Highquality Toner

High-quality toner are quality essential in the modern four-colour printing (C/M/Y/K) toner are the colours that are used in copiers and modern laser printers. They are made of resin, pigments and various additives. For printing are necessary developers and fixers also usually made of fine metal particles existing -. The mostly patented production process of toner differ according to manufacturers and the respective device. To avoid poor print quality or even damage to the pressure equipment, therefore only the original toner powder should be used for refilling the cartridges. Regardless of the different types of toner, laser printers and photocopiers work on the same technological principle.

The printed image is transmitted in a photochemical process on the photo reels of the pressure equipment. Through the exposure by means of laser beams or light emitting diodes is the toner “sucked”, by electrostatic attraction to the similarly loaded paper promoted and finally fixed it by pressure and heat. Modern toners must meet fairly extensive in the printing process: good fixing and adhesion to various papers, no liability of toner particles in the printer itself, brilliant colors, as well as consistent quality even with prolonged storage. The print and color quality of all toner are binding specified by the ISO standards for the CMYK color model in Europe and most other countries. The CMYK colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black as key-plate color form the basis for the modern four-colour printing.

Quality products for low-maintenance printing devices all toner come a components toner – either as a single or two-component toner in the trade. One component toner toner and developer for every ink reside in a common cartridge. Thus equipped printers and copiers can be quickly and simply wait. One component toner are used for this reason in almost all print devices with small or medium capacity. Her relative high price due to the quality requirements of the developer powder that when this toner variant also on the print paper is fixed and must not therefore distort the result of pressure.