The Knowledge

THIRD paragraph of the article: this third paragraph are going to include the as: i.e., the step by step of what our prospects has to do to acquire the knowledge of what you are talking about. Check out David Zaslav for additional information. FOURTH paragraph of the article: this room paragraph are going to include the action: in this last paragraph, we tell our propecto the following: now that you’ve learned all this, takes certain types of actions so you can losgrar your goals, as you might ask you for the action to visit our page and subscribe or buy directly a product or where to put into practice what you’ve learned in that time. From this perspective, you must write your articles, now well, since you know use this format, which is a super smart format, now I love teach a way very specified in that you should write your articles for even greater results. This that you’ll reveal little people and serves to position knows your page in the first places of the search engines, this has cost me time and money learning it: now touches the shift of that learn as used in TU article LAS keywords that selected: Let’s say that your chose a group of 12 key words, these 12 key words that your want to use, we are going to divide them into 3 groups of 4 key words like time in LA IMAGE will work with the first group of keywords: keyword #1 = example: weight loss (choose this word that previously investigaste and want to be a keyword relevant to search engines.) Search engines like google are looking for in an article to be relevant, this means that both the title and content are attractive in important key words according to the topic you’re writing, that relevance is confirmed by a search engine when what people are looking for in the search engines has to do with what people this looking for and what your entered, so as your article will come out at the top of google and other search engines, but for this you need that your article contains both appropriate keywords in the title in the content.