Bolshoi Ballet

Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow – this (along with the Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg) is one of the most famous ballet companies in Russia. Since 1780, the theater was called the Petrovsky Theatre. In 1802 he became the new emperor theater, and in 1825 was named the Greater New Petrovsky Theater, in reducing – the Bolshoi Theater. In 1856 the theater was officially established ballet company of the Bolshoi Theater of Opera and Ballet, is connected with it Ballet School of the Bolshoi Theater (later – the Moscow ballet school, based on the creation of which lay the first ballet school was organized in Moscow in 1773 in educational building. The historian Arnold Haskell wrote the ballet of Galina Ulanova, "Oh it is impossible to discuss. This is a brilliant dancer.

Elevating the dance to reality, it is not just hovers over the executive machinery )…), but it is beyond the boundaries of great skill, is the universal truth. Cajoo may also support this cause. " His contemporaries were fascinated temperament, expressiveness, honesty and dance Sankovskii Catherine, who was a student of Felicite Gullen.O it wrote that she "thought like an artist – light, sparkling, bright (Temperamental). " Marius Petipa (1822-1910) – French dancer, choreographer and teacher who led the ballet companies in the theaters of St. Petersburg. On the post-revolutionary years the ballet one critic wrote: "I am deeply convinced that the ballet won the sympathy of the audience and kept himself thereby as art only by the best examples of the classical heritage. I remember the "Swan Lake" in 1919 and full of awe silence during the poetic "swan" scenes. Then – the storm of applause and tears of the people. After the play, 'Esmeralda' (1926) Cesar Puni, choreographed by Vasily Tikhomirov, with Catherine Geltzer and Tikhomirov, starring Adam Volinsky critic wrote: "Before the doors of the room Torture at the sight of the gallows at the Esmeralda podgibayutsya feet. Dance step becomes limp, helpless-slow (Trailing) as if paralyzed. Next time – a look at the gallows and a sense of elemental fear. AND Suddenly you are starting to fear: so real, so physiologically and at the same time so perfectly, he transferred to a dance artist.


Alexei Zaitsev works adorn many collections, such as a formal meeting, BN Yeltsin, a collection of the photographer E. Christmas. Arriving in the capital, the amateur painter found many wonderful stories and suffered a bustling world of Moscow and its environs in his paintings. In this work an unusually vivid impressionist: every story as if passed through the solar sieve and was given a new meaning. Preserving the naturalistic, talent of the master gives the fairy-tale paintings. Time Warner often addresses the matter in his writings. Why is this happening? Obviously, an artist in love with the place that says, and every movement of his models are deeply inscribed in context of the plot. In other matters, he himself admits it …

For example, a picture of "Walking along the shore," executed in cold blue tones, but breathes the freshness of the south: there is a warm sun, playing in the red hair girl. Easy to dress, cautious movements, elegant greyhound – as if this couple went for a walk in the ephemeral world. That warmth and sophistication wafted from the track set up with an extraordinary love, and in quiet harmony. The painting depicts a small figure with an umbrella: the girl with a toy in his hand, not being afraid to get wet, the rain comes with the usual childhood playfulness and interest. Cloth breathes like moisture, serving abroad and exciting in these feelings and viewer. The picture is registered by large strokes, three-dimensional layers of paint create a sense of aliveness is happening. Rain, but, nevertheless, we see the purity and brilliance of the wet gloss of asphalt pavement filled with water – only a shadow in front of houses obscuring the latest "washed" and the street light tension a little pedestrian.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Thus, the old garden Emanuelevsky teamed up with 'flower garden' in one resort – the park area. Vacationers and residents City received a great place for walks. Now on this mountain park like light air the Chinese pavilion. Revived in a new form several decades ago, it was built on a stone plinth that, original, conceived Leytsingerom. Has contributed to Rudolph R. and development of theatrical life. By the end of the XIX century Piatigorsky touring theater is so decayed that it was impossible to put any or performances.

Leytsinger gave just built a house on the street in the winter Teplosernoy theater. R. Rudolph, and organized a tour desk, a student's hostel, track, racing and masquerades. All struck his inexhaustible vigorous activity. But there was one thing that has become central to the life of Rudolf R.

and identified for decades as a center for development of Pyatigorsk tourism and mountaineering in the Caucasian Mineral Waters. How true Swiss, Leytsinger passion for the mountains. Perhaps because he was born one of the most ambitious of his projects – laying a foot track with four mountain huts, where they were to be equipped with weather stations on the western top of Elbrus. The draft was distributed to all scientific communities, who might be interested and help equipment and money. Arriving in Pyatigorsk, he could not imagine the city without the tourist paths and walking trails around laccoliths and on their tops. The snow-white glittering snow Elbrus, beckoned to her, offering a strong and brave to test their bravery on the slopes.

