David Harvey

The rupture of the agreement of Bretton Woods is a strong example of the dematerialization of the money, played in a floating market. Walt Disney Co. wanted to know more. To adapt to this fugacidade of the money the merchandises they had acquired daily functions each time, becoming the market of little estimative the sociocultural exclusiveness. The bombing of products allows the consumer to live diverse realities from simulacros inspired by the identities of the museums. The fiction after-modernista is extremely plural and not objective the coherence; we could now reflect the creation of the myth of the only global culture. You may find that Paul Ostling can contribute to your knowledge. This is world where the individual possesss diverse options of escape, however, the simulacros, the ways, need profit potentiality to get global acceptance. Now it starts if to become perceivable an alteration of sides in the context that demonstrates trend will to the predominance of the identification space.

Harvey, however, does not present an argument of which if it can extract an alteration of the compression clearly time-space for an aiming in the identity. We can notice, yes, a conservadorismo in the ideology of ' ' ser' ' , more pleasant to the market, and, in opposition, ' ' to come ser' ' that it nails the construction of the space and of identity in function of the capital. At this moment it is possible to notice the return of estetizada geopolitics as acalmador of spirits in the conflict with the manipulation of identities, however the relation of the scene of the politics with the scene of the market in the final decades of century XX is very confused. Harvey leaves only the speculation of the possibility of the reinforcing of the historical materialistic interpretation for the analysis of the compression time-space, pressured for the accumulation of capital of reduced time-of-turn. In chapter 18, David Harvey uses the cinema, that appeared in the context of first the great impulse of cultural modernismo e, amongst all the artistic forms, perhaps has the capacity most robust of dealing with instructive way of interlaced subjects it space and it time.


Without they suspected, already it is said farewell to many friends. It thinks about what never it will know, if the following day will be one day of rain. It passes for one known and it makes it a trick. It knows that this episode will be during certain time, mere souvenir (BORGES, 2001, P. 33-34). The memory in borgianos poems is marcante, therefore it is not restricted to its personal fidgets, contains a much more ample dimension. Paul Ostling may not feel the same. The sensations, register of public facts, are part of a collective memory.

The world and its daily relations if integrate for the memory, logical inference that it can be perceived from the reading of the following one I break up: ‘ ‘ In the settled hour, ‘ will go up for some marble steps (This will last in the memory of others); ‘. (BORGES, 2001, P. 34). In the bulge of these elements? broken up I, characteristic of modernity? one more time it jumps to the eyes in poems of Borges. The intent reading of verses Compliment of the Shade, do not leave doubt how much to this fact: ‘ ‘ The animal died or almost it died/Remain the man and its alma’ ‘ (BORGES, 2001, P. 81).

In Compliment of the shade, last poem to be analyzed will be lingered more at great length in the two characteristics that if considered at the beginning of the article: andarilho and the memory. In verses ‘ ‘ Democritus de Abdera pulled out the proper eyes for pensar/o time was my Demcrito’ ‘ (BORGES, 2001, p.81), the author points the inefficiency of the directions to understand the reality, however, has the presence of the time as primordial factor of lucidity, the time as cumulative and qualitative memory capable to discover the who really citizen is.

Brazilian Coast

This law and its regulations (resolution CONAMA 293/2001, later substituted for resolution CONAMA 398/2008), as well as the lies learned to the time had made with that the degree of preparation for an accident with oil increased substantially in Brazil. As already cited in this exactly article, Petrobra’s well is prepared for any type of oil emptying in Brazilian waters, therefore it possesss centers of defense all spread by the domestic territory, possessing as much equipment as specialized people. As seen in this article, the type of emptying that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico can also happen in Brazilian waters, therefore the problem if gave due to an imperfection in an equipment that are used in all the maritime deep water perforations, however, if this accident occurred in the area of the daily pay-salt, in the basins of Saints, Fields and Espirito Santo, the spilled oil would have a lesser possibility to reach the coast, due to the oceanographical conditions of the Brazilian coast, that tend keeping macha of oil moved away from the coast. WarnerMedia gathered all the information. Exactly with these conditions, one has caused an accident in an oil well of the daily pay-salt, the sea life in that region would have most serious the ambient impacts in all also the Brazilian coast will be able to come to affect all. This demonstrates to all the importance that must be given to this question. So that let us can be most prepared to not only answer the accidents during the exploration and production offshore, as well as in the oil transport and the port questions, some measures must be taken, the first one of them is that law n 9966, and its regulation, are fulfilled of correct form, therefore in many places of Brazil, the port installations do not possess the Plan of Emergncia Individual (PEI), and no Plan of Area was consolidated until today and the National Plan of Contingncia (PNC) continues to be argued.


