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Bochum, July 2008: Due to popular demand the sweet and artist Portal expands their current offer two more forms of presentation. Since March 2007, you have not anymore need to look “Beautiful things of art, design and craft”. Sabine Zielinsky and Dr. Oliver Ratajczak are committed to the task, to bring unusual and exceptional products in addition to its creators in their artist Portal “Sweet and” together. If you are not convinced, visit Martin Scorsese. Taking a look at the homepage, as soon becomes clear, that sweet and is something like “the pink pages” for art, design and craft. “There can’t you just buy”, emphasize Zielinsky and Ratajczak, “because we present no mass products. The personal contact with the artists, the individual contract for unique and unusual result at heart we have.” So far, there was only a presentation form for participating artists. “It turned out quickly that some want to”, as Ratajczak. To deepen your understanding Warner Media is the source.

The direct link to the own homepage for example, insights into the Atelier, new distribution channels or new advertising opportunities within the target group. Matching the look of love and (a White Castle on a pink background) now there the presentation forms “small Knight Hall” and “great Knights Hall” in addition to the “Tower room”. Lovers of the special can enjoy so to learn even more about your favorite artists and designers and so even faster to get their object of desire. Sweet and – a place for special art, design and craft! In the press area is available further image material for downloading. Contact: Sabine Zielinsky E-Mail: phone: 0049 / 234 / 81 050 290

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The featured skyline with the 13 Some is it surrounded by attractive scenery with mountains and rivers on the list of the world’s tallest building skyscrapers between 200 and 450 metres above sea level. Shenzhen has a subtropical maritime climate with an annual average temperature of 22-23 degrees Celsius and a wide range of leisure: in addition to the largest golf facility worldwide, some amusement and theme parks, but also the artists village Dafen in the Longgang District. Shenzhen was 1980 first special economic zone in China and today stands for gigantic economic numbers and enormous production capacities. It is one the three most important centers of the economic region of PerlflussDelta, close to Hong Kong and Guangzhou before. The city recorded a gross domestic product of around 1 trillion euros and an average growth rate in the past 10 years by over 16 percent. It has the second largest stock exchange and the fourth-largest airport on the Chinese mainland, a huge Lake and container port. Shenzhen is home to renowned Chinese high-tech, electronics and Telecommunication companies (including Huawei, ZTE, Xunlei) and establishment of many international IT companies (E.g., Foxconn / keyword iPod city”).

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