The Personnel

It is very common that by the love and affection that we felt (a) on the other we try to express solutions that us they seem coherent and logics, but it does not lose of view that the friend (a) who is living a situation that affects its feelings will not react as to you you would seem to him normal or simple. Often or in the majority of occasions we do not have to feel us responsible to have an answer, it is more, not even one asks nothing to us, limitmonos to listening interesadamente and to promote the relief of the situation. I acted with consideration and respect. We leave from the base of which what it is told us is confidential, reason why is not adapted to comment the situation of a friend (a) with other people, although all are known. As we mentioned previously is necessary to deliver the attack to put itself in the shoes of the other, this will allow to identify the moments at which ours (u) friend has desires to talk, to leave solely or to count on company; all the estresantes situations produce major sensitivity and tension; reason why it mantngase kind to the changes of smoke of the other. This will allow that it provides the conditions so that takes place talk at the moment and to the rate that ours (a) friend wants.

Mantngase in contact Thanks to the technology today is to us easier and agile to overcome the difficulty that could represent the distance, allowing to maintain the contact with our friendly and friendly us and to make them feel that we are with them, through a mail, video, cards, chat, etc. has much taken care of in always fulfilling what promises, like for example, ” we see pronto” , ” I call luego” to you; , ” us contactamos” for a person with difficulties the sense, interpretation and importance of this type of expressions are different that when is in different conditions. The important thing does not move away of its friend, is that you find the form to be with needs that it. We already know it is not possible to us to eliminate its sufferings but we are able to support to us and to make them more bearable. In the personnel I like the term companion, my mental translation complements itself with ” companion of vida” Tony A.