Daily Online SOAP Food

… a meal invites Ruhr area fans to join is’ finished ‘, the online-Ruhrpott-SOAP is entertaining as a television SOAP. She is funny, sometimes dramatic, sometimes sad–and it serves a good purpose. The best thing is: not only Ruhrpottpromis such as Dr. Stratmann, Joe Bausch and Jochen Malmsheimer have involved themselves each with their sets, the desire to do so, can join! And on top of that a social student project is financially supported this. Food/Witten.

The writer, teacher and journalist Ralf Lilienthal had the idea: three hundred sixty days European capital of culture 2010 three hundred sixty scenes of a story of that takes place in the Ruhr area. Three hundred and sixty-five sentences that are donated by readers of SOAP. Three hundred and sixty-five donations for an exciting social project. Ralf Lilienthal to: the idea for this project is in last December spontaneously after a reading at the city library food ‘ arose. Pretty soon, it was clear: we wanted to do something for adult readers, with a social project to be connected.

\”As then the project factory ‘ from Witten when partner is came, the thing was around!\” What exactly is an online SOAP? \”Ralf Lilienthal: so, as the television SOAP is often for years sent sequel story, I write for 365 days each a SOAP scene for television in your head ‘.\” Almost like in real life a slightly different multi-generation WG in Essen Bredeney therefore it goes into Lilienthal history food is’ done ‘: Kurt Kruppke, coking plant workers retire, inherits a large, somewhat run-down mansion in Essen-Bredeney and calls them ironically reminiscent of the famous neighbors: Villa dump ‘. Karina and eleven more unconventional types ‘ set up to a multi-generation WG. Ralf Lilienthal: If a single waitress, a perpetual student, a gay hairdresser, an excavator driver, a boiling Ruhrpott snout Tana Schanz Aras-style and a few other idiosyncratic figures under one roof together, lots of material for love, strife arises from it necessarily and adventure.

Daily Flat Rate UMTS

24 hours online a daily flat rate, you can with a daily flat rate to use the UMTS network for 24 hours. Already as a price of 2.50 euros, you can use the daily flat rate. The daily data volume is 1 gigabyte. Mobile Internet is more interesting for the people. You can thanks to a fast UMTS connection to enjoy mobile Internet everywhere with a very high speed. UMTS is an evolution of the existing GSM network.

With the GSM network, it was possible to reach speeds of up to 56 kbit / s. In the course of time, this speed was no longer sufficient. The Web pages have been designed ever more elaborate, more pictures were used. Also the storage size for a Web page is increased due to the increased number of images. It took several minutes until the Web page is completely loaded by the slow 56 kbit / s.

With UMTS, the speed has been increased. Maximum 384 kbit / s can be achieved with UMTS. This speed is more than sufficient. Web pages can be called or move email messages with or without attachments are sent. Almost all new mobile phones support UMTS. Also the data Turbo HSDPA is now supported by many phones. Thanks to HSDPA speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit / s can be achieved. This is comparable with a traditional DSL connection. So the monthly bill for mobile Internet isn’t exploding, there are corresponding flat rate. Started by a conventional UMTS flat rate up towards to the UMTS day flat rate. This day flat rate allows the customer to use the UMTS network of the respective provider for 24 hours for an amount of X. The provider Fonic is a provider for a daily flat rate. Fonic requires an amount of 2,50 euro for this service. Then, the UMTS network can be used by O2. O2 supports also the data Turbo HSDPA, but only”with a maximum speed of 3.6 Mbit / s. Torsten Heinsius

The Daily

If you have a shake before and a shake after your workout is both have determined a duration. Generally the power window of a pre-Workoutshakes is likely rich around the body with nutrients to feed. But what if you received a still harder and especially longer training, or if you have a conversation during the training with his coach or friends. Then comes a time that no longer can bridge shake the pre-workout. With a shake during training, a nutrient deficiency would not be the case.

The shake is essential – after training (post workout shake), because he supplies the exhausted body with sufficient protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and everything the body needs for the recovery phase. This shake is especially important, because the organism is now an anabolic window which means that nutrients is more or less absorbed by the muscles. The Daily routine, many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is certainly not wrong, because in the morning the body needs sleep nutrients after 6-8 hours again. Because no food is added to the night, the amino acid level in the blood is particularly low in the morning, this is anything but positive for muscle building. Take shake in the morning immediately after getting a whey protein to 30gr should suffice, this provides their body quickly with new amino acids and counteracts so the catabolic state. Her body needed also for the rest of the day energy, these provide the carbohydrates.

