New Financing Instruments

It is essential to improve its capital adequacy, and to develop new financial instruments in addition to the resources of credit financing for medium-sized businesses of the German middle class. The financing of medium-sized companies WINS with mezzanine capital, private equity and venture capital significantly in importance. Mezzanine capital describes types of financing that lead to economic and/or balance equity a company, without but the investors voting and or to give rights of influence such as the full partners. Mezzanine capital strengthens the equity ratio, improving thus the credit rating and the rating of a company and increases the possibilities on a supplementary loan financing on affordable loan terms. To increase the equity capital, a strengthening of the capital base by a direct involvement of limited partnership shares or GmbH shares or shares but participation of beneficiary or a silent society offers depending on the form of society. In particular medium-sized businesses opt usually for profit participation certificates or silent participations. A major advantage of these two variants of financing is that when an appropriate drafting of the participation conditions the capital must be accounted for as equity is captured without causing a dilution of shareholder rights, i.e.

the entrepreneur remains the sole decision makers. Rights of influence of or participation rights not be transferred to third parties, continues business attorney Dr. Werner. With an improved equity ratio increases at the same time the credit and thus the overall financing ability of a company. Dr. Werner offers financial service group with their connections to mezzanine funds, private-equity firms, financial institutions and securities dealers from throughout the country in and outside the stock exchange several ways to bank-independent corporate finance without collateral, without influence and without voting rights of the venture capitalists. Detailed information about the (equity) capital procurement can Internet pages be removed under and the marketing portal. The access to the capital markets and further required capital (from 50.000,-such as quiet capital, benefit capital, bonds, limited capital, shares etc.) opens with innovative financing instruments. Also entrepreneur can use the Bank independent financial instruments and immediately start with a stock company ( The advantages are: improving equity capital, personal debt relief and release from liability, credit enhancement, better rating according to Basel II, reducing the dependency of the Bank, increasing financial strength and strengthening of liquidity. So the company can expand significantly your investment volume, the sales and your income.

Observe The Thoughts

We know that it is essential to respond to the thoughts to understand the psychological causes and emotional that we can affect to recover both physical and mental health. It is essential in these moments very deeply satisfy our thoughts and feelings because due to so much information that we receive by the different means of communication is sometimes difficult to recognize what our true thoughts. It is both mental noise that sometimes accumulate, that our ideas accumulate and is difficult to discern between what is beneficial and what is not appropriate for every person. This should make a real effort to observe our thoughts and begin to choose from all the options that we come well. Many times not easy because find us: the pace that we carry is so fast that doesn’t allow us to stop. Sometimes the amount of thoughts that go through our head are so many that we can’t have clarity of thoughts and there as a general numbness also often head plays us tricks are attracting a thoughts that It is generally not very gratifying and makes us fall into uncertainty.

When these negative thoughts repeated over and over again they become OBSESSIONS. The obsessions have the peculiarity of making us think that everything our around happens as we we’re thinking, with which increasingly seems harder to leave that State and the obsession tends to perpetuate itself. When a person falls in this State suffer symptoms of: power not stop thinking on the subject that concerned them. Overloading your emotional level. They have sudden changes in temperament. His life seems unstable, or empty or meaningless (as if they did not have a fixed course, change their minds very often and don’t know is due).

Fall in depression and anxiety. They are very concerned of the past or the future. They generally have deep unresolved emotional shortcomings. These people may suffer from physical problems such as: cholesterol kidney problems. Obesity Diabetes problems. Fortunately we can leave these States learning to observe our thoughts and be able to discern between those that are beneficial to us and those who are not. It should make a good exercise of will, care and patience to make this reflection about ourselves. Also is good to find an appropriate system such as the neuro-linguistic programming and flower essences that help resolve psychological conflicts and integrate what we think and feel. Develop your emotions and find a balance between what we give and what we get in life. Life is so beautiful as you want it to look, so I invite you to see your life differently and thus improve your thoughts and listen to your intuition to overcome your limitations and getting to be every day in peace. I wish you with all my heart.