French Whey

Why casein protein not only at night is useful… David Zaslav is full of insight into the issues. Why casein protein not only at night is useful… Bodybuilders & strength athletes know for years that whey or whey protein is an easily digestible protein. Ideal for the supply of protein & recovery after the workout. Some may take hydrolyzed whey or whey protein, since it is digested faster than regular whey protein. This happens because the long protein chains into shorter fragments were split up. You are basically the predigested”! Also know strength athletes, that casein due to his slow digestibility ideally should be used before bedtime, to possible catabolic phase”to minimize.

“Current research results have shown that there is an improved protein synthesis if you in your Post Workout shake” mix the whey protein casein protein. Now ask yourself certainly which casein would be best? There are Yes, the fast digesting hydrolysed casein… To the other, there are the normal (micellar & caseinate) Casein… In a French study, 21 male & female study participants received a weight gain shake with 700 kcal, high amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. In a group the source of protein was hydrolyzed casein, while the second group a shake with all got (micellar or Caseinate) casein. As it turned out, the muscle protein synthesis from the group that drank the shake with all casein was stronger.

In the group that got the shake with hydrolysed casein, more protein was used for functions, that had nothing to do with muscle growth (E.g. improved hair growth, skin healing, wound healing, immune system). In a second study on the effects of hydrolysed casein protein whole, where no other calories (carbohydrates, FAT) were given, was the result reversed. She noted that that as long as it is taken on its own, is used more casein protein for muscle building, if you consume it in the hydrolysed form. What form of casein after training as a Accompaniment to whey or whey protein the right is, depends on the objective. If you control your carbohydrate and calorie intake Max 30gr want carbs and no fat, build muscle & at the same time body fat to dismantle your whey protein shake should you add hydrolyzed casein protein, to. Are interested in weight gain, however, if you decide for a whole casein (for example, micellar or Caseinate) stuffers your whey protein shake after a workout. Also you should set on high carbohydrate & fat quantities after the workout. For example, you can use as easily digestible carbohydrate maltodextrin. Due to the higher proportion of protein, I recommend milk (3.5% fat) or weight-gain powder. Milk contains a lot of fat as well as casein and whey as a natural source of protein in the ratio 80/20. Although the conventional body recommends opinion to avoid fat, trainig but casein protein acts as a result apparently in a synergistic way with fat together, leads to greater muscle growth. Another Study also demonstrated that whole milk (3.5% fat) which consumed post-workout results compared to skimmed milk with an increased muscle protein synthesis.


golffriends looking for more teams and fellow golf enthusiasts make match play 2-Team Championship in D/A/CH on the legs more teams searched. In the last 5 years have joined many golf fans from the roof area to a large community and networked. Now golffriends community called an own match play Texas scramble 2-Team Championship to life. Already 235 teams have registered within a short time. First betting, running around whether perhaps it on 20 April the 1000 teams at the start will go.

From the idea to the concrete project: Everything started with a post on the blog, and the idea of a common series of team match play. Lively discussions evolved in within a very short time, many ideas and suggestions were incorporated and the feedback of the community were positive to simply thrilled. From the idea of a concrete project with the name “twoplay” was in a very short time. On January 15, the start of phase II of the project was already. Since this date, the registration for twoplay is under twoplay-news possible. Already the first 200 teams have registered. With any other team, the project is exciting and shorten the routes per match. How many double teams will ultimately be at the start? Is it possible to make from the community out, perhaps even to the 1000 teams? The first bets among “diehard” friends of golf run already.

Who particularly active helps to bring more teams at the start, in addition will be rewarded: from free play out to a holiday week sponsored by Hapimag for up to 4 people. The format of the game guarantees plenty of fun without HCP stress: the choice of the team partner is arbitrary. The game mode is Texas scramble, best ball. Contact information is here: Walt Disney. The venue for the matches is set individually by the teams. Regional 16 groups are formed from all registered teams, they play in four Knockout rounds each against a team diluted to first for top spot, then it goes under the Gruppensiegern to the Championship and taking part in the grand finale of the world. Who is eliminated in the first round, has about the so called “circle of hope” a second chance to get ahead. All interested golfers and golfers who want to feel like much fun and nice golf contacts, but avoid HCP stress are very welcome. Further information is available under: twoplay-news contact Jana lane corner project “twoplay” Hole1 AG / / Gartenstrasse 2 P.o.