Make sure to slowly digestible carbohydrates such as whole grains and oatmeal to take, is the amount here strong of body weight and depending on which comes to the respective work on you, so should people who work physically hard hit on the day neatly with carbohydrates. A strong boost of insulin affects negatively on the morning her body. Depending on the pleasure you can and mood the protein mix with the oatmeal, this is however left to the particular taste of the person.

Daily Visit

When nina was the garden of the House not only were a bunch of plants: for our years was the opportunity to exit the House full of rules (not you upload to furniture, you don’t scream, etc.) and let us go by what imagination we leave at that time. I went through several stages in the garden of my house, even though the same House not always outside. Although we moved several times during my childhood and youth, my mother always demanded that the House where we find had garden. These gardens I went through fears of nina, complicities of friend and whirlwinds of teenage. I can say that each was alone, always had a green area around me.

Today all that seems to have disappeared. In a world that seems to move more quickly each time there is no time out to feel the aroma and freshness of a well-kept garden. The vast majority of my friends have a paved courtyard, which practically cleans itself. Not me. They understand, but they do not understand, which I can do so many things like them because, they say, I spend the steep digging.

Don’t you remember the nice thing was that? Bury that at that time they were treasures and now are what give life to an area of retreat? The advantage that I have about them is I don’t need SPA s, nor anti stress treatments. Every time I go to take care of my garden I forget that I am a wife, worker and mother and I receive communion with plants that they only listen to but they are not complaining. Instead of smelling smog and the many bad things that float in our air, filled my lungs with aroma of nature and fresh air. Before paving around your House, go to a park, sit in a banking and close your eyes. Imagine being able to do that every you want, once you reach work, fighting you or do whatever you stressed. Your garden not only is a source of discomfort or one spending: can be small daily happiness that you need to be better. It improves your garden, visit garden furniture to see options to your liking.

Housing Construction

One might think that the Cuban cities have had all the same features since its founding. The evolution of each one of them, they respond not only to a long process of acculturation to which were submitted, but the characteristics of its evolution and growth, sometimes spontaneously, and then by city ordinances allowed each town had its own regularities. After the Triumph of the Revolution, the Institutes of Physical Planning, undertook the task of reordering the cities according to their specific characteristics. The first Cuban villas, are concentrated around the main square, the seat of civil authority, military, and religious, and in which the city develops later, as construction techniques evolve in the construction of housing and public works. After making the orders of King Felipe II, all new cities take on a regular route. The city of Nueva Gerona, for example, after the original layout Engineer Alejo Helvetius Lanier, between 1848-1852 is an example of a regular track, which during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, growing at random in the peripheries of Distribution July 26.

But there is a time of great dispersion in the samples of homes that were built between the late nineteenth century, and even the 20s, the twentieth century. The growth of jobs and the freeing of slaves, given the need for a growth in housing construction. The petty bourgeoisie Industrial, withdraws from major cities such centers, and begin to settle in suburbs, where increased land speculation for years, urban infrastructure construction, mainly in search of potable water, sewer and emerging mass graves, as well as roads, motor transport and cars, and then electricity.

Thomas Edison

To implement this concept we must reject the idea that the failure or error means that something is wrong. Failure is a indicator bluntly: we clearly says one thing and that thing is that what we have done, as we have been doing is not working or does not give the result we expected. Sometimes it is a matter of reviewing our ambition. Sometimes it is a matter of changing the means we have tried to achieve that ambition. Failure can also reveal that we were unwise to evaluate or that we have used the wrong criteria when evaluating. It often happens that what is one man's failure to success for others. And this means that the parameters of each are different and not the result itself. A manufacturer of seats which sold 5,000 units a month may feel backfired as 5000 these chairs can represent success for party chair.

Any conclusions we reach about the failure is essentially a hypothesis and for the most part a reaction to disappointment, fear and despair that accompanies the experience of failure. When we experience failure, we must remember that this is a matter of interpretations. Do not suffer for a given fact but by reading that we give to that fact. Before we can interpret the implications of failure, there is an even bigger issue to focus on and that usually goes unnoticed. andon what parameters we use to determine the experience as a failure? We have enough breadth of vision to see the other side of history and recognize that we also obtained benefits? yHemos met someone important otherwise we would not have had the chance to meet? Ynos we learned anything? YES This I call failure, plain and simple recording of something, or is the predictable and necessary brand to the next level of the story? Thomas Edison said that with each failure he had made clear what not to repeat. At least avoided a further delay.