CeMAT Telematics

Local companies strengthen their interests in the logistics Portal Lower Saxony e. V. Hannover / Brussels. On the world’s largest fair for intralogistics CeMAT, which closed its doors last week in Hanover, the founding event of the logistics Portal Niedersachsen e.V. took place.

The Bornemann AG was one of the nearly 50 founding members of this organization, and she expects a lot from the cooperation, which now provide will be of her in two clubs. Given rising gasoline prices as well as the challenges that bring the globalisation, the telematics WINS increasingly decisive influence on the logistics industry. Sustainable stimulates on cost efficiency and last but not least, telematics systems contribute significantly to the economic success of a logistics and vehicle fleet company. Bornemann-innovation at the CeMAT found attention in this respect both – the founding event of the logistics fit Portal Lower Saxony, as well as the Bornemann AG, as an exhibitor – at the CeMAT, the world’s largest fair for intralogistics. Here could the Goslar telematics company in the logistics industry is most present in which innovative manner that separately evolved long ago, individual worlds”, can unite like navigation, positioning, communications and Informatics in the Bornemann-system InFLEET. Language-supported InFLEET in Brussels and at the CeMAT successfully through close contact to logistics and fleet companies was brought the request to the Bornemann AG, to bring a safer telematics solution in the field of mobile order management on the market.

Just in time this developed to CeMAT inside, which supplied the language support, in cooperation with the Belgian company voice. For the first time in the May 27, 2008, the opponent was”InFLEET shown in Brussels. Occasion this was the closing event of a 14 million euro EU research project called SAFIR, in 18 European companies and China participated. Objective of this EU project was the European citizens to user-friendly and mobile information transfer to the page make. The language supported InFLEET presented in Brussel Charles Kemper, CEO voice-insight, an international expert audience. He praised the telematics solution of Bornemann AG as a guidance for the use of language technology in mobile applications. Product information: Sprachunterstutztes InFLEET so far the user served her InFLEET “-Telematics device, such as a MEDION GoPal P4425 via touch screen.” In cooperation with the Belgian speech technology company voice insight, the Bornemann AG has developed a language interface, which in addition allows the operation of mobile system using spoken commands. Rather than to look at the display and to tap on the touch screen, the user simply speaks the corresponding commands. The integrated software detects the natural language and immediately converts the inputs and commands. The dialogue with the telematics system is speaker-independent; also, language training is not required. The user can concentrate on their task and must focus on the device neither hands nor eyes. “Commands like read before the third order” or navigate to the job “will be implemented immediately and the driver enable safe participation in road traffic.

Toys Functions

This implies and requires that assume also in a comprehensive way both our preparation and specialization and our functions. -Borja (1994) also indicates other basic functions of the educator of toy libraries:-transmit and increase recreational heritage. -Carry out projects, schedule your work and assess outcomes, interventions to innovate. -Serving users at their normality and diversity. -Critically analyze toys, games, recreational materials, spaces and game situations. -Perform inventories, classifications and categorizations of leisure funds.

-Perform loans, place and keep the toys. -Draw up information and promotion services that pay the playroom. -Design, organize, carry out and evaluate programs and collective leisure activities. -Contact and coordinate with experts, institutions and agencies. -Know and use the legislative framework.

Manage the institution. -Find and manage financial resources. -Dinello (1993), in terms of the formation of human resources for the toy libraries defends, as a minimum a cycle 120 hours of study, which should include practical activities. -Cunha (1994), argues that who is going to work in the playroom, must be someone who wants to play, that children like him and have love to give: ‘ although there is the technical side to be considered, first of all have to think about the human side of people that are going to be that team, because if don’t have happy people, affective and willingness to work, will not be the Ludoteca certainly you cannot build a Brinquedoteca without optimism, not only in relation to the project but also to let know others. The Ludotecario must be, therefore, an enthusiastic professional who is prepared continuously, who meditates, invents, observes, sings, plays and is able to convey their emotions and capture the others. Essentially, the functions of the Ludotecario as an animator of this type of educational institution, will be summarized in:-function observer: because researches, investigates and is attentive to the changes and innovations in the world of the game, toys, pedagogy – facilitator function: is a mediator able to attract potential users and, at the same time, making accessible the institution and its services to society.