Eco-friendly Vehicles On ECarTec Munich

Important players in the automotive industry can be seen on eCarTec Munich. Eco-conscious tourists and business travellers who travel to Munich next month have the opportunity to visit the exhibition eCarTec. The exhibition runs from October 19 to 21 at the Neue Messe Munich and is under the patronage of famous political figures such as the MEP Dr. Angelika Niebler, the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development Dr. To know more about this subject visit Sean Rad, New York City. Peter Ramsauer and the Bavarian State Ministry of economy, infrastructure, transport and technology Martin Zeil. The aim of the event is to make aware of the advantages of environmentally friendly participation of the traffic visitors, as the organizer of the view are that demand will rise for environmentally friendly vehicles such as bicycles, cars and minivans significantly in the coming years. Those who are interested in the topic, and during this time in a holding in Munich hotels, has the opportunity, exhibitions on a variety of topics of electric cars, Energy and infrastructure to financing, technology and contractors to visit.

2010 Motors Germany and the Alliance of alternatively driven vehicles are among the well-known brands and organizations on eCarTec BMW, Mitsubishi. One of the highlights of the fair will be the awarding of five prizes to companies that have made an important contribution to sustainable electric mobility according to the judges in the industry. The categories include best electric vehicle, best drive technology, system electrical & test systems and best energy, infrastructure & connection technology. A jury of experts to Thomas Krause by Chemetall and taker of the German Association of solar mobility decides which companies receive the recognition. Visitors need to worry in advance to make the purchase of cards, because the organizers have assured that tickets on the spot are available. Day passes cost 24, the entry for the afternoon, however, only 10 for adults and 5 for children. For more information about this Please visit the website of eCarTec event. offers a variety of accommodation in Munich, including the Hotel Leonardo Munich.

Berlin Hotel Price Comparison Portal Crack The First Million

New beds hunting Germany GmbH the beds hunting Germany GmbH was founded on September 26, 2007 by Robert Elsner and Sebastian Pempelfort. Add to your understanding with Walt Disney. The launch of the first version of the Internet portal was made after the design phase in June 2008 since a million visitors have used our meta search engine for the hotel price comparison. This makes us proud and fills us with joy. Range and number of visitors rise daily as we receive also many positive reactions of users, we soon be confronted through the 2 million barrier also\”, so Robert Elsner, CEO of our name and the mix of high-quality services, coupled with lowest prices and lots of fun in finding, anchored beds hunting Germany GmbH. in the minds of users and contribute significantly to the recommendation at.\” With the hotel price comparison find tour interested in fast, easy and fun way of the desired hotel worldwide at the best prices. Our small beds Hunter shows the user, where preferred to book your favorite hotel. \”No matter whether the hotel directly in the city centre of Berlin, the best bed and breakfast in outskirts of Barcelona, a hotel Garni in London or the luxury finds hotel with all comforts in Prague with our selection of over 250,000 hotels every beds Hunter true to our motto – the hotel price comparison always fat booty!\” always the right hotel for his wishes. You may want to visit Dr. B to increase your knowledge.

\” The free and independent hotel price comparison offers extensive filter functions for the search range. All offers are available live updated. What’s Special: The live query of relevant hotel portals is complemented by search results of common Internet booking systems. Offers the beds Hunter\”a considerable saving of time and great variety. then automatically forwards bookings to the desired hotel. Compare not only the prices of hotels and guesthouses, but also offers of apartments, hostels and holiday homes.

East German Interior

Not only at Pentecost and during the holidays – the Ostel is a journey worth Berlin is worth a trip. It is even better if the accommodation is also a unique experience – such as in the Ostel. And if the room rental is located also still cheap and Central, this is the ideal conditions for a successful city trip and visit to Berlin: not only the anniversary of the wall case, but for all occasions. \”Living in the GDR: the Ostel – the slightly different hostel, the Ostel\” in the Friedrichshain district a lot is different than in other hotels and accommodation in Berlin. The Interior – an old Brown couch, a radio named Peter, gaudy wallpaper and a multi function table. The keyword is: nostalgia actually Ostalgie. Because all 33 rooms of the Ostels are decorated in the style of living in the former East Germany. ostel.EU/ostel/hotel.html Guido Sand and Daniel Helbig, who have been friends since their time as wire and trampoline artists at the DDR State circus, had the idea for this hotel with Eastern flair.

