Outplacement and JobSearch to find the right company for the best brains. Leslie Moonves gathered all the information. We are looking for companies for the best brains ‘. ” The guiding principle of career consultant Hans Rainer Vogel and Dr. Tim Wallach has compatible beliefs. Daniel Detambel draws on years of experience and the best knowledge in the field of mediation by top executives in the field of JobSearch and outplacement. Jobs are scarce for life today. For other opinions and approaches, find out what rusty holzer has to say. Today’s work world stands for globalization and mobility, but also for rationalisation and more frequent job changes. Searching for a suitable professional challenge is how successful, depends on the supposed candidate itself. During a work week, not infrequently with 60 70 hours ends, remains little time to crawl the countless job boards or on weekends job advertisements in all prestigious daily newspapers to read.

Since this method is not necessarily crowned by success, because many other applicants their application have also already sent off. Waiting for the suitable job shows up sooner or later “and then against 100 (or more) competitors interspersed, remembered almost taking part in a lottery. With professional support aims the professional way using JobSearch / outplacement in the black. “Outplacement, to german: outside mediation” means that a service is taken to professional reorientation in right up to the conclusion of a new contract. Here but not only the successful mediation, but also the time factor is crucial for good career advisers, for which applicants who have time and money for months to wait for a suitable place? In the area of top executive only a fraction of the vacancies will be announced publicly, the mass is in the hidden job market”traded, that is the difficulty for candidates. Bird & Detambel know this hidden job market”and have the opportunity to find the right company to the applicant. Include including cover letter and curriculum vitae, identifying the right creating an appealing application Target person”or even training for the effective presentation of self. The career advisors based on the strengths of the applicant’s and research in their network for companies and partners, to facilitate the first invitations to job interviews, until eventually the goal is reached: to find the suitable job promptly.

Epro Management

Wolfgang Zingler is new Managing Director of Stuttgart, 14.08.2013 – Wolfgang Zingler started its activity as another business leader in the e-pro PIM GmbH and e-pro CAT GmbH with effect from 5th July 2013. Furthermore, Wolfgang Zingler since that day also serves as another Director of DAM Group GmbH headquartered in Markdorf. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City wanted to know more. In his capacity as Managing Director of these three companies Wolfgang Zingler responsible innovation group the areas of sales, marketing and consulting within the also Bertsch. tients-with-mild-or-moderat/’>Wendy Holman. Wolfgang Zingler was in various local and pan-European management positions within the software and consulting industry worked, most recently as business unit manager for a leading supplier of xRM and mobility solutions. Pro: The PIM GmbH e-pro is a professional, field-proven software and acts as a solution provider for software-based automation of publication and communication processes in the fields of print, Web and e-formats including classifications. About the DAM group: The DAM Group GmbH is since its inception in 1996 a pioneer in the field of enterprise DAM and PIM. The successful product line mediacockpit helps automated publications for print, Web and mobile advertising companies.

About Bertsch Innovation Group: Bertsch Innovation Group is a dynamic group of companies and includes companies from the fields of IT and publishing agencies. To make ideas into business success is the Group’s core business since 1999. Including Deichmann, Duravit, Mercedes Benz, Schaeffler, Ravensburger and ZF are among the customers of the company. Contact person press Christian Steiauf marketing / communications phone: + 49 (0) 711 68 70 42-56 address e-pro PIM GmbH forest Burgstrasse 21 D-70563 Stuttgart

Advertising Technician

The advertising technician training combines creativity and craftsmanship works in the advertising industry apprenticeships in the advertising industry are still very popular and sought after. For those who not only in the Office before the computer would sit, but also like to craft work, the profession of the advertising technician or the signs and neon manufacturer is perfect. Robert A. Iger insists that this is the case. In addition to creativity, indeed craftsmanship and work is required in this profession. Dr chappuis is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Which requirements are provided to me each order begins with the customer. Therefore, a commercial technician must advise the customer on visually attractive and individually tailored to his needs advertising opportunities. It is to find the perfect advertising technique (E.g. indoor or outdoor buildings or transportation, neon sign, facade lettering or signs systems).

