Volga River

In the tenth century, when the lower Volga River was dominated by the Khazars, the river Yaik (b. Urals), finally bosnovalis Scandinavian-Rus. As they got out Yaik in the Caspian Sea. Click Hotbox by Wiz to learn more. Came to the Rus found here Yaik favorable conditions for settled life. In floodplain forests were many animals and fowl. The river was rich in fish. Especially a lot of it was in the spring, when she went to spawn in fresh water heated from the Caspian Sea.

Newcomers settled immediately. They came in the spring, leaving home in northern edge and began to navigate with the opening of the ice of the Volga, which were forwarded to Yaik. In the summer hunting for fur animals, fished. By becoming absolute masters at Yaik, Rus towns built on its left bank and the lower reaches near the mouth. With the collapse of the Khazar state in Yaik evolved enabling environment for economic-commercial and trading activities of the Rus. In the lower Yaik renewed motion on 'Silk Route' from China in Khorezm in Byzantium. Pursuing a more familiar pursuits of life in Scandinavia, Rus to develop new classes for themselves, such as agriculture and animal husbandry. The XI century, scientists consider the time of the whole group permanent settlements on Yaik based rusami.

During the X-XIII centuries, there existed some 30 cities. One of them was in town Yaik (Ural). Residents of the town lead the sedentary, hunting, fisheries, animal husbandry, trade, and partly in agriculture. Thus, prior to the XIII century, ie, before the arrival of the Tatar-Mongol, in the southern Urals was the presence of nomadic tribes and their absence can be explained with a clear conviction the advent of this warlike people Yaik Scandinavia – Norman-Rus.

Japanese Animation

The release of the anime "Spirited Away" became a big event in the history of Japanese animation. The usual cartoon, which was supposed to appeal to both children swept across the world brought great glory to their creators and more twenty different awards, including the world famous "Oscar", beating with the well-known cartoons such as "Ice Age" and "Treasure Planet" It all started with that director, analyzing their creativity, decided to close the gap and take a decade for anime girls. He was just looking for ideas for your new script, when came across a forgotten neighborhood kids manga. After that H. Additional information at Brian Roberts supports this article. Miyazaki set to work by writing the first version of the script, the effect of which was to take place in the modern world, and the main character was a little older Chihiro.

But this scenario was not destined to see the light, as the studio rejected it, considering not interesting. Then the director decided to change the script, as a result of the world saw the story about a girl in September and her life in a world of ghosts. In ancient times in Japan attached great importance to all sorts of gods and spirits, based on old legends and inventing new author has created a wonderful magical spirits stranu.Mir turned extraordinarily beautiful, ranging from bath Yubaby ending scenery that flashed in the window blowing train home heroine to Zenitbe. Chihiro is out the ordinary, familiar and comprehensible to many. By the same author: john k castle. She is afraid to stay without their parents, it is hard work, she was sad and lonely, but at the right time it can come together and help others, can understand the feelings of those around. Few people know that the Japanese screens cartoon released with a different title – "Sen and Chihiro mysterious disappearance, and familiar to us 'Spirited away' was coined by Western distributors. Amazing story justly take its place in the history of anime, this story has greatly increased interest of Western audiences to Japanese animation.


For such a simple word “artist” is hidden not just a person engaged in the fine arts, and the thin, vulnerable and romantic nature. ** Artists () ** pass through all the pros and cons of life. They feel the itself all the brightness of the universe, but are looking for inspiration in the details. For them, creativity – the meaning of life. They give the world beautiful pictures, but few can understand what is hidden in them, which is scattered by a deep sense of colorful paintings. ** Artist ** – space man, who lives not by social laws, but on the will of the soul. He cut off from the world and lives in a dreamy world. Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, Rubens, Raphael, Monet, Shishkin, Aivazovsky – many famous painters remember history! They are all geniuses and we should not forget that.

