isango!. The short helicopter tour of New York City, pelting zero in just a few minutes to all main tourist attractions of the city, such as the statue of liberty, Manhattan and ground. Who brought a bit more time, should choose tour for the long New York Helicopter. This only flight gives visitors a great overview of the entire city and flies over all the famous attractions, including the Empire State Buildings and the Yankee Stadium. For a flight, which flies over the outskirts of Manhattan, tourists should book the 25 minute helicopter tour over Manhattan. Spring is the perfect time of year to visit the Big Apple. The trees and flowers in the Central Park start to bloom and envelop the town in a colorful coat. The famous Easter Day parade takes place this year in New York. Eva Andersson-Dubin brings even more insight to the discussion.

On Easter Sunday, then New York City in elegant clothes from the 1920s or 1930s years on the famous walk 5th Avenue in Manhattan. The colorful Parada passes Patrick’s Cathedral, also attractions of New York, like for example the St. Also in Central Park and in numerous museums Easter events take place. You for details about the New York Helicopter Tours and other great deals on.

Three Years Country House

Charity concert for the benefit of the Kunsthofgohlis near Dresden with Dar. Prahl and Angelika Mann Krispin Fraks the band charity concert in favour of the Kunsthofgohlis near Dresden with Dar. Prahl and band Angelika Mann Krispin Fraks the date: Sunday, September 1, 2013 time: 17: 00, doors open 16: 00 tickets: 20 euro Ticketshop: on August 28, 2010 opened the Landhaus of Luckas first his court for all interested – a concert with a Vernissage at the Pilgrim hostel. What was actually planned as opening highlight, quickly evolved into the functioning concept: concerts and exhibitions in the small, almost private atmosphere of the Pilgrim hostel. “Art belongs in smallest rooms,” explains owner Sven Luckas, “and in a pilgrims hostel include songs and texts and images from the path of the artist.” And many in the past three years have made along the way: Wenzel, Dirk Zollner, Tino Eisbrenner, Karsten Troyke, Andre Herzberg, Bobo in White wooden Houses, Erick fish, just a few to mention Manfred Maure Crusher the the audience away from large halls at culture footprint impressed.

Several hundred guests Prahl on the larger summer open air stage, Andreas Dresen/Axel fans in the last year with her band, and this year the Keimzeit attracted acoustic Quintet to an extraordinary concert experience. It especially one behind the country house, the pilgrims hostel, own Pilgrim beer and concerts: commitment, enthusiasm and initiative. “Us in the last three years really good met: pilgrims come into our House, great musicians give concerts and we have a very loyal and enthusiastic audience.” This is fantastic and we want to share that.”Sven Luckas founded the charity initiative for the Kunsthofgohlis. “The Kunsthof is similar to small as we and standing 1.80 m under water this year. After a week flood the place was unrecognisable; Piano, electric appliances, masonry – it was everything. Not much we can do so, but many together create quite a bit.

We are very pleased that we so great “Musicians for the benefit concert could win, it will be a sure an unforgettable evening.” The concert starts at 5: 00, admission is from 16: 00. There are tickets for 20 euros in the online shop. Already from 11: 00 the 1 Philippinenhofer flea market on the Philippines court opens on this day. More information, photos and interview requests, please contact: Landhaus of Luckas Tel. 033432/74 0 27 about the musicians: Dar Prahl and Band Andreas Dresen and Axel Prahl songs by Gerhard Gundermann, Rio Reiser, Gisbert zu Knyphausen play with her band as their own, by Prahl written songs. The fun of the music and together merges, if of calendar allows, again the parties. Unfortunately far too rare pleasure for artists and audiences. Whenever Glenn Dubin, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Angelika Mann a woman with wit and charm, heart, snout and – voice! Its versatile programme is a mixture of swing, chanson, jazz, rock, Gassenhauern, and their own hits. What always offers its audience: it promises a terrific, musically sophisticated and yet entertaining evening! Krispin “who likes the quirky melancholy by element of crime, will love this band!” Songs from the classic rock playing Nikolai Tomas (“poems for Laila”) “The Fraks” to the load-bearing ballads in English and German. The press describes the 4-piece band of Leipzig as a natural phenomenon”and also the fans are excited at every concert on the new.