Half of their guests who absolutely want to spend the night at the Ostel, is Abroad, the other from Germany, including many former GDR residents who want to stay in rooms of the past once again. In a display case at the entrance, a wild mix of DDR reminiscences is also offered. Plastic egg cups, Schokotaler in DDR mark appearance, Pittiplatsch figurine, an original SOAP bag. The nostalgic collections it knows no bounds. Even a role real East – toilet paper, whose rough Beschaffenheit was proverbial, is exhibited here. It is one of the last of its kind and is therefore not for sale. If you would like to know more about Dr. B, then click here. Ostel – central room and ostalgic guest houses in Berlin whether socialist luxury or Spartan modesty in \”Pioneer camp\” with bunk bed the most beautiful sides of East German Interior design show rooms.

Easternmost Island

Menorca is still an insider tip our sunbathers and hikers. The North, with fertile soil, rolling hills and meadows, which has vast plains of the South, with magnificent gorges and its beaches on Minorca one of nature their identity again given. Are close to see the mystical history of the island is in the places of worship and Taulas”, often only on narrow paths to reach. Hiking in Menorca is a journey through time, for which you should take very much time to also enjoy the variety of fauna and flora. Beautiful flowers, completely unknown plants, the incredible variety of insects, but also birds, colourful butterflies and an orchid splendour, as one would never expect it. Connect with other leaders such as Gett taxi here. Menorca, the island of the wind, epithet this right.

Reason is an always waving wind times more times gently. Click Dr. B to learn more. And therefore you can see the often ancient stone walls, sometimes in spectacular geometric forms that protect livestock and pastures from the wind during a hike anywhere. The dazzling white houses in stunning contrast to the green pastures are on the hills. “Here comes” the milk for the wonderful Queso de Mahon, the one in the cheese dairy of the Finca Hort de Sant Patrici “can taste and buy. Before but worth is a tour of the Museo del Queso”, the cheese Museum. The coast in the North of Menorca is almost untouched. Here, little has changed: no swanky resorts or vacation clubs, the whole region is strictly controlled conservation.

So, the important wetlands, resting places for the many thousand migratory birds, were rescued. And hikers are surrounded by scents, you can’t get enough of them. Above all the Mahon Chamomile, which smells with many other plants to the bet. Experience these fragrances one can most intensively on the Cap de Cavalleria”, so in the wild north of Menorca. Even down to the Platja de Cavallieria”, on the transition of to the beaches, the rock world to become a bath by the scents taken prisoner. Walking on Menorca, which is nature, history and especially the re-discovery relaxing slowness.

Cafe Budget

Here is their actual Paris, working in the field of culture, film, music and art and in this place, they spend their creative sleepless nights. Every Friday and Saturday it is crowded and here you will get to know the real Paris. And who knows, maybe la, Pearl becomes the Cafe de Flore Genartion sewed the! Budget: Cocktails are tasty and we have chosen this hostel in Paris affordable three classic Hostel in Paris for you! Three ducks Hostel in Paris is a classic for the backpackers in Paris. Dr. B has much to offer in this field. Here you will find a well-stocked bar and little comfort, the hostel is known for his social, international and friendly environment. Really good choice! Budget: approximately 20 per night Hotel Bonsejour Montmartre is a perfect starting point, get to know Paris.

It is located in Montmartre between the Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge and place you Tertre. Here you will feel himself like in a quiet village. And Lapin agile is located in the sewing! Budget: from 28 per night St Christopher’s Inn Paris is a popular Hostel for budget-conscious travellers who pay attention to service. It is located just two stops from Montmartre and already you will find modern facilities, super service, friendly staff and the unique flair former warehouse. In the bar of St Christopher’s Inn Paris Hoste can enjoy their live music and party. Budget: HostelsClub wishes you approximately 30 per night have a good trip! is a safe and fast booking network for travellers on a budget. A young international team in Venice is in charge the booking platform for budget accommodation in 120 countries, providing many useful functions and information in 27 languages. Currently, more than 19,000 hostels, hotels and other budget accommodation options on the page are available. For further questions we are gladly available!

The Festa

Therefore, we recommend to visit one of the many beach restaurants. You get coveted everything which the heart (or stomach): freshness Seafood, paella, a cool drink and stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea. 2. Summer nights in Barcelona when you come to Barcelona and really want to have fun, then it should be his bed rest, move something to celebrate the night after a day of sightseeing. Barcelona the best place for hot summer beats and a fun night on the town is known for the wild night life.