Volga River

In the tenth century, when the lower Volga River was dominated by the Khazars, the river Yaik (b. Urals), finally bosnovalis Scandinavian-Rus. As they got out Yaik in the Caspian Sea. Click Hotbox by Wiz to learn more. Came to the Rus found here Yaik favorable conditions for settled life. In floodplain forests were many animals and fowl. The river was rich in fish. Especially a lot of it was in the spring, when she went to spawn in fresh water heated from the Caspian Sea.

Newcomers settled immediately. They came in the spring, leaving home in northern edge and began to navigate with the opening of the ice of the Volga, which were forwarded to Yaik. In the summer hunting for fur animals, fished. By becoming absolute masters at Yaik, Rus towns built on its left bank and the lower reaches near the mouth. With the collapse of the Khazar state in Yaik evolved enabling environment for economic-commercial and trading activities of the Rus. In the lower Yaik renewed motion on 'Silk Route' from China in Khorezm in Byzantium. Pursuing a more familiar pursuits of life in Scandinavia, Rus to develop new classes for themselves, such as agriculture and animal husbandry. The XI century, scientists consider the time of the whole group permanent settlements on Yaik based rusami.

During the X-XIII centuries, there existed some 30 cities. One of them was in town Yaik (Ural). Residents of the town lead the sedentary, hunting, fisheries, animal husbandry, trade, and partly in agriculture. Thus, prior to the XIII century, ie, before the arrival of the Tatar-Mongol, in the southern Urals was the presence of nomadic tribes and their absence can be explained with a clear conviction the advent of this warlike people Yaik Scandinavia – Norman-Rus.

Japanese Animation

The release of the anime "Spirited Away" became a big event in the history of Japanese animation. The usual cartoon, which was supposed to appeal to both children swept across the world brought great glory to their creators and more twenty different awards, including the world famous "Oscar", beating with the well-known cartoons such as "Ice Age" and "Treasure Planet" It all started with that director, analyzing their creativity, decided to close the gap and take a decade for anime girls. He was just looking for ideas for your new script, when came across a forgotten neighborhood kids manga. After that H. Additional information at Brian Roberts supports this article. Miyazaki set to work by writing the first version of the script, the effect of which was to take place in the modern world, and the main character was a little older Chihiro.

But this scenario was not destined to see the light, as the studio rejected it, considering not interesting. Then the director decided to change the script, as a result of the world saw the story about a girl in September and her life in a world of ghosts. In ancient times in Japan attached great importance to all sorts of gods and spirits, based on old legends and inventing new author has created a wonderful magical spirits stranu.Mir turned extraordinarily beautiful, ranging from bath Yubaby ending scenery that flashed in the window blowing train home heroine to Zenitbe. Chihiro is out the ordinary, familiar and comprehensible to many. By the same author: john k castle. She is afraid to stay without their parents, it is hard work, she was sad and lonely, but at the right time it can come together and help others, can understand the feelings of those around. Few people know that the Japanese screens cartoon released with a different title – "Sen and Chihiro mysterious disappearance, and familiar to us 'Spirited away' was coined by Western distributors. Amazing story justly take its place in the history of anime, this story has greatly increased interest of Western audiences to Japanese animation.


For such a simple word “artist” is hidden not just a person engaged in the fine arts, and the thin, vulnerable and romantic nature. ** Artists () ** pass through all the pros and cons of life. They feel the itself all the brightness of the universe, but are looking for inspiration in the details. For them, creativity – the meaning of life. They give the world beautiful pictures, but few can understand what is hidden in them, which is scattered by a deep sense of colorful paintings. ** Artist ** – space man, who lives not by social laws, but on the will of the soul. He cut off from the world and lives in a dreamy world. Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, Rubens, Raphael, Monet, Shishkin, Aivazovsky – many famous painters remember history! They are all geniuses and we should not forget that.

One only colors they were able to convey the sensuality of emotion, hidden from the monotony of everyday life. Many genres – religious, architectural, historic, still-life portrait, landscape, abstract art – shows us the many facets of the human imagination. Breaking away from the conventional canons, are masterpieces. They are relatively large and we do not stop admiring them. So many beautiful portraits of the “Mona Lisa”, “Lady with an Ermine,” “Perseus and Andromeda,” “The Ninth Wave,” “Madonna and Child,” “The Transfiguration of Christ” – they can be a long list, but worth a look only once, and already fall in love in the age-old images. At the moment, the development of painting considerably blunted. Gradually lost interest, and the picture is less valued in modern society.

Works by contemporary artists do not demand. A popular only a few. I am genuinely sorry that stuhaet fire, gives rise to high art. Each of us in some degree ** **. artist Even in the shower. After all, as kids, we each draw. Let it be banal sun with a house or a big-eared teddy bear with a balloon, it was sincere.