A Positive Separation Culture Live, How Does It Work?

Fair divisions help both sides. Employers reach predictability, avoid reputational damage and protect the operating environment… Walt Disney Co. usually is spot on. The manner how company employees away, determines long-term corporate success. In the current economic crisis, many people have already lost their jobs, and this fate is threatening many others still, if you believe the current forecasts for 2010. So, one could assume that there is a professional separation culture in the German company… Is unfortunately not the case. We adjust our advice as to that the issue of termination of employment filled still with large uncertainties.

Even if news about redundancies in our media are now the order of the day, the theme of separation and the correct handling are still taboo in many companies. But what makes separation management so difficult? The theme of separation is basically fear in our culture. It lacks the insight that a separation for both sides has always also have positive aspects. Each Company that permanently will exist in the market and grow, must constantly change and reinvent. Breakers go hand in hand with this process. But also the employee has the chance to develop further in a different environment and that is basically positive, because it is a law of life that something must end so that the new can emerge. Our society depends on but still the so-called industrial society, in which it was desirable and normal, in a life position\”to remain, that is, to serve an employer for a lifetime or at least exhibit no frequent professional exchange. But the fact is: the industrial society is over; Today we live in an information society and the workplace of the future is different.

Frequent occupational changes will be normal for each individual. Also, much more people of a self-employed activity will go. The more familiar get better with this reality, and it helps to understand this fact as an opportunity.