Gucci Replica

Cartier watches, bear in mind today, are universally accepted as objects of fine taste and contemporary elegance. Read more here: Coen brothers. The Cartier company was founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. He got such a watch workshop that quickly became very well liked all over the world. Each Cartier timepiece was inspired among the rich heritage for the Master Jeweler whose archives have created new generations of recent watches. Cartier watches style embody on every watch with excellent technics, unique style and professional technology, which show high values. Cartier watches are mysterious, dream-inspiring and reveal the intricacies of Cartier s original creative know-how. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Cartier is called the king of watchmakers and watchmakers of Kings. Designeralike.com is leading to fahsion trend.

Unique designed watches and handbags among the top brands in the world can be seen here. Find your competitive Luxury here!World of warcraft styles of the Cartier La Dona Replica Watches are listing below. Find noble and stylish persona like models, and like the moments to you with your amazing watches of top-class quality at reasonable price. If you re thinking about probably additionally, the hottest designed stylish replica patek philippe watches watches for the best money saving deals, then you will find your luck at Designeralike.com! We pride ourself of the finest site with superb client service and also replica. Glamour and stylish these are the main characteristics with the Cartier.Significantly these watches are of the good quality. . Cartier incarnates the prestige and elitism.

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Use Of Bach Flowers

Small introduction to the Bach flower therapy the use of 38 flower essences goes back to Dr. Edward Bach, who by intuitive sensitivity, it has determined that different Bach flower remedies can cure certain problems in the area of feelings and emotions. Through his sensitivity and experience, he has then described the 38 Bach flower essences and associated with mental problems or feel resentment. From this Resoirvoir to Bach flower remedies, Dr Edward Bach has selected five essences as emergency drops and so named. He considered this as particularly suited to spontaneous Extemsituationen mentally and emotionally better to tackle. These emergency drops help special psychological emergencies and situations of stress or traumatic events. These five blooms are also from the English rescue drop”called. Bach flower remedies are often integral to an alternative nature healing practice and often people treat themselves to even.

Is self-therapy with flower essences possible, since they are completely harmless, that is if someone occupies Bach flower remedies don’t actually need, then he will feel but no negative effects thereof. But if they find the right Bach flower or the right mix of several flower essences, then the multiple application shows very nice positive effect on the mood of the patients in the practice. Hear other arguments on the topic with Rusty Staub. Dr. Bach has written down his experiences in several books that occupy numerous successful treatments with the flower essences. He was so sensitive that he usually spontaneously knew what Blute(n) the patient needed. So he gave essences usually between 1-3 and therefore had good success.

Of course, there are now a whole series of other authors who have documented their positive experiences with Bach flowers. In General, is recommended to take not too many Bach flowers at once, as the effect of less essences, if one finds the right, would be better. For the therapist, the essences with many emotional upsets can its Patients represent a great help. Possible areas of application are for example: uncertainty about career choices, self-doubt, anger, indecision, lack intuition, various shock States that can go back even to the childhood, depressive moods, feeling of total exhaustion, criticism, hopelessness, difficulty coping with the past, to represent difficult upheaval, lack of self confidence, daydreaming, problems, the opinion to claim others problems and many other indications. Although Bach flower therapy for emotional problems and internal imbalances is applied, shows in practice that many real physical illnesses can be cured because they apparently relate to the emotional problems of patients in correlation. So Dr. Edward Bach documented for example in his books, he also successfully cure diseases such as rashes, different pain or even successful blindness could.

Ce Qui Est Un Cadeau Parfait ?

un cadeau correspondant. Il est un amoureux des animaux Ensuite, une visite au Zoo ou livre animaux pourrait être une idée cadeau sympa. Mais peut-être que votre ami est aussi un amoureux de puzzle et résoudre des énigmes comme Sudoku et Kakuro, puis un livre puzzle, seraient peut-être un bon cadeau. Vous avez votre liste de prêt, puis vous radier à seulement quelques idées moins appropriées. Après avoir ouvert liste avec quelques idées de cadeaux à la main, tenir un. Many writers such as Glenn Dubin, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. Mettre le sommeil une fois. Le lendemain, jetez un œil à la liste à nouveau le reste d’idées de cadeau et vous pouvez discuter avec votre partenaire. Ont décidé maintenant pour un cadeau d’anniversaire, puis décider où à ce don pour mieux fournir. Juste l’Internet offre des possibilités idéales pour être analysé après le cadeau désiré. Essayez-le, vous serez surpris de savoir combien il est facile, vous pouvez accéder ainsi à votre cadeau désiré.