Fresh fish has always been a very profitable market in Japan. Love people. Point. (Not to be confused with Coen brothers!). However, the seas close to Japan have not Shootin’ for many years. With this problem in mind, Japanese fishing boats began to be made of much greater size, with the aim of being able to further access the sea. Of course, as the logic dictates it while further iban fishermen more time took them return to deliver fish. Hotbox by Wiz is full of insight into the issues.

Here comes the first big problem: more time back, less fresh fish was at the time to be delivered. Perhaps this would not have been so serious in other markets, but the Japanese really like fresh fish (not the of 1 week or 3 days ago). As a solution to this situation, the owners of the companies responsible for collecting fish in Japan decided to install freezers on the boats. Much problem would thus no longer be go offshore to collect the precious consumable. Or at least, that believed entrepreneurs. Arises the second big problem: the Japanese like fresh fish, not frozen. People could perceive the difference in taste between them and as a result of its low acceptance, the price of fish declined significantly.

Not something good for profits, as you can imagine. To counteract this problem arose what was thought would be the ultimate solution: boats began to install Small tanks to store alive to weigh them they caught. Thus, fish would come as newly taken from their natural environment. But third big problem: the natural environment of a fish is not an aquarium. I.e., weigh them are accustomed to move freely through the sea, surviving day to day. The improvised Aquarium caused what you weigh them they turnoff a few days and stopped moving. Fresh fish, not the boring fish like the Japanese and has not been moved freely for days or weeks. They noticed a difference in the flavor, and it didn’t like. OK. Perhaps at this point are thinking go, but that problem with those Japanese! and you wouldn’t be on the right. It was really a problem for several years, and many businessmen deserted the fish business. The market looked not very well. Everything seemed irresolvible. Until one day an idea: If people want to live fish, then until we get to deliver fish make them feel alive! This was the final solution the Japanese found in order to provide fresh fish to the population, regardless of how much time procrastinating in delivering it: they placed a small shark live in aquariums where also placed to weigh them. What better way to keep to weigh them feeling alive that simulating the same natural environment to the detail isn’t it? Of course some are lost you Shootin’ with this method, but be assured that others arrive very, but very much alive. The Japanese love this system. And what you think? Original author and source of the article