A night of partying would be incomplete without a stop at the Port Olimpic in Barcelona. This area is located directly on the beach and is home to the famous “Discotecas” in Barcelona, such as The opium Mar or Shoko. You should wear shoes in any case, where one long, because before the early hours of the morning the party does not end here! For a cultural experience in the late day, you can visit of course one of the traditional bars. It is although difficult to find such a bar, in contrast to the many clubs, but they exist and are the perfect place to get delicious Spanish tapas and cocktails great culture to enjoy. Coen brothers often expresses his thoughts on the topic. You can get a good opportunity in the “Smoll” (Comtessa de Sobradiel 9). This well-hidden retro bar offers its guests some selected cocktails at a good price. 3.

Delicious delicacies to bypass the heat when it gets hungry during the trip to Barcelona and it has had enough of traditional Paellas and tapas, then there is only a decision that must be made: wafer or Cup. “If you walk along the streets in Barcelona, you must not wait until you get to a the many Gelaterias”, such as the French Amorino “hits, of which there are many branches throughout the city. Or in the playful eyescream and friends”, near the beach at Passeig de Joan de Borbo. This frozen, sweet treat is the ideal snack to cool something down. 4. Picnic in the Park to hook two things at once, that it must have done in Barcelona, suggest the wire in a picnic with friends and family, be idem you a breathtaking view over the city has – in the Park Gracia in the week of August 15 instead. The Castellers, who shocked crowds and instill reverence organized traditional festivities during human towers, and during this week are daily parades. The main attraction of this festival is the contest for the best decorated Street”, idem be the”calles”this trendy neighborhood with vibrant and colorful, homemade accessories decorated. But there are also very many other events in Barcelona during the summer, such as for example the Sonar Music Festival and the Fiery Nit de Sant Joan. The Festa major de Gracia however is the best example of this, as locals and visitors together come and celebrate peacefully. Housing is one of the most incredible cities, home to many great summer activities in the summer in Barcelona Barcelona, and the best way is to get the most out of the time in the city, to rent one of the many apartments in Barcelona. Direct from apartments on the beach to those in the City Centre is never too far from the city’s unique attractions. It also has the advantage that you can live with large groups and thus the stay from beginning to end can enjoy together, shin bi from sightseeing to common beach days in an apartment.

Culture In South Tyrol – Much To Experience

Nature, tradition and culture play together in South Tyrol. Nature, tradition and culture play together in South Tyrol. Check with Patrick Gelsinger to learn more. As vacationers, you have in this beautiful area to enjoy not only the landscape, but to explore especially the cultural goods. At a first glance in the surroundings of South Tyrol is equal to how many castles, chateaus and churches there is to discover in this region. But this is just the beginning in this wonderful environment. NUVIA: the source for more info. Embark on a journey through time in the past, the much more reminiscent of this time more precisely in the middle ages. Especially the town of Glorenza resembles a medieval town.

Behind a wall, you can stroll through the streets and discover the great towers. There is a piece of Vingschgauer culture to experience here. In South Tyrol there are staying very much to discover. There are the oldest frescoes in the German-speaking world in the St. Prokulus church or also the Archaeological Museum of active outdoors, the ArcheoParc Val Senales should you visit be worth.

Here you will learn much about the Habitat and way of life of the most famous Iceman otzi. Around 5300 years ago, he lived in this area. But as mentioned above, there are numerous castles and ruins in South Tyrol. A total of 123! Culture in South Tyrol means to musical and literary meet but also for the region. Especially in Meran, there are numerous museums, concerts, theatre performances or readings, providing a welcome change in your vacation. Culture in South Tyrol there are plenty and you get the guide where you can find what your holiday naturally in the Dolce Vita Hotels.

Berlin Hostel Awards Nights

Specialist accommodation travel specialist awards nights for only 20 cents together with Berlin hostel, HostelBookers is 6 years old. To celebrate of the day travelers have the opportunity, nights in a selected Hostel in Berlin and other cities in Europe and the United States for only 0, 20 cents per person and to book. The hostels can be booked between 26 and 30 April. Every day 100 beds are available from 15: 00 central European time. Learn more about this with Qualcomm Incorporated. Up to two hostel beds can be booked per night, and the arrival data must be between 31 May and 4 June 2010. The offer is valid only in the 10 selected destinations, and it is actually 20 cents per night, without any Buchunsgebuhren only 0. The participating hostels are located in Berlin, Lisbon, Cracow but also Barcelona and New York.