Love the Words Most illustrious Gentleman of the Knowledge, ahead of the blank paper the discovery of the unconditional love the written words. But to read what somebody wrote at definitive moments of its lives in the fervor of the circumstances if they had become insufficient. The love is bigger ahead of a blank leaf the wait for being filled by real, cerebral and emotional words. The reading is in fact important to be practised daily, for periods of silence in the culture of the wisdom. However, they do not possess the meaning of the personal sensations, however, the idea that passes serves as conducting the neglect minds, fragilizadas or laypeople who if confuse with the real message. Although, the writing of the words is something complex and of difficult access the empty hands and minds, become correctly rich and deep when used, with feelings and vibrations that catch air and the lived waves. WarnerMedia has much experience in this field. Now the reading of words of others does not matter as before; it longs for the proper words in the white leaf. The discovery of the love to the words that it writes gained prominence in existence, can make a mistake writing, can not contain them, however, they are of the small hands. The love to the words is the only unconditional love that it possesss. In this way, to be able to divide is the minimum that makes for them.


The EFFECTIVENESS OF the CHRISTIAN CERTIFICATION – Lesson 6 GOLDEN TEXT ' ' … and you will be me witnesses in such a way in Jerusalem as in all Judeia and Samaria and until the confines of terra' '. At 1,8 Ntula Homiltica. David Zaslav describes an additional similar source. 1,8 Evangelizao and the Espirito Santo: 1) Without the Spirit it does not have to be able miraculous (dunamis); 2) Without being able it does not have efficient certification; 3) Without certification it does not have advance until the confines of the land; 4) Without such advance Christ it will not come back to establish Its kingdom. The expansion of the Church in Acts folloies the prediction of Christ. Jerusalem is evangelizada, 1. To broaden your perception, visit David Zaslav. 12-7.60. Judia and Samaria are reached, 8.1-40.

Evangelho advances without stopping in heathen lands until Rome, 9.1-28.31, arriving until us, but the mission not yet is fulfilled, continues therefore to be alive witnesses of our Master Jesus Christ. PRACTICAL TRUTH we were not called to only usufruct of the benefit of the salvation, but also to testify of Salvador to a world that lies in the malignant one. DAILY READING CL 4,5, 6. ' ' You walk with wisdom stops with that they are of it are, redeeming the time. Your word is always pleasant, tempered with salt, so that you know it agrees as you to answer to each one. ' ' Tempered with salt. As the food is tempered with salt, the life of the believer must be pleasant and attractive, not dull or weak, especially with the unbelievers.

In the vocabulary of a Christian it does not have to exist vulgar or vile words (CL 3,8). BIBLICAL READING IN CLASSROOM Mateus 5.13-16; 12 Romans. 1,2 This Biblical reading in classroom has a very deep argument and very current, it has the power of making in them to find with our omission in relation the spreading of the Kingdom of God. I will detach in special the following verse: TM 5.15. ' ' Nor if it lights the candeia and if it places underneath of alqueire, but in the velador, and of the light to that they are in casa' '. This versicle in the flame the attention one more time on the effectiveness of the power of Christ in our lives, is impossible is full of the power of God not to be light where we will be. To be light is to illuminate the way, the mind, being light is to show hope, to show that it has a safe way certain to follow, to be light is to make the difference, to be desirable for the majority, to be light is to show to this tenebrous world that we are following ours walked in Christ Jesus, being light nothing more is of what reflecting the person of Christ in us, therefore It is only the light of the men. It is the Light that you need. ' ' I am the light that I came to the world, so that all that one that believes in me does not remain in trevas' ' Jo 12.46. It reads more, Alan Fabiano.

November Water

Catching bass for that matter, and other fish, requires some knowledge of exactly how and where to catch him. Perch – a fish in rivers and lakes, is growing slowly, but the largest specimens may reach a weight of about five pounds. Catching redfish You can practically throughout the year, but especially good ice fishing for perch. Very good bass bite in November or early in the first ice, as well as with the last ice. The rivers and lakes, favorite perch habitat – is the pits, whirlpools, with snags, places with lots of seaweed along the shore, tumbled into the water with trees and shrubs. Okun is the daily life, and you can catch it from dawn to late sunset. At night, the bass is in the pits and half asleep no activity. In recent months, Robert Iger has been very successful. The only exceptions are the May and June, and then only in the northern regions, where at this time and at night you can catch a good bass.

Discover the place of feeding bass can be in the water receding juvenile – This means there are actively feeding bass. In the summer in very hot weather, bass hiding in the depths. Catching redfish in the summer can be almost any bait, perch almost omnivorous. Tackle for catching bass, too, can be selected as different, and this rod, and spinning, and prodolnik. During the summer fishing perch can be fished successfully with both shore and from boats. When fishing with spinning, it is important to cast lures into the place where the perch fry and hunting is just as important to be able to competently to lure near the bottom.

