Optimal Design

Of course, it's not all the styles that are used in interior design. There are a huge number of options and directions. Just choose the right style direction for the house, this is a job for professionals. Quite often it also happens that requires a combination of styles. For example, consider an apartment where the family lives of four people from different generations. Accordingly, each has their own tastes, respectively, each family member must have its corner in which he felt would as comfortable as possible. Find the optimal solution and organically combine all the desires of family members, this is the main task of an interior designer. If necessary, the designer must find the ideal combination of different styles, even if at his disposal only one room.

You should know that all your wishes will be reflected in the interior design, so giving a task, specify the maximum of their preferences and desires. Every designer has a style or direction, but there are general principles that guide: the best use of the provided ploschadV result of redevelopment, the room must remain proportsionalnymiMinimum number uglovSlyshimost. If possible, you must not have a number of area parents and children, especially podrostkov.Stilistika design of premises should overlap with the features of each room Practicality location of doors, outlets and switches. Need to negotiate with the designer, how many appliances you plan to use in the process of life. So as the availability of sockets, switches and lighting will be the first ochered.S first meetings, the designer should have some idea about what the customer wants in the end. After reading the first preliminary sketches, you can make adjustments and to outline future plans for further work. Modern design studios often offer their customers get acquainted with the virtual model of the interior, at an appropriate scale You can see the future environment, imagine how will look different details of the interior will look like a combination of different colors. We hope that this paper has made clear in the questions: who is the designer and do what he needed, and why is necessary interior design. Now it is clear that resorting to the designer, we do our home the way we want to see it for yourself. Accordingly, now you are not any apartment renovation terrible.