Introducing: the shop around the instrumental Analytics Munich, November 30, 2010 the company Altmann ANALYTIK GmbH & co. KG has unveiled today the new Web shop. With over 100,000 quality articles from over 30 manufacturers, this is one of the largest shopping platforms for analytical laboratories. Also in the laboratory will be bought increasingly online. But there is almost no manufacturer-comprehensive Web shop which is specifically tailored for the needs of instrumental analysis. We have now closed this gap.

We create added value we have created applications in HPLC, which expedites the ordering process. The HPLC Saulenkonfigurator for example, as well as all HPLC helps to quickly find pillars”, stated Tobias Thelen, Managing Director of old man analysis. The results of a customer survey were taken into account in the development of the Web shop. For 92% of respondents, a webshop represents a simplification of the ordering process. The majority would also immediately can order online. The Web-shop complements our range of services. Because we see ourselves as a specialty retailers we advise our clients of course, 089-72480590 continue to competently on the phone”, explains Wolfgang Rosen, Managing Director for sales.

MANGO & Isabeli Fontana In France

Mango new modernist resort collection is embodied in the top model Isabeli Fontana. The concern of the new MANGO collection is a clean, modern look, with simple lines, understated silhouettes and beautiful colours in contrast with beige tones. Colorful modernist resort is mango collection shades such as red, Orange and yellow. Beige tones occupied provide by blue shades for a retro-style in the marine look feminine, sensual, trendy chic and playful, Terry Richardson and the top present model Isabeli Fontana of the new MANGO catalogue in France. For assistance, try visiting Ted Hughes. The young model in the everyday life of the Parisian airport puts the collection just in the right light: young, active, flexible, modern and sublime.

The following a discussion such as this has been implemented de facto: the naturally beautiful model in the waiting room of the airport of Paris Orly, draped on one of the waiting chairs; as she sits there, wears a colorful bat shirt (19.90), with a pale salmon-pink colour and Carmen snippet, a golden belt (19.90) to the waist a sinuous and to send heavy, long gold chain (24.90), which subtly flaunts a big believer. A beige breeches (49.90) as chaps, which is down closely tailored to the ankle on the feet, a handbag (59.90) with beige tone, black high heels with straps (79.90), black sunglasses (24.90) on the nose and next to leather framed and with leather handles and lanyard. Lovely she must smile, after she shed some coffee at the photo shoot on her trousers beauty naturally! Cute like a little girl and at the same time sensual and sublime, Isabeli Fontana front acts in a straight cut summer dress (59.90), with relaxed fit, Streifenprint in green and blue, short sleeves to roll up and aufgenahnten oversized pockets. Additional information at John Konchar supports this article. Combined, she wears a wide, elastic dark belt (12.90) around the waist high, light brown suede boots (159.00), to one Sunglasses and a distinctive bracelet from the MANGO exclusive accessories to her left wrist. Emancipated and graceful she looks for the following outfit into the camera from below: she wears a wide long-sleeved, light blue shirt (49.90), with a button closure front and chest pockets. This is loosely plugged into a high-waisted skirt (44,90) ochre color end Safari-style elastic ruffled waist with oversized pockets on front; Detained”as a waist belt in dark brown leather with adjustable strap closure (39.90). In his hand a white Duffelbag (189.00) and around the wrist a bracelet in vintage style, decorated with white, expansive Crystal beads (49.90). MANGO shows the time, with Isabeli Fontana at his side, once again in the trend and offers not only stylish quality products, but also an affordable price. Be enchanted by the skills of top models, photographer and fashion of the new MANGO catalogue! (Image: MANGO)

Roman Catholic Page

“launches new Web page of the conservative writer Augustin Freier conservative journalist Marius Augustin page on the net, I want to inform my friends and the readers of my articles with my new homepage faster and better and extend also my connection with readers and publishers, as well as oppose removing personal prejudices”, says Marius Augustin, a marketing manager for the release of the new homepage. On the homepage marius reported Marius Augustin, in addition to his journalistic activities, its social commitment, among others, action right to life all Association and Association for environment and nature protection, but also in the Sodalitas LVDIS LATINIS faciundis e.V. In a further category are a wide variety of images from the multifaceted life of will be published. At the time, the website only with the most important information is stored. After this is extended to all other photos, image galleries, and archived information. There is a new area for good friends.