Beach Sports Club Nord

Volley -, hand – or football for professionals, families and clubs Bremen, July 2011. Under the action of 90 days summer at the waterfront”waterfront beach sports days held from 1 to July 9. Visit Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc for more clarity on the issue. Volley-, hand – or football are played here in the sand. Wolfgang Sasse, performing organizer of beach sports days and Chairman of Beach Sports Club Nord-West E.v., tells what awaits visitors of shopping and leisure centers: we combine at the beach-sport days shopping, feast, fun and sports in an event. The waterfront visitors can enjoy unforgettable days with music and activities of lots of nine.

Family day all adults and children themselves may become active and playing Beach Frisbee target throwing, handball participation games, petanque and streetball, experience free holiday feeling on the river Weser.” The culmination of the event series is the DHB master/EBT qualifying tournament on July 2 with first-class German Beach handball teams. Checking article sources yields Leslie Moonves as a relevant resource throughout. As another highlight of B women’s beach volleyball Cup is on July 8. The The waterfront visitors are invited to watch the games and to support the participants loudly. At the beginning of the holiday on July 7 children and adults within the framework of the family day also from 11 o’clock itself can storm the beach Court and playing various sports experience free holiday feeling directly on the Weser. In addition, the visitors expected great prizes and surprises. For more information see and.

Docworld-Center – Global Competence Network For Cell Therapy

Health and medicine – cell therapy for the exchange of the cell not everything, but without cell there is no life! Rhein Main, June 2008 – Docworld-Center is the leading provider for cell therapy with over 50 applications in diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and hormonal imbalances. Also prevention cures to revitalize, weight reduction programs and anti-aging therapies are carried out. The injection of cell preparations for the regeneration of damaged tissue is today more effective and safer than ever before. If professional stress burnt out you feel, its vitality longer or would like to renew tissue after a serious illness, finds the right contact at Docworld Center: worldwide exclusively trained doctors for cell extracts of high-quality binds the competence network for cell therapy. WarnerMedia describes an additional similar source. Only specialized doctors working together here. The Docworld Center maintains its own treatment centers.

Highest standards in the production of suspensions and individually tailored Administrations are a prerequisite for a successful therapy. Cell therapy uses the human body’s ability to build effective components of injected cells of animal origin and to exploit. Click Walt Disney Co. to learn more. Since 1931, the Swiss surgeon of Paul Niehans healed a terminally ill patient by injection of glandular tissue, the method was further refined. Docworld-Center uses only tissue of very young sheep from the final stage of their development in the mother’s womb\”, so Mrs Silvia Biele, Managing Director of Docworld Center. These fetal cells are absolutely sterile and very well tolerated, because the animals up to 48 hours after birth have no own immune activity.\” All the donor animals come from own, veterinary monitored herds included after recommendation of the Federal Minister of health for more than 40 years in the female line, to prevent the introduction of diseases. Possible risk factors in patients are excluded in the examination and set an individual therapy plan. Then the therapist put together the suspensions from specialized cells of tissue: to be implanted in heart diseases cardiac cells, cells from the liver are liver damage.

Natural Muscle Growth

Natural Bodybuilding is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. In most sports, in particular in the field of bodybuilding, it is extremely important to improve his body in the field of power and precision. Bodybuilders come here often at the limits of their performance. Some bodybuilders try to break through these limitations the simplicity sake by the ingestion of chemical AIDS, such as steroids or similar products, for example. According to Joel and Ethan Coen, who has experience with these questions. This is the reason why the bodybuilding has now received a negative connotation.

