Flight 19

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One of the most famous incidents, and probably the emergency most famous on the Bermuda Triangle is about the loss of a squadron of five TBM Avenger bombers of the U.S. Navy. UU. during a training flight that departed from Fort Lauderdale (Florida) on December 5, 1945. According to the fantasy writer Charles Berlitz (1914-2003), the case was that a number of naval aviators simply disappeared after reporting a number of strange visual effects, a claim that is not entirely correct. In addition, Berlitz said that because the remains of the TBM Avenger float for long periods of time, these had to be found the next day whereas those were days with clear sky and calm tide. However, not only could not be found, but a search and rescue plane from the Navy also ordered that was lost (Martin The Navy had a very bad reputation among the pilots of the time because their fuel tanks ignite easily therefore, saw a little flash off the ship, could correspond to its explosion). Additionally, the increase was intrigued to learn that the report of the accident was attributed to the Navy to “causes desconocidas or reasons.”
Although some version of the facts of Berlitz are not completely inaccurate, does not describe some important details. The vision of an experienced squad of fighter pilots lost in a sunny afternoon is inaccurate. For when he received the last radio transmission from Flight 19, had a stormy weather. Only the flight leader, Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor, had combat experience and a significant flight time, but it had very little experience in that area in particular, lower than that of the trainees under their service, Taylor was described as a calm and confident leader. Instead, radio transmissions from Flight 19 revealed Taylor to a disoriented, with a lack of confidence in their decisions, and completely lost.
In addition, exaggerated established that all the planes had trouble with his compass, however, naval reports and written records of conversations between Lt. Taylor and other pilots of Flight 19 did not indicate this. Regarding the report of the Navy, says that the original report attributed the accident to the confusion flight commander. Lieutenant Taylor previously had abandoned their ship on two occasions in the middle of the Pacific after having lost to return to the carrier. However, the report was altered to portray another location because of the wishes of his family.
Another factor to consider is that the ships TBM Avenger were never designed to land on water, contrary to the assertions of Berlitz. The experience of combat in the Pacific demonstrated airline safety that an Avenger aircraft sank very quickly if landing on water. For an Avenger would be very difficult to land on water, especially with novice pilots in command, and leave it on the dangerous seas of the Bermuda Triangle.
However, the fact that so far has not found any traces or other craft has led to the mystery, and in itself is a rare case. Ina documentary on the History Channel this event, it was noted that a pilot can easily confuse your location if allowed his imagination monitor their reason. In this documentary the most likely scenario was that the flight leader, Lt. Charles Taylor became confused and disoriented, and was indecisive in last analogy of the situation of the flight, wrongly believing that they were far from the southeast Florida Keys, and turning sharply to the right to believe they would find land. Instead, they were located exactly where it should be, outside of the Bahamas and turn right to take them deeper into the Atlantic Ocean. This could also explain why the planes have not yet been found, as very few searches have concentrated on the vast open areas of the ocean.
Therefore, the most generally accepted explanation for naval and civilian enthusiasts who have thoroughly investigated the incident agreed that Lt. Charles Taylor became confused and disoriented, taking his crew to the open sea where they were just the fuel and landed in stormy waters overnight. Although the pilots knew that the student was wrong about its location, the flight was the leader and was in command. When the council took one of his apprentices on pilots to fly to the west, as far as they were to land on shore. The official position of the United States Navy on the incident does not reflect any mystery regarding what happened to Flight 19, describing the fact that the blame fully lived Lt. Charles Taylor. … Of air accidents. Spectacular plane crash … Statistics on traffic accidents fight. Causes of traffic accidents latinsalud …
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Chinese Economy

This transported it to an analysis of the Chinese economy, where several factors are, already for some time, driving prices higher. There are some similarities with the Argentina, and we also have the inflationary theme that is from last year resulting in several regions of the world and begins to be installed amid the financial, earlier that afternoon. They can send me your comments to: the aspect positive inflation in China Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 21, 2008 yesterday I went shopping at my neighborhood Chinese supermarket and I stayed chatting with my friend Cheng because I noticed a little concerned. A Spanish more than precarious, told me about the problems that he is going through his family in China with the harsh winter that are going through and the price increases that increasing concern. I tried to rehearse a heartening message, telling him that at least their families did not have to suffer the difficulties that facing him in the Argentina with its economic policy.

My argument weakened by recalling that in China are being carried out economic policies similar to those of the Government of Kirchner, with an artificially depreciated exchange rate and implementation of price controls. I was really worried about Cheng. But what I said made me reflect about what consequences can generate in the rest of the world the inflationary problem that China is going through. The truth is that in January, inflation in China reached 7.1%, but for the worse, the cost of food registered an increase of 18.2% (food constitute one third of the basket of consumption of China). It is true that the weather affected the prices, but it is also true that there are no prospects of them decreased since still they have not impacted on prices the rapid growth of the money supply and the increase in the prices of raw materials.

Tax Consultant

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Sometimes extraction costs were not taken into account, or you must make even payments. On the part of the IRS borne errors usually the taxpayer. Order against wrong Tackle tax disputes with the internal revenue service are necessary. This is about the out-of-court redress procedures (Appeals) first check its tax assessment by the tax authority can the taxpayer possible. If this procedure is not goal-oriented, can be a financial court proceedings and proceedings. To enforce the interests, a tax consultant is the best choice. He represents the revenue authorities and provides the following services: A tax advisor supports the opposition proceedings, and if this is not successful, it first checks the chances of success of an action before the competent court of the financial.

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