The Personnel

It is very common that by the love and affection that we felt (a) on the other we try to express solutions that us they seem coherent and logics, but it does not lose of view that the friend (a) who is living a situation that affects its feelings will not react as to you you would seem to him normal or simple. Often or in the majority of occasions we do not have to feel us responsible to have an answer, it is more, not even one asks nothing to us, limitmonos to listening interesadamente and to promote the relief of the situation. I acted with consideration and respect. We leave from the base of which what it is told us is confidential, reason why is not adapted to comment the situation of a friend (a) with other people, although all are known. As we mentioned previously is necessary to deliver the attack to put itself in the shoes of the other, this will allow to identify the moments at which ours (u) friend has desires to talk, to leave solely or to count on company; all the estresantes situations produce major sensitivity and tension; reason why it mantngase kind to the changes of smoke of the other. This will allow that it provides the conditions so that takes place talk at the moment and to the rate that ours (a) friend wants.

Mantngase in contact Thanks to the technology today is to us easier and agile to overcome the difficulty that could represent the distance, allowing to maintain the contact with our friendly and friendly us and to make them feel that we are with them, through a mail, video, cards, chat, etc. has much taken care of in always fulfilling what promises, like for example, ” we see pronto” , ” I call luego” to you; , ” us contactamos” for a person with difficulties the sense, interpretation and importance of this type of expressions are different that when is in different conditions. The important thing does not move away of its friend, is that you find the form to be with needs that it. We already know it is not possible to us to eliminate its sufferings but we are able to support to us and to make them more bearable. In the personnel I like the term companion, my mental translation complements itself with ” companion of vida” Tony A.

Best Asian Film

Moviegoers are ready to meet in Barcelona to attend the 12th edition of the BAFF – Festival of Asian cinema this spring, in particular from April 30 to May 9. You can not miss it because this year will be even more films than in previous editions: a total of 70 films and 6 programs of short films, in addition to the momentum that is going to give to the animation. The festival will be the stage where the brightest talents of the region will be presented. So those who are housed in a hotel in Barcelona you can enjoy their presentations. Some of the best movies of these stars are Paju of Park Chan-ok, Like You Know It All of Hong Sang – soo and the latest contribution of and whose appearance at the festival is already a tradition Adolfo Alix, entitled Aurora. Alix also directed with Raya Martin another film in the section known as Manila, so that those who attend will have two opportunities to continue his work.

In this year’s Edition is You can see movies that are projected at the Rex cinema, cinema Aribau Club 2, CCCB Hall and CCCB Auditorium, with a full program of screens available on the website of the festival. On the other hand, most of those movies come from Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and Viet Nam. Bong Joon-ho who will be Mother, Johnnie To with his last work Vengeance and Tsai Ming-liang, one of the few Asian directors who has been able to distribute commercially in Spain and this year will present Visage are among the other big names that will present their work at the event. The price per session is 6.50, but there are discounts for those who attend more than one film, since there are available fertilizers of five entries per 25, as well as fertilizers of ten entries per 45. Check the official website for more information about other discounts. If you’re going to attend BAFF Barcelona Asian Film Festival this year, we recommend that you reserve your hotel in Barcelona as soon possible, given the popularity of the event.

Quality Technology

Quality has different definitions depending on the developments that have taken the term in its recent history yet, and in its approach by different authors. More definitions are added if the term is referred to as an adjective or a noun. Without contradicting the internationally standard definitions of the term and those made by various authors such as Crosby, Juran, Taguchi, Feigenbaum, Deming, Shewhart and others about the quality in general terms whereas the term Quality as adjective, today the term is also used as noun to designate a soft technologies applied in organizations of all types and sizes.Quality Technology is applied in organizations, usually by a significant investment, to standardize and continuously improve their processes, and in order to obtain one hand standardized products and services, uniform, stable and reliable to meet continuously in the client for whom they are designed, and secondly to achieve productivity, competitiveness, security, replication and globalization of the activities, operations, products and services, among other benefits. The implementation of Quality Technology in an organization involves a cultural change of the same, heavily influenced by advocacy, training and education. This cultural change is often a slow process, requiring a long and continuing effort throughout the organization and a very important leadership from senior management.