In the sketch the ideas sense of aesthetics, creativity and good spatial sense is important in order to make for example perspective drawings. Often is this also by design programs on the computer, which requires skill in dealing with extensive software. A draft of the customer is blessed, it is to translate these into workshops and production halls. These machines for the wood, metal and plastics processing must be satisfied under certain circumstances. The advertising material has been completed, it must be installed at the customer. xplanations.

Body control when working on ladders and scaffolding is required such as the Assembly of neon sign on the shop front. Also technical understanding is required for the maintenance and support of neon. General information on training, the 3-year training as a technician of the advertising is a recognized training occupation after the trade and crafts code (HwO). The training takes place for example at companies of the advertising technology, craft signs workshops and exhibition and Congress organizers. In addition, training in the vocational school will take place. Here, theoretical training content are conveyed either 1-2 times a week, or in the block teaching and deepened. The training ends with the journeyman’s examination, which consists of a practical and a written part. Possibilities of advertising technician job prospects are good after training. There are also many forms of training, for example, the master exam can be taken off after the journeyman’s examination. Also specialize in many journeymen according to your preferences and talents and then either work in the design – or technical design of advertising materials, the electrical installation or Assembly. (werk26)


Important changes in the travel expenses billing from 2014 travel or commute to work? “” In the reformed travel law is from the previous formulation regular workplace “First activity centre”. This is more than a question of wording. With the will of the entrepreneur wins this change significantly in weight, because he may the first activity centre”set work or superiors. This decision want to be well thought out, because maybe it comes to reorganise”- what is work and what are travel expenses within a mission. According to the definition there is only a first place of activity for each employment relationship.” Determination by the contractor, the first activity facility must”make out not the focus of the work. Also sideline and a few hours can a first activity site”make. It is solely in the hands of the employer. But be careful.

The future site of first activity gives way to”from the previous regular workplace”, can have the tax consequences. Check with dr chappuis to learn more. Example: A customer engineer leaves every day with his private car in the company’s Office and pick up the orders for the day. “So far, the trips to the Office were travel costs, because the short stay in the Office no regular workplace” founded. The installer could claim tax 0.30 per driven km. According to the new regulation, the employer can the Office from 2014 to the first place of the activity”explain. In this case the mechanic could settle the way to the Office only as a way to work, so with 0.30 distance range. “If the first activity centre” not set by the AG is determined according to temporal criteria or the close proximity to the apartment. Works that have no fixed place of work (such as professional drivers) are excluded from these provisions.


Distance education master degree course remote University today to make his studies into a Bachelor and subsequent Master study. While many graduates of Bachelor’s degree consider to continue the subsequent Master study only with a break in the working life. Many people have not only a job, but also family and children. Already own, denying their lives, the return in the master’s degree would mean to make many concessions at these things. Because the longer you do the harder a pause before the master’s degree, it is to go back to College. en often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Also, many people would then break their profession and also not necessarily has advantages. The master’s programme on offers mainly distance learning courses part-time. It is extremely important to extend his gained knowledge with a master’s degree and to deepen.

A master’s degree prepares exclusively a professional life and in addition, the master’s degree enables better references and qualities. It offers on Therefore many different courses meet these requirements and under certain conditions also corresponding conditions. While you can attend regardless the master’s degree of the decision whether you now depends directly on the bachelor study master study or only inserts a pause and gather initial experience in the profession. A master’s degree as a distance learning has many benefits. It can be made independent of place and time and an acquired master’s degree as a correspondence course is also recognized as a master’s degree at the University.

