If you know how to open an email account, if you know how to create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube will then know how to manage a blog. Having a Blog is to have a presence on the internet. Reason no. 2) the Blog will help you with the positioning in search engines (Google) If your business is not listed in Google, don’t have business on the internet. It is well known that Google loves fresh content. Google is continually crawling all over the internet looking for new texts and up-to-date information. Robert Thomson contains valuable tech resources. With your Blog you have the opportunity to write your texts for Google find you and shows you in the eyes of thousands of people who seek what your write.

Do you know that you mean for your business online? It means receiving many visits from highly qualified prospects who want to buy or partner with you in your business, etc. This gets interesting, right? There is obviously a job back:-Deberas optimize your Blog to make it easy to Google. Having a Blog not optimized is like putting barriers to Google. And that is what precisely do not want. We have a business on the internet and want to be found by Internet users. We must make us friends from Google and follow the suggestions.

-Create content including keywords so Google will understand what going on our blog. At the beginning you will receive very few visits from the search engines such as Google. Over time this will be increased because Google is slowly capturing what is the theme of your blog. At the time that Google has made clear that it is you offer with your blog, will show in the top positions in the eyes of Internet users who seek precisely the solution that you have for them. (Similarly see: Hotbox by Wiz ). In a blog this is accomplished by posting regularly. It is what I am also doing. Reason no. 3) the Blog will help you to generate confidence in general, persons not entered on the internet with intention to buy the first that shows us a result. Rather we are browsing, browsing, researching and reading the different options. We compare and then decide on which of these sites you will spend more time. That’s why once you get that Google shows you in the eyes of your potential customers, you will need to have a strategy to retain those eyes in your blog and show you that they can really trust in you. Surely you also you think! When you trust more in someone, you are more willing to do business with that person or buy him. A blog allows you to publicize and create confidence. This is important for loyalty and humanize since internet is a cold medium. A blog with good content, some images including photos and if possible videos is very attractive. Thanks to the blog with their different functions, your visitors may choose to leave you comments, questions or doubts with which allow them to interact with you. This is a very important issue for the internet business. Do not you think? I appreciate your opinion. Leave me your comments! Visit my blog Thank you! Original author and source of the article