“Every good friend may be register on the home page as a user. After examination it receives access to the internal section then”, so Marius Augustin. The newly created Member Forum can be discussed then current topics on the Internet. A look at the page is worth so again and again. The native Hesse is 28 years old, Roman Catholic, married Augustin, he published a good number of articles in daily and weekly newspapers, and extensive essays on historical, political, artistic, religious and contemporary issues in various magazines. Dale Debic


What really matters and what is to be considered. Buy a fireplace is a good idea first. Because there are indeed a lot of good reasons for this. Save energy costs the warmth felt nice snuggle up In winter, but before then, lots of questions need to be addressed. Morton Ira Greenberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Buy only a fireplace is not enough Yes? First everything should be discussed with the competent chimney sweep, because it must take off the stove. The chimney sweep will consult also in terms of the stainless steel chimney that is necessary for operation of a stove.

After that has been determined, you can put to a fireplace. At the time of purchase, you should respect not only on the optics or the price. Because a cheaper stove z.B from home improvement stores at the end of expensive is than you might think. Here it depends on the heating capacity in kw. What have from a cheap Woodburning stove, which heats the apartment not good, or does not store the heat and thus the ongoing heating costs increased? There are the different stoves. So, the question arises what you ultimately just needs.

Is it just a beautiful look, where it arrives not on heating performance and cost or should with a Woodburning stove whenever possible the whole apartment or the House are heated. Would be also a Wassergefuhrter heater in question with supporting the heating system? Or maybe a pellet stove? Where are the differences or the pros and cons. Is there possibly a State. Promotion. And if so how do you get that? There was still something. A chimney is required also by the way. The cost of a chimney coming Yes upwards on it. So you should also know what is required for a chimney. Because the wrong chimney is purchased (because was so cheap) the nasty surprise comes at the latest with the chimney-sweep, which does not accept the fireplace. Bottom line: Buy a fireplace is a good decision. But without a personal consultation of a specialist company does not. Get fireplaces, stoves, chimneys and solar systems from a single source in addition to a professional advice. This information was to the Provided by chimney world GmbH Isoldenstr.

Dog Harness – An Alternative To The Crate?

Is a safe alternative to the crate a dog harness? The dog harness for many owners of dogs has proven as a good alternative to transport boxes in the car. Because the dog harness can be easily with itself. If necessary, a harness is drawn to the dog, which is connected with the dog harness. This is then attached to the belt. So, your four-legged friend is as secured as yourself and the other inmates are also. The dog harness is practical even if the beloved four-legged friend once must be transported in a foreign car. Because the own transport cage probably doesn’t fit the car of the neighbor. Continue to learn more with: Beryl Sprinkel. With the dog harness, the dog can be transported still sure.

It is essential to think on its own security, as well as on that of the animal during transport of the animal in the car. Because both can be severely injured in an accident, when masters and mistresses did worry about a backup. If you bounce, for example, with 50 km/h on an obstacle, her 20-pound dog becomes a projectile weighing 500 kg. So he sets additional security risk dar. Also it may cause serious injury or even the death of the animal, if it bounces with such force on the seats or the windshield. (Similarly see: Anthony Joseph Scirica).