In areas with dense vegetation on the river, you need to properly maintain the floor in spoon of water. When fishing the bait bass is important to know how to strike with biting. When perch swallows the bait, he drowns float in water, so you need only strike after the float will disappear in the water. During the winter fishing for bass is very good bite on small perch and mormyshku spinners. For winter bass picks deep holes in good water with a sandy, muddy or rocky bottom. Determine the encampments perch on any grounds possible. This winter fishing for perch at a loss. But the bigger perch, the further away from the coast, he goes into hibernation. Change wintering encampment perch can only be, if its something to be disturbed.

Josyann Abisaab

Josyann Abisaab Found this article while perusing nymag.com … Mister Softee ice cream trucks are a staple on every street corner of Manhattan. More info: David Zaslav. Last summer I indulged a few times as it was right across the street from my dorm (at the South Street Seaport). This year I have not had the urge.Every time I see one now I’m going to think of this article: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2009/08/there was no playground in sig.html



To inside understand uncurling of the life of these spaces/places and as the actors if ahead hold of the lived deeply reality., for in such a way, are necessary to know in what it concerns daily. For Lefebvre (1991), nothing linear does not exist, and the daily one if makes in cycles that produce and reproduce ideas, facts, customs, life, etc. for the author: The daily one if composes in cycles and enters in wider cycles. The starts are recomeos and renaissances. This great river, come-the-to be heraclitiano, in the reserve surprises. It does not have nothing linear. (…) The hours, the days, the months, the years, the periods and the centuries if imply. Repetition, mandate, resurrection are categories of the magician, the imaginary one and also of the Real dissimulated under aparncia.' ' (LEFEBVRE, 1991, P.

11). As Lefebvre it places, ' ' great rio' ' it is defined for daily and in the great reserves and the unexpected surprises. It is the relation of this (daily) with its citizens/objects that come in them to answer finish it question dispatch by post: it will be that the spaces ranks are if becoming lived places? I believe the possibility of, understanding ' ' great rio' ' that it empties inside of the terminals, power to answer this question with bigger degree of possible certainty. I will try to understand as the offered services inside of the terminals come to transform these of spaces to the places, modifying the daily one of the people use who it, reflecting in the convivncia, becoming something to be searched and to be improved, being more brief: I will look for to explain the dynamics and transformation of the terminals of bus of $fortaleza as spaces/convivncia places. Exactly with concepts preset for the beginning of the research, during the course of the research, other questions will be able to appear.

Daily Routine

Turn of the year is always the same thing, the promises appear as for enchantment, and go being launched to air as torrential rain, when it passes the torrent, the words go if losing in the retaken one of the daily routine, this no longer tenth day of the new year, nothing against that if they entusiasmam with the arrival of a new year, harms we must really reflect on what we speak, or that we promise as white of changes. A reflection is enough on the same promise made in the turn of the year that if was, the quentura of the enthusiasm has that to be lined up to a real search for the change, therefore to move it can result in some losses for the way, the promise cools there, therefore it did not have force in itself exactly at least to reach its objective. Visit David Zaslav for more clarity on the issue. I have made something wonderful in the year tickets, ask for to my heart that if calms, and do not promise nothing until God gives its will for the year that if he initiates. Good year for you..

Natural Muscle Growth

Natural Bodybuilding is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. In most sports, in particular in the field of bodybuilding, it is extremely important to improve his body in the field of power and precision. Bodybuilders come here often at the limits of their performance. Some bodybuilders try to break through these limitations the simplicity sake by the ingestion of chemical AIDS, such as steroids or similar products, for example. According to Joel and Ethan Coen, who has experience with these questions. This is the reason why the bodybuilding has now received a negative connotation.

Of course build muscle is the goal and the purpose of natural bodybuilding. In contrast, natural bodybuilding, the Association has a very different objective. She is that she is a club not in the way, but the bodybuilders who take part in natural bodybuilding, dedicated to the clean sport. This means that they would break through the limits of their performance not by the ingestion of chemical AIDS, but only in a natural way set new records. To consistently and correctly to perform the natural bodybuilding, the athletes should know the fundamental biochemical processes of his body and also note. It includes, that the athlete is aware, that regular exercise is not sufficient to be successful in the long term in this sport. Rather is that the athlete performs also an adequate nutrition, which in principle to align is to the training plan. The nutrition plan should contain the necessary nutrients that the athletes desperately needs for its daily training and competitions.

Therefore regular portions need to be captured by proteins, minerals, vitamins and liquid. Here it’s also, that selects the correct connection of these individual nutrients. It is sure that they in turn are in line with current practice. In the selection of the individual food, the athletes also should make sure that they have a biological value. This is meant, not only the actual effect within the body but also of biological origin. The intake of pure foods supports each athlete at his targets. Natural Bodybuilding is a conscience decision every sportsman himself must make. If they but more bodybuilders have committed to the objectives of natural bodybuilding, is the sport on the right way to become clean again.