The Numbers Gone New Basic Schulstunden Verlag

The classic training theatres ‘ the missing numbers. A piece of theatre to the training with vocal incl. CD’ in the rematch in the basic schulstunden publishing the classic training theatres in the elementary school is appeared appeared in the completely revised new edition in the basic schulstunden Publisher: the missing numbers. A theater piece for the elementary school with singing incl. CD by Henning M. Ihde. The new edition includes a music CD with the songs of the piece as a playback and vocal version.

So, the play can be easily implemented in practice. The theatre piece for the primary school is of dwarves and kidnap bunnies, the numbers and letters that have extra painted on large cardboard Anna and Benni. Because they want to also learn to read and count. with lots of singing, Anna and Benni teach letters and numbers all and at the same time recover the stolen Lehr – und LernmitTel. So, nothing in the way is the first lesson. The cheerful training Theatre, which is all much pleasure, is for Schulkinder of classes 2 to 4 suitable. The missing numbers. A theater piece for training with vocal incl. CD Henning M.


Suddenly diabetes a book by Jutta Schutz lateral thinker Jutta Schutz writes books that encourage many sick. Nutrition counselor or health books are often very theoretical and difficult to read. But, the books contactor are counselors, covered up by a loose language, where even the layman understand what the deal is. Especially its references clearly show that here non-empty straw is threshed, but that involves knowledge base. Contactor told self affected their diabetes history from the first day of the diagnosis to her success, today to say that she could fight the diabetes.

Just the in part groundbreaking theses invite to the opposition or to attempting to self and enable a diverse discussion. The author may not convince, but persistent thought-provoking every diabetic (type two). Schutz’s books are a very good basis for information and to read very well also for laymen. The author informed in a very short time the reader extensively, giving Nutrition can cause. She writes too quickly and completely to kill without a knowledge. Compared with the otherwise very dry and stiff counselors, this book easily leads into the diabetics in the low-carb world.

The bestselling book suddenly diabetes (also exists in the English language) differs from the diabetic books, which are written from the point of view of doctors and scientists. Frieda Hughes is open to suggestions. The low carb diet form”is actually amazingly simple. It omits the carbohydrates, thus creating space for a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, some fruit, nuts, dairy products, meat and fish. The book definitely provides the optimal dose of information and inspiration for people who want to try to get their blood sugar levels with a change of diet in the handle. Company information: Britta Kummer, writer and author of the book: welcome back, Amy, was born on the 02.10.