New MIGMAG Pulse Machine

Welding technology at its finest is linked associated since there are welding machines with the name REHM GmbH & co. KG. Very compact and even weight optimized, easy to use and optimized for all mobile applications: The REHM GmbH based on this model characteristics of the PANTHERS and shows the new PANTHER 202 pulse. Nearly identical to the popular legacy stems from the successor model to the powerful 200A MIG / MAG pulse power source with a user interface and optimized for maximum user friendliness. Newly added features include the built-in double pulse function and the 86 synergy characteristics of decorated database supporting the user in addition: the stored expertise, rarely used, newer types of welding are easy to regulate.

“MISSION IS POSSIBLE” with this welder best seam optics, a reduced amount of splashes and thus hardly correction work are inevitable. This convinced the PANTHER welder, Manager, employee and foreman also economical: the flexible force package is currently the cheapest machine in its performance class. Designed on a thickness of 0.2 to 0.5 cm, the new MIG/MAG Pulse compact class in the welding of galvanized and aluminized sheet metal, aluminum and copper alloys, construction and stainless steel, thin sheet metal gets great results. To an input voltage of 230 volts is enough development. In particular for better welding results when working with aluminum and stainless REHM GmbH & co. has added KG in the revised version of the Panther a double pulse function: exceptionally good seam optics can be realized thanks to changing parameters of the pulse. As with the TIG technology, but much faster (up to triple speed). Standard is the PANTHER 202 PLUS with a 200 mm wire spool adapter (optional: 300 mm) provided.

The new PANTHER is easy to use thanks to its weight of only 21 kg and the compact dimensions (570 x 260 x 490 mm). Although he is small he is welding PANTHER good. Compared to the original version of the welding current to 10% and the duty cycle 20% could (60% ED) be increased. Single-phase operating time and performance are unbeaten. The programmable welding choke, which allows a manual correction ensures exemplary ignition properties, good arc stability, and ease of use. The power setting is easily possible with speed, material strength and power. Overall it is deposited possible 99 jobs in the store and retrieved at any time. This ensures constant quality no matter what welding process is applied. Even with the application of new advanced technologies, such as soldering CuSi3 or CuAl8 provides the appropriate synergy curves for the comprehensive database of experts. Furthermore provides an up/down control, a spray tip as well as the functions of gas test and wire Threading the PANTHER. REHM GmbH & co. KG presents an ideal solution with the remake of the Pink Panther for welders who are looking for an erschweingliche MIG/MAG pulse – power source for applications where maximum mobility and excellent welding properties are required,. In short: The PANTHER 202 pulse connected by common characteristics of successful PANTHER welding device, advanced functionality and superior handling new benchmark in mobile MIG/MAG pulse welding.