One only colors they were able to convey the sensuality of emotion, hidden from the monotony of everyday life. Many genres – religious, architectural, historic, still-life portrait, landscape, abstract art – shows us the many facets of the human imagination. Breaking away from the conventional canons, are masterpieces. They are relatively large and we do not stop admiring them. So many beautiful portraits of the “Mona Lisa”, “Lady with an Ermine,” “Perseus and Andromeda,” “The Ninth Wave,” “Madonna and Child,” “The Transfiguration of Christ” – they can be a long list, but worth a look only once, and already fall in love in the age-old images. At the moment, the development of painting considerably blunted. Gradually lost interest, and the picture is less valued in modern society.

Works by contemporary artists do not demand. A popular only a few. I am genuinely sorry that stuhaet fire, gives rise to high art. Each of us in some degree ** **. artist Even in the shower. After all, as kids, we each draw. Let it be banal sun with a house or a big-eared teddy bear with a balloon, it was sincere.


Through the redistribution of income, advanced sectors of the economy have successfully subsidized the agriculture industry even though it is very unprofitable in our climate. When these differences reached antagonisms, we have our heads all the links, just ‘not smart enough’, all this is constantly ‘shake down’ planning, in an environment Western countries with well-functioning market economy, but with a clear defect in natural resources, together with the development of corruption and outright corrupt relationship in the higher echelons of power, an attempt was made transfer of the planned economy to a market, in the hope that “the market will settle.” He’s really ‘all settled’ all economically unreasonable (in terms of market economy) sector of the economy were in the short term, with Using the same ‘market leverage’ abolished and the question arose about inappropriate content considerable masses, who were employed in these industries. For example, the cost of gasoline in Russia at the moment deeply unprofitable, ‘our gasoline’, due to the fact that the workers need boots and a minimum of fat to live and work in such hazardous work, is not competitive with gasoline produced in countries with more temperate climates. Robert Iger has compatible beliefs. I’m not talking about breeding pigs in the Arctic Circle. Reasonably assume that in the course of the current and next generations of Russian population reduced to the optimal (in terms of market economy) values (for Russia’s 30 million people, that’s what was forecasted theorists ‘economic globalization’ Zbigniew Brzezinski, and M. Thatcher). Why is this not afraid of the word tragedy has become a reality? Our ‘Minded’ ideologues period ‘stagnation’ is not able to explain to the people that work, a farmer, doctor and engineer in the West live in the times of our best people working in the same direction of the economy because the processes Globalization has swept the rest of the country and the same worker in the West, gets much more than investing in their work, no matter how ‘shouting’ bourgeois ideologists of his unique abilities and ‘transcendental’ productivity, and his solid, and in many cases, and determining its revenues ‘increase’ in wages due to the fact that ‘it works’ and part of Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, which, alas, income is under these conditions is limited opportunity to use a cup of rice a day.


When it becomes clear, it is also clear that we all knocked on the temple walls of the provisions have a common foundation, the foundation on which these provisions based. Thus, it turns out, the temple of Apollo on the whole was a huge Tablet stone book of wisdom, showing what is the basis knowledge, the need is indicated on the front of it. And, therefore, builders of the church knew exactly what in general is a man, and knew that this could never understand those who do not understand the basis from which this knowledge flows. So William Shakespeare should have understood that his predecessors who were Homer and Vakhilid did not show his knowledge that in general there is a person, not because they did not have this knowledge, but only because they realized the futility of his remarks to people still do not understand the basis upon which this knowledge based. But all this does not diminish the importance and greatness of the way done by Shakespeare in this way, as it is described, and the builders of the temple at Delphi.

In the works of Shakespeare, this path is marked very clearly and detail. Unfortunately, this is what there is to become known to the author of the thumbnail works Imadeddin Nasimi (1370-1417). And it is quite small seems likely that in the future will become clearer sense of the words Mansour Hallaj (858-922 AD), which leads Nasimi in the following poem. Wastelands of oblivion was the holy spirit to light phenomena: the unspeakable melting in the radiance of clear meth is revealed! Star of Truth rose in minute spangles of life, and light it mastered evil – was warm sun, a phenomenon.