The title of a master’s degree is internationally recognized and appreciated. After you have the chance to use his gained knowledge and his qualifications worldwide. Also practicing a profession abroad will make this easier. H. key Castle

Discover Your Dream Job

Information day at the Academy of German POP on September 12, 2009 as it is actually event Manager, moderator, sound engineer or photo designer? At the Academy information day German POP on September 12, you can learn more about getting into the music and media industry, and you can learn about more 34 creative professions. The workshop & info day on all four Academy locations Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich starts at 14: 00. In various practical workshops in the six departments of music, sound, management, design, image and communication, guests can get up close insight into the exciting professional fields and the Academy life. And because the teachers all from practical, they tell a lot from their professional life and are available for questions during the workshops and in the breaks available. Of course you can consult personally in a single conversation by training workers. Will be asked to login. Like relative, parent or friend can be brought as accompaniment. Register online at telephone registration on the free number 0800-111 5552 in Berlin rises after the info day still a big party with DJs and band!. 34f61fa7448c12fb80c0&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium&nk=a9d1b6e5dd631919c7011092a3339abb-1600072055’>Ray White you will find additional information.

Many Professions Defy The Crisis

Analysis of the Internet portal jobturbo.de: highly qualified professionals from the crisis affected engineers, IT professionals, sales professionals, controllers and accountants are, for example, continues to be very popular Cologne, 06.02.2009 – people in highly skilled occupations must be provisionally great worry about their jobs. Source: Robert Thomson. After analyses of the Internet portal jobturbo.de can be currently not even filled vacancies in many professions, because the number of jobs is greater than that of applications. The vacancies from 25 online job boards and national newspapers were evaluated for this investigation. Unchanged positive career opportunities prevail, for example, for the engineers, where long is a lack of qualified applicants, and also the current economic slowdown has not significantly degraded the infill. The professionals in the IT industry but occupy the leading position in terms of job security, where there is a relationship between job vacancies and re-allocation of approximately 10:1.

This one is even in the event soon de-leveraging down development in this industry enough buffers available to make the professionals of information technology also continues to sleep. Hardly worse situation with the consultants. Around 26,000 are currently sought, which possibly has to do with the increased demand for problem solutions in companies affected by the economic crisis. But also traditional professions that belong to the regular cast of each company, are still very much in demand according to the analyses of jobturbo.de. In particular, the controller and accountant include, possibly because the cost saving enjoys a great attention at the moment. Here, currently about 20 percent are more vacancies than there are applicants.

Similarly, unchanged good cards at the job search has professional sales and marketing who is at home. And even buyers is looking for businesses in greater numbers when the labour market will bear it. The high qualification level is undoubtedly in the today’s situation”a key factor in workplace safety, judge Dirk Berweiler, Managing Director of jobturbo.de. Overall, the analysis would also show that with decreasing degree of qualification the numerical mismatch between job vacancies and candidates get. Highly qualified, be so our observation, tends to be relatively unscathed by the economic crisis”, the Chief of the job portal is waiting. Agency think tank Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Andre Fischer Takes Over Step2e Sales Line

Step2e builds partner sales strategy consistently from Peter Rampp, CEO of Step2e broadcast AG would be glad to have strengthened its team with a designated such sales professional for further expansion of the dealer network. Andre Fischer in the past 20 years for companies like FAST multimedia, Pinnacle system, Anystream, and DAViD system showed that he can build distribution channels and succeed. Through its extensive international network we can rapidly expand our dealer network and complete.” “Step2e, market leader in the field of intelligent workflow solutions for media companies, has a year ago the sales strategy on dealer distribution moved. we last year already saw that cooperation pays off with dealers”, so Raaj continues, we continue this path now consistently with Andre. He can help also considerably us in business development”. Andre Fischer has deliberately for the offer of Step2e decided there him the combination of product and strategy has convinced: Step2e offers me opportunity and a challenge at the same time, to merge my sales experience, creativity and a wide network within the industry into a single unit. So the innovative and highly flexible solutions can be made accessible by Step2e of a large number of new customers in the domestic and international markets.” The Step2e broadcast AG with their highly integrated workflow solution covers all processes in modern radio and media houses.

All modules (advertising planning, scheduling, Newsroom, media asset management, resource planning and direction control) rely on a database and so interface-free, efficient work. Step2e in Windows, Mac and Linux environments can be used due to the use of Java technology. Step2e has won numerous prestigious Posted on