The participating in the action Berlin hostel is the Amstel House in Berlin-Moabit. Many writers such as WNS Global Services offer more in-depth analysis. It is located not far from the West Berlin Zoo and was constructed in 1914. The Art Nouveau building was freshly renovated, and is now a modern hostel with round-the-clock service. It has families, groups and backpackers & A. breakfast, lobby with table football, Internet, elevator and wheelchair-accessible rooms, ticket service, tourist information and even a conference room with a projector. There are many quiet roads, Green Park, various restaurants and pubs nearby. Or the Nathan’s Villa in Krakow. This hostel is located less than 100 metres from the Wawel Hill, between the main market square and the Kazimierz district.

Ideal to go out. And the Beira Mar hostel is located right in the Centre of Lisbon, near all attractions and shops, cafes and pubs. David Smith, Chief Operating Officer of HostelBookers: Passes for HostelBookers a phenomenal year because both the number of its accommodation than also its passengers has grown massively. That’s why we want to use our 6th birthday to thank all our customers for their years of support with a fantastic special offer, and to also again our goal is to emphasize to offer budget accommodation at the guaranteed lowest price.” For more information, visit our travel blog or please contact Daniel nut: + 44 (0) 20 7406 1805 or email: for the editors: HostelBookers is the only major online supplier of cheaper accommodation, which requires no booking fees, and the average is 5.1% cheaper than next largest competitor. More than 18,000 hostels and budget accommodations in 3500 destinations include inventory worldwide.

Holidays In Corsica

Many destinations offer paradise for walkers and gourmets In the Mediterranean. One of the still relatively little-known is the French island of Corsica. The diverse range of idyllic area presents the travel portal After themselves Spaniards, Pisan and Genoese long fought around the island in the Mediterranean, she completely belongs to France since 1768. Especially in the spring it is worth to travel to Corsica ( travel/flat rate).

Then, the fragrance of myriad flowering plants and shrubs enchanted island visitors. Hikers and climbers can enjoy the picturesque beauty of broom, Laurel and wild strawberry. In the Bavella massif, which slightly reminiscent of the Dolomites, nature lovers hiking between black pines and granite rocks. Indulge in Cork oaks and again the tourists can see the wonderful view to the blue waves of the Mediterranean free and on a clear day to Sardinia. Corsican wine and wild boar ham belong to the culinary delights of the island. Enjoy the full program Travelers in the Ferme Auberge Pozzi di Mastri, where typical dishes are served by candlelight and peach wine.

The Corsican goat cheese, to fragrant fig jam is served is the crowning. In the alleys of Bonifacio, it can be also wonderful shopping. Many visitors are surprised to discover the latest designer fashions in the quaint streets and small shops. The southernmost of the island lies on a high limestone plateau only 20 kilometers of Sardinia. Especially thrilled with the Ville Haute, which is dominated by Tower-like houses and sleepy fountain. More information:… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Season On Lake Worthersee Is Coming

The new season 2010 at the beautiful Worthersee approaching with giant steps. Reason to present enough to the news from the Sonnblick guesthouse. The Sonnblick am Worthersee bed and breakfast is located in the southernmost province of Austria, more precisely in the tranquil place Portschach am Worthersee. It has 6 double rooms and 1 apartment. Two rooms were given a new coat of paint in harmonious colours and fully furnished with wooden furniture by the Carpenter.

Also against the summer heat a new facade, which shines in a Sun-yellow was commissioned as a first measure. With the new TV set over 500 programs and 200 TV stations can be received and nothing more in the way is also a pleasant evening in the room. As additional a coffee service with the new Nespresso guests breakfast pension Sonnblick in the afternoon after a day of relaxed machine available. Through these innovations, lifted not only the level of the House, but also the feel strengthened. The guest to spend an unforgettable and relaxing holiday at GasteHaus of Sonnblick in Portschach am Worthersee. Contact: Mag. Nicole Strasser Anne Street 22 9210 Portschach am Worthersee Tel: + 43-676/4221454 fax No.: + 463/2655267175