Daily Visit

When nina was the garden of the House not only were a bunch of plants: for our years was the opportunity to exit the House full of rules (not you upload to furniture, you don’t scream, etc.) and let us go by what imagination we leave at that time. I went through several stages in the garden of my house, even though the same House not always outside. Although we moved several times during my childhood and youth, my mother always demanded that the House where we find had garden. These gardens I went through fears of nina, complicities of friend and whirlwinds of teenage. I can say that each was alone, always had a green area around me.

Today all that seems to have disappeared. In a world that seems to move more quickly each time there is no time out to feel the aroma and freshness of a well-kept garden. The vast majority of my friends have a paved courtyard, which practically cleans itself. Not me. They understand, but they do not understand, which I can do so many things like them because, they say, I spend the steep digging.

Don’t you remember the nice thing was that? Bury that at that time they were treasures and now are what give life to an area of retreat? The advantage that I have about them is I don’t need SPA s, nor anti stress treatments. Every time I go to take care of my garden I forget that I am a wife, worker and mother and I receive communion with plants that they only listen to but they are not complaining. Instead of smelling smog and the many bad things that float in our air, filled my lungs with aroma of nature and fresh air. Before paving around your House, go to a park, sit in a banking and close your eyes. Imagine being able to do that every you want, once you reach work, fighting you or do whatever you stressed. Your garden not only is a source of discomfort or one spending: can be small daily happiness that you need to be better. It improves your garden, visit garden furniture to see options to your liking.