The Colony

In the practical one, permanent conflicts between some families of the colony occur, mainly related to the use of the areas of launching of nets, use of the communitarian mount of money, price of sales of fished and the doubtful fishing act of contract. According to a member of the community: ' ' We only organize in them in colony to make ag for the government and terms our labor laws. But here, of colony he does not have nothing: the families live in war foot and time or another one is if killing for any thing. My same boat, I always leave one I watch to sleep in it, seno can dawn all plucked, and while I fix the case has another boat using my area of campanha' ' (R.A, 54, owner of boat) the area of launching of nets of fishes is called campaign for the group of fishing. Robert Iger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Each family is ' ' dona' ' of its respective campaign, through agreement firmed between the families.

However, the campaign can be used by another family, case ' ' dono' ' of this it leaves to work in the day destined to fishes, or ' ' alugue' ' for this another family. 11 campaigns with &#039 exist; ' dono' ' explored for the searched group, located between the island of the Marapat and the future port of the Flagstone. The same ones are explored between the May months the August of each year and basically all production is composed of jaraqui (Semaprochilodus theraponura). From August, with the formation of beach band in the campaigns and the disappearance of shoals of fish of jaraqui on account of the ebb tide of the Black river, the migration of the activities occurs of fishes for the river Solimes, more specifically in the called localities Paran New Land, Lake of the Cambixe (or Central lake) and Island of the Careiro, these pertaining ones to the city of Careiro of the Fertile valley.