Second Madonna Vatican Council

The Second Madonna Vatican Council under a radical renewal of the Catholic Church and with a jolt that I think will generate a drop in the number of candidates for the priesthood throughout the Catholic world. But the causes are more complex. They should also look at the process of secularization that gesture throughout the twentieth century, the separation of church and state Berg in many Catholic nations, the modern global economy and other phenomena that made in a few decades before that seminars had a considerable amount of students, are at present nearly empty. This situation is so pathetic especially in Europe, United States, Canada and Australia where he Secularisation-impact globalization has been greater and where the aging of the population given the dramatic reduction of the family (a son), discourage the priestly vocation. In Ireland, to make a case, international traditional bastion of Catholicism, only three were ordained priests throughout the country during 2004. In Spain and Italy affected by the crisis of vocations in Europe, however, highlights the emergence of new religious movements that have contributed enormously to the animation career. Vocations in the United States now come Zohar from immigrant groups, particularly and Asians. Although the impact determined in the lectures same way a substantial downward statistics in Latin America, this region presents a behavior much higher number of vocations in Europe, also form as the first Catholic region of the world. But the negative effect similar to the European dioceses can be seen in Argentine, Chilean and Uruguayan especially while it is ongoing or in progress in dioceses Mexican, Central American, Colombian and Cuban, especially. On the other hand, it Kabbalah presents a striking figure of mission territories such as India and the Far East (China, Philippines, Vietnam, East Timor), which increases the number of youths ready for the priesthood, coming from people of non-Christian majority. … seven lectures, with which the movements of the Renovaci’at’a … 5. The Esp’tu Santo. 6. Spiritual Growth. 7. The Transformaci’n Christ …
… the rest of his life devoted ‘life to spiritual Kabbalah growth and renewal’ .. Tags: Blogs Christian spiritual growth. The secret of the …
… one of the elements m’importantes for spiritual growth and … this program, the I.L.P. offers a renewal ‘spiritual growth and …
… transient interests undermined when your renovation effort ‘.. the book study of vanity you illusory threat’s attempts to spiritual growth. …