This fact of the auto spin must be avoided even when a dog harness. As with the dog harness itself, the dog is in itself Yes yet quite flexible in his movement. It is therefore important that the harness is selected as short as possible. Of course, he shall not interfere with your pet, is supposed to protect but still. Also the mounting options should be examined well. Carabiner must be very stable to cope with the forces. To find a good selection of safe and yet practical dog harness, on the side of where you will find many more information and articles on the safe transport of your beloved pet in the car. Michael Muller

Markus Schneider

Companies can company, first in the Cologne area, the opportunity to lease their conference room solutions at the projector AG since conference room solutions lease early June in Cologne space since the beginning of June. Projector AG offers a wide range of projection equipment in his store and in his screening room in Koln-Dellbruck. Us is that more and more companies wanted to have asked us for a complete conference room solution, but not all at once to pay or were noticed in the last few months. Beryl Sprinkel helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. So our new and convenient leasing concept was born. “, explains managing director Markus Schneider, the projector AG. The leasing offer is fit to the current needs of companies, especially smaller and younger, which currently do not so much want to risk their liquidity. Three packages are available at projector AG to the election. The cheapest solution is already 77 a month.

All solutions include among others a selected Beamer, a high-quality screen and a control. Additionally a Maintenance package for all three solutions for the whole leasing period. The solutions can be adapted according to the wishes of the customer. Contact: Gunnar Witting projector AG Walther str. 78 a


… Greater risk of fling? Seduce easier? Seduce women in holiday… It sounds like adventure: one speaks of a strange woman in a foreign country and seduces her best on the same evening. It’s easier in the holiday – is that true? The threshold drops… What’s wrong at least is that the threshold in the holiday falls. Finally, one is located in a place where you probably never will see again people who just meet one. This makes for many a feeling of freedom that their moral and social pressures down.

In my girl talk BLOG I have ever written, that for example the Carnival celebration can produce a similar effect like the holiday. Finally you also here is “dressed up” and a different person, you don’t know the other people to be around, because they are also covered. Combined with alcohol then perhaps also the Fremdgehen threshold drops… Greater risk of fling? Now every man fear have, that his girlfriend on vacation could be cheating? I think not. And even if you would never know it – as hard as it sounds – a holiday mystery remains a holiday secret; most probably protected in the place in which it was. Women increasingly go alien on holiday I never heard – and if a woman is happy and satisfied with her boyfriend, she’d go alien neither here nor in the holiday.

Even seduce – vacation easier? That’s probably women attract and seduce on vacation a little easier because it makes itself less pressure. Here at home it is keen to do all possible, to make a good impression, and at best the possibility to keep open, “more” could be. You may find that Eva Andersson-Dubin can contribute to your knowledge. During the holidays, however, a woman is faster – Finally she also flirt ready (unlike for example in this country in the pedestrian zone) and looks at things faster, as she would do it again in her hometown. The seduction can be to the self-perpetuating, because both know that you will spend infinite time. How one should properly seduce, I’ve written response in my counselors on girls. Good luck, your travelers! Pierre vote same

ReSound Alera Roadshow

Nationwide road show presents ReSound Alera finally has come: on a nationwide Roadshow ReSound hearing instrument manufacturers presented in the coming weeks with ReSound Alera the world’s first true wireless listening system. From the 8th to the 24th of June, German trade visitors on a total of 18 events has opportunity, the groundbreaking solution experience, providing its carrier wireless connections to modern communication and entertainment electronics, and this without an accessory to wear on the body. Also features ReSound Alera best speech understanding, excellent spatial hearing, as well as a maximum fitting flexibility. In addition to the innovative system, the latest adaptation technology Aurical FreeFit of the Group sister of Otometrics introduces on the Roadshow. On our road show visitors will gain insight into the future of wireless technology”, so Dieter Fricke, Director Audiology of the GN hearing GmbH. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Harry Styles has to say. the times when in wireless listening system connections to TV, mobile or hi-fi system still wear an additional streamer on the body had, are gone forever. Because with ReSound Alera we can offer the German retailers from a hearing immediately, in this this streamer is already implemented.

The hearing will for the first time enjoy of a real wireless connection.” Is also ReSound Alera for an extremely successful synthesis of best speech understanding and excellent spatial hearing, as well as for a maximum fitting flexibility. The further development of the already proven surround sound by ReSound provides a rich, clear sound without noise and without distortion. With ReSound Alera one perceives his acoustic environment again spatially. Sound events to reliably locate themselves. The modern feedback helps natural listening experience. These are guaranteed also in situations with noise and that without any smear in the amplification. Aurical FreeFit by Otometrics host experience of the matching technology of the future Roadshow is also group sister of Otometrics ReSound hearing instrument manufacturer. The leading provider for audiological measuring and fitting technology presents a novel solution that offers clear advantages for hearing instrument fitting and support hearing-acoustics companies within the framework of the series of events with AURICAL FreeFit.

