The Theory

The weak thought is after-modern attitude that accepted the weight of ' ' erro' ' , that is, of the ephemeral one of everything what he is historical and human. It is the truth notion that if must adjust to the dimension human being, and not vice versa. Thus, the truth is creation, game, rhetoric. In the eastern thought, hindustas, Buddhists and taostas, express have millenia that we interpret the world in dualista way, but that the reality would be monista (CAMPBELL, 2006). Checking article sources yields Robert Iger as a relevant resource throughout. They use of a intuitiva, mythical, poetical language, but, in the words of some philosophers and occidental physicists, as Capra, Heisenberg, Feyerabend, are ways more adjusted to express the sub-atomic reality. The theory of the fields and the theory of the systems, for example, cannot be described through logical proposals, but only explained for analogies never enough next. The antonmia would not be the reproduction, inside of the language, the existing paradoxes in the Metaphysical dualistas relations? Or would be metaphysics a consequence of the dual nature of the language? The relation never enters two things can be contrary, since the characteristic of the unit only is that it makes possible a relation between them.

The philosophy does not support the dualidade Metaphysical as bedding, only needs in this manner to constitute its speech. Robert Iger usually is spot on. The use and the education of antonmia already do not occur in systematic way, from cotejo enter the meanings of isolated words. What one works are oppositions of ideas inside of the text, what cannot be called antonmia. However, the concept still used and is transmitted in some way, not systemize, provoking almost a naturalization of the antonmia as instrument in the language. In this manner this concept is guaranteed not alone by the school, for the professors, but for the parents, in the daily colloquies, in the media, repassing an idea of that the reality is dual.

The Colony

In the practical one, permanent conflicts between some families of the colony occur, mainly related to the use of the areas of launching of nets, use of the communitarian mount of money, price of sales of fished and the doubtful fishing act of contract. According to a member of the community: ' ' We only organize in them in colony to make ag for the government and terms our labor laws. But here, of colony he does not have nothing: the families live in war foot and time or another one is if killing for any thing. My same boat, I always leave one I watch to sleep in it, seno can dawn all plucked, and while I fix the case has another boat using my area of campanha' ' (R.A, 54, owner of boat) the area of launching of nets of fishes is called campaign for the group of fishing. Robert Iger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Each family is ' ' dona' ' of its respective campaign, through agreement firmed between the families.

However, the campaign can be used by another family, case ' ' dono' ' of this it leaves to work in the day destined to fishes, or ' ' alugue' ' for this another family. 11 campaigns with &#039 exist; ' dono' ' explored for the searched group, located between the island of the Marapat and the future port of the Flagstone. The same ones are explored between the May months the August of each year and basically all production is composed of jaraqui (Semaprochilodus theraponura). From August, with the formation of beach band in the campaigns and the disappearance of shoals of fish of jaraqui on account of the ebb tide of the Black river, the migration of the activities occurs of fishes for the river Solimes, more specifically in the called localities Paran New Land, Lake of the Cambixe (or Central lake) and Island of the Careiro, these pertaining ones to the city of Careiro of the Fertile valley.

Martin Buber

' ' The resignation that the poet learns is of the type of a full self-denial, which only if premessenger what it has if candle very and properly already always if consente' ' (Idem, 2003, P. 129 130). In the art, the originary moment is always event possibility, therefore this inaugurates a world that announces the advent of the being in the being, who, in turn, convokes the meeting to the stocking-light, the immediate, actual and inefvel meeting. 5 HERMENEUTICS OF THE MEETING It are emphasized in this, the terms: meeting, understanding and dialogue; subjects these that come by the way when thinking themselves about a hermeneutics of the meeting that is given in ' ' Yours olhos' ' ; this, we underline it from the thought of Martin Buber, since its workmanship ' ' I and Tu' '. In this, the sphere of the scientific relations differs from the sphere of the relations staffs, this that interests in them. ' ' The world as experience says respect to word-principle EU-ISSO. The word principle EU-TU bases the world of relao' ' (BUBER, 2004, p.55). In ' ' Yours olhos' ' , the relation ' ' I Tu' ' , lived deeply for the poetess she is explicit.

In the work of art in question, the eyes are of one human You, as much how much the poetess is a person human being, as the poem: ' ' When you cry, you are rain here. /N to the rain of sadness, but of intense alegria' '. This ' ' to cry of alegria' ' , of I before You, that for its turn also cry, do not consist of a sadism or perversity of I, however in a true joy, in a joy that comove the viscera of the being of I, for having found You one human that of the direction for its existence.

German Philosophy

It can be adapted organicly, but also it is capable to exceed to organic and 5 CASSIRER, 2005, P. 39 14 to create, as principles defined for pure freedom and autonomy, new conditions its life. We will deal with this question in more details in the following chapter. Still with regard to the modern philosophy, it seems necessary to cite here a great exponent of the German idealismo, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831). This philosopher approached the aspects cultural of in agreement man none another one had made before, leaving of the idea of that the productions human beings would be superior to the productions of the proper nature, therefore in man has a principle spiritual that inexists in the remain of the natural world. One is about a sufficiently complex boarding, which we will not be able abiding in them for long paragraphs, either even so important to register it historical present knot. The philosophy contemporary is a little different of the previous phases of the philosophy, and the same if of the one in the antropolgico thought.

Instead of terms an including chain of thought, strong influence? how we had the theological boarding in the Average Age, or the epistemolgica boarding in the Modern Age? , we also have the increasing spalling of sciences and of the other forms of knowledge. Thinkers as Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) and Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) in them had brought important boardings regarding the existence human being, depositing in same it the main factor of the essence of the Humanity: in the existence, in the actions, the decisions, the man finds its Being, what he makes of it a human being. Before such conception, the man becomes fully it exempts and autonomous worker, and moreover, responsible. From a conception as this, we can observe a great valuation of the man while individual, responsible person for the world that constructs.