The Dossier Negrin

In late 1956 Juan Negr n died in Paris, and his son Romulo, on the instructions of his father, called the hand “to Feature Negrin ‘legal adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Melchor de las Heras,” to facilitate the exercise of actions that may correspond to the Spanish State (…) to obtain a refund of that gold to Spain, “according to testimony of the deputy consul in Paris, Enrique Perez Hernandez. The negotiations with the Franco government had been initiated by the Former Minister of Justice and a friend of Mariano Negrin’s request to Anso Negrin, who believed that the documents are owned by the government of Spain, regardless of who provides it. In a document dated December 14, 1956, written and Anso signed and countersigned by the son of Negrin expressed “deep concern Negrin of the interests of Spain compared to the URSSA and its fear of” the helplessness that reduced Spain to the fact of being deprived of any documentation of their rights, one must balance sheet, from perhaps the most extensive and important operations carried out between two paises. “After listing a number of other issues that” weighed in the minds of Negrin sir “, including the retention of Soviet ” significant number of units and the merchant fleet espanola , “according to Anso, Negrin estimated ” ‘in a subsequent settlement of accounts between the USSR and Spain, Spanish is their duty to forcing an unconditional support of the national interest. “
The dossier, an incomplete set of documents related to the management of the gold deposit and the Bank of Spain, was sent to , Foreign Minister and submitted a brief with the office of the Bank of Spain Deputy Governor, Jesus Rodriguez Salmones, who, without inspecting the papers, ordered to keep in the safes of the institution. Although the transfer was conducted in the strictest privacy, and that the same conditions prevailed Negrin to keep the utmost secrecy, soon the news was public domain, which causes passionate disputes. In his New Year’s institutional 1957, Franco admitted that the economic crisis hit the country, together with the need to coin had caused a rise in prices, as well as the problems of strikes and social protests, harshly repressed . Also, surprisingly, sent a message to the USSR softening its traditional anti-Soviet speech, coinciding with the loss of power circles Phalangist for technocrats. That same month, a commission was sent to Moscow with an official mandate to discuss the repatriation of Spanish, that the time should also consider that negotiations on the return of the gold.
Republican exile contemplate with wonder and amazement as willingly surrendered to a Franco Documentation Negrin had denied that the Government of the Republic in exile for over 15 years. The man who had led the resistance against the Franco dictatorship now explicitly recognized as the legitimate representative of the interests of Spain. The chairman of the government in exile, Felix Gordon Ordas, wrote on January 8, 1957:
“The decision of Don Juan Negr n testamentary me has caused consternation. For I intend to inquire more mobile it is not satisfactory either. I see only two likely as a patriotic yearning or desire for revenge. In the first case would have been a colossal error of assessment, therefore, free to give money and its complications is like throwing water into the sea. In the second case there may fund ruinidad that seems incompatible with the concept that I had the illustrious disappeared. but in both cases, what has been done by Dr. Negrin is a betrayal of the cause of the Spanish people and the Republic (…) In doing so reprehensible proclaim Dr.Negrin considered legitimate Franco … “
In April 1957, Time reported that Radio Moscow, and Pravda, had issued the unofficial position of Soviet government, which, in the words of Salvador de Madariaga, close the chapter of the Gold Moscow locked steel. The World of Labor May 15 of that year included a translation of the article, which he signed as an Observer:
“Some foreign newspapers published articles on walking Spanish gold deposited for twenty years in the Soviet Union, without ever mentioning any of this consumption gold that made the Spanish Republican Government, which mislead the public opinion by creating the impression that even remains unused for this gold. The weight of gold and verification to be transferred to the Soviet authorities, was made jointly by Soviet and Spanish representatives.

5 Keys To Make A Business On The Internet

1. Constancy. MLM is a business model that requires a large network of affiliates to earn good money, this is a matter of time and perseverance. Many businesses have the option to make money online fast with bond sales or with fast matrices, for this you should have a large number of contacts (something that beginners do not have) or make an investment in advertising (something that beginners do not want or can be made). We are therefore left with perseverance and long-term work. 2. Strategy or marketing process.

Offer a business directly to someone usually result in rejection, nobody likes that they are selling things. It is therefore important to have one or several marketing strategies that put us in front of our prospects in a friendly manner, i.e. that we are welcome to their worlds. 3. Create a personal brand. Logically that people are looking for a business and a solution to their economic problems, but there are thousands of business and people promoting business so it finally and within people is affiliated to the people, people that they trust. For this reason it is important to create a personal brand you trust and that you know people.

There is something that only you have to promote your business, something that differentiates you from the rest and makes you unique, that something you’re yourself, your own style, your personality, your knowledge, content that you contribute, your articles, your videos, your whatever. For my the best way of creating a personal brand is developing a personal blog in which to display your contents and your way of being u work. Your blog combined with other many media and platforms that you now have at your fingertips (twitter, facebook, youtube, forums, communities, bookmarks, other blogs, etc) will help you create a good personal brand with that let you know. The formula is very simple: people who cares for you, also were interested in your business. 4. Never stop learning. Here is where you enter what maybe you’re waiting to tell you, you the formulas concrete and effective for promocioanr your business be sure to look for them, investigate and learn. 5 Relate. Essential for everything said is socialize, interact with other business partners, with people who already have experience in end with everyone, but not relationships you to sell your business, but to learn, teach and share the question first is make good contacts and establish good relations.