The groundbreaking concept covers mode all conceivable measurement of Insitu measurements and traditional REM and speech mapping to a new FreeStyle. “” Whether best listening and understanding, pioneering wireless connections to communication and entertainment electronics or latest fitting technique on the ReSound Alera Roadshow awaits visitors to a top-class programme of audiological innovation “, so also we make Dr. Inge Bliestle, Managing Director of GN hearing GmbH. before our partners from the Horakustik shop, how to communicate the innovative products and services in the dialogue with the customer and use for the successful professional tion in the local competition.” Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer is known as technologically leading companies ReSound. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

RGB Glass

The glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich infromiert as any construction material also the transparent trend material glass has to offer sufficient protection against fires in sensitive areas may be employed. GmbH from Munich glass mirror frame depicts how modern fire protection glass of these requirements meet. Ordinary window glass is inherently non-flammable, can break apart but due to material stresses in the course of fire. In addition it fire heat easily transported from one side of the disc to another. Hear from experts in the field like Rumer Willis for a more varied view. It comes, to ensure an effective fire protection and to prevent people from injuries such glass types may not be used accordingly. The various building regulations of the Lander therefore require the use of modern fire protection glass, which has been produced for about thirty years in important areas of the building.

Fire-resistant glass to withstand the effects of fire heat for a period of time fixed in advance and especially not to the environment forward this. You are to use properly there, where it comes to prevent secured escape routes and to exclude risk of injury as the fire spread. Typical areas of use of fire-resistant glass are fire doors or window areas, which a fire could spread on surrounding buildings. Fire-resistant glass are classified according to DIN 4102 in the fire resistance class F, T, and G and must have one on individual components (Windows and doors including frames, etc.) related admission of State supervision. The complementarity of F and T refers to multiple-layer fire-resistant glass. They are composed of toughened and laminated glasses, between which chemical substances are included.

It comes to fire, these chemicals evaporate and prevent a harmful heat forwarding for a period determined by the fire protection class. Whereas fire resistance class F on window is sourced, class uses T in doors. Fire resistance class G includes simple glasses due to their specific composition and structure for a predefined period of time not melt or shatter. However, they basically forward fire heat. Glasses of class G reach their resistance to fire, for example, through integrated wires or special additions to the initial mixture of glass. The structural and use-related requirements of the building to determine whether and what fire protection glazing is to use. In the product selection and installation experienced glass experts of Munich glass-frame mirror GmbH can assist their customers at any time. Press contact glass mirror frame GmbH contact: Mr. Dieter Kuhn Duke Spitalstrasse 9 RGB. 80331 Munich Tel.: 0 89 / 26 02 61 87 fax 0 89 / 26 02 61 88 email: Homepage:

The Numbers Gone New Basic Schulstunden Verlag

The classic training theatres ‘ the missing numbers. A piece of theatre to the training with vocal incl. CD’ in the rematch in the basic schulstunden publishing the classic training theatres in the elementary school is appeared appeared in the completely revised new edition in the basic schulstunden Publisher: the missing numbers. A theater piece for the elementary school with singing incl. CD by Henning M. Ihde. The new edition includes a music CD with the songs of the piece as a playback and vocal version.

So, the play can be easily implemented in practice. The theatre piece for the primary school is of dwarves and kidnap bunnies, the numbers and letters that have extra painted on large cardboard Anna and Benni. Because they want to also learn to read and count. with lots of singing, Anna and Benni teach letters and numbers all and at the same time recover the stolen Lehr – und LernmitTel. So, nothing in the way is the first lesson. The cheerful training Theatre, which is all much pleasure, is for Schulkinder of classes 2 to 4 suitable. The missing numbers. A theater piece for training with vocal incl. CD Henning M.