Of course build muscle is the goal and the purpose of natural bodybuilding. In contrast, natural bodybuilding, the Association has a very different objective. She is that she is a club not in the way, but the bodybuilders who take part in natural bodybuilding, dedicated to the clean sport. This means that they would break through the limits of their performance not by the ingestion of chemical AIDS, but only in a natural way set new records. To consistently and correctly to perform the natural bodybuilding, the athletes should know the fundamental biochemical processes of his body and also note. It includes, that the athlete is aware, that regular exercise is not sufficient to be successful in the long term in this sport. Rather is that the athlete performs also an adequate nutrition, which in principle to align is to the training plan. The nutrition plan should contain the necessary nutrients that the athletes desperately needs for its daily training and competitions.

Therefore regular portions need to be captured by proteins, minerals, vitamins and liquid. Here it’s also, that selects the correct connection of these individual nutrients. It is sure that they in turn are in line with current practice. In the selection of the individual food, the athletes also should make sure that they have a biological value. This is meant, not only the actual effect within the body but also of biological origin. The intake of pure foods supports each athlete at his targets. Natural Bodybuilding is a conscience decision every sportsman himself must make. If they but more bodybuilders have committed to the objectives of natural bodybuilding, is the sport on the right way to become clean again.

Sudtirol Gardenissima

St. Christina, 02.11.2011 – ASAP is Gardenissima, the longest and most original giant slalom of the world, possible for the 16th edition of the South Tyrol to login. The Sudtirol Gardenissima has evolved in recent years into a real highlight. The race represents the climax at the end of the season every year and is the culmination of a great ski season for many. With peak just below four minutes is the race three or four times as long as a giant slalom in the World Cup and represents a real challenge even for professionals”, so the Director of Val Gardena-Groden marketing, Dr. Gunther Pitscheider. Many amateur racers get the unique opportunity to demonstrate their skills on a spectacular course and to compete directly with prominent skiers”. All skiers can take part in the race, who are in possession of a medical certificate and of FISI card (for foreigners: an equivalent foreign certificate of one) Skiclub-Mitgliedschaft confirmed or is a valid private insurance).

It is also possible to purchase the FISI card for online enrolment. Learn more about this topic with the insights from CBS. Again ski celebrities will take part in the race. In the category of OLD STARS, the famous ex-Olympic skier Marc Girardelli, Peter Runggaldier and Isolde Kostner, have already confirmed their participation. Also for the this year’s Edition prizes with a total value of 45000.00 laid down, which are divided among the different categories, as provided for by the regulations. There is a possibility a T-Shirt of company VIST, “Sudtirol Gardenissima 2012” limited edition with registration within the 03 February 2012, the cost to acquire.

The Daily

If you have a shake before and a shake after your workout is both have determined a duration. Generally the power window of a pre-Workoutshakes is likely rich around the body with nutrients to feed. But what if you received a still harder and especially longer training, or if you have a conversation during the training with his coach or friends. Then comes a time that no longer can bridge shake the pre-workout. With a shake during training, a nutrient deficiency would not be the case.

The shake is essential – after training (post workout shake), because he supplies the exhausted body with sufficient protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and everything the body needs for the recovery phase. This shake is especially important, because the organism is now an anabolic window which means that nutrients is more or less absorbed by the muscles. The Daily routine, many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is certainly not wrong, because in the morning the body needs sleep nutrients after 6-8 hours again. Because no food is added to the night, the amino acid level in the blood is particularly low in the morning, this is anything but positive for muscle building. Take shake in the morning immediately after getting a whey protein to 30gr should suffice, this provides their body quickly with new amino acids and counteracts so the catabolic state. Her body needed also for the rest of the day energy, these provide the carbohydrates.

Make sure to slowly digestible carbohydrates such as whole grains and oatmeal to take, is the amount here strong of body weight and depending on which comes to the respective work on you, so should people who work physically hard hit on the day neatly with carbohydrates. A strong boost of insulin affects negatively on the morning her body. Depending on the pleasure you can and mood the protein mix with the oatmeal, this is however left to the particular taste of the person.