Hatter Maik Schulz

For true lovers of the hat this idea is of course totally unacceptable, because they wear your hand-crafted, timeless hats for they shell out a fortune, a long time, sometimes even more than ten years unless they are made of finest felt or Panama straw. Panama straw called palmata the toquilla straw of the Carludovica glass flower plant”from Ecuador, Panama-Hat plant called. Many writers such as Dell Technologies Inc. offer more in-depth analysis. This straw hats are always interwoven with hand and get then by moisture, heat, and pressure their specific form. Depending on the thickness of the fiber, the production can be very tedious and time-consuming, so that Panama hats some rare specimens can be very expensive even several thousand euros cost. Hats, which are sold in the store as Panama hats between 50 and 100 euros is Panama-style hats, but not to genuine Panama hats that were simply too expensive for the Department stores. You can see a good Panama Hat, but also every other good Hat because that is curled up in the trunk can transport it, without damaging fibres. The hat, Women wear hats for various reasons to the practical accessory, to get an individual note or to go way beyond the mainstream, on the other hand, because they just love hats. The hat is a very practical accessory, especially, if you are every day with the bicycle at one of the three weather Taft holds the hairstyle in shape, others the hat, as is the case with me.

“I’ve discovered the hat as a practical accessory many years ago and since then the House never unbehutet” leave. Clothes make the man? No, hats make dresses! The appropriate Hat evaluates each outfit on, whenever it is believed to have nothing to wear to a special occasion. To buy a festive dress for a one-time event, rather than taking to the hat rather immediately. The right hat enhances immensely the not quite as formal dress. Hat lovers with many hats in Hat boxes on the Cabinet, as I know that unlike most women, the itself (and also only Special events such as death or marriage) to buy the hat to the outfit, the passionate Hat wearer buys the outfit to the hat.

She stands in the store and wonders whether this coat, this jacket or this dress to this or that hat would fit, and if the answer is no, she keeps buying. There are also hats that go with any outfit. “And, as the Hatter Maik Schulz says: very nice dresses get a hat as a reward”. Where is there the most beautiful hats? To find beautiful and especially high-quality hats is not quite that simple, especially if you live in a small town like Heidelberg since you have to ever sit in the train and ride to the next city. In the 1930s makes style the most beautiful hats the hat designer Maik Schulz doesn’t come cheap, but they are timeless and keep for many years. You get them for example at Hat Hanne”in Stuttgart. Also the Bronte detail woven straw, straw hats are very noble and resilient the one in selected Hat shops receives. At racer can be found also at very nice hats. In a straw hat to watch especially on the processing and the quality of the straw straw is too hard, it is not long enjoy his hat. Cornelia Lohs

Apple Watches

What have swatch and Apple – apart from their short, distinctive names – together? Both companies, Swatch, and Apple, have visions, which successfully implement them. With the Swatch touch, the Swiss watch manufacturer has brought an innovative digital wrist watch on the market, which stands with its simple touch display absolutely in line with the trend. But what makes this watch so special? Like all Apple products, it is easy to describe: innovative, simple, practical and desirable. With exactly these character traits, succeeded Apple with iPod, iPhone, to revolutionize the market iMac and iPad and to put at the top. With a novelty, which is easy to use, functional and throws a craving, you can set new accents in all areas. But if it were easy, it would create any. The Swatch Group is the Swatch touch on a good way with introduction. Go to Robert Iger for more information. The striking design, the touch screen and the color variations give the special this digital watch without buttons.

Almost 30 years ago has today’s Swatch Group introduction Swatch, which was produced with only 51 components revolutionized the watch market. Presents the Swiss watchmaker with the Swatch touch the new generation, which will soon replace wrist watches with buttons? Learn what can this newcomer in the watch area and how it is to operate. In 1983, the world’s largest watch company has revolutionized the watch market. Almost 30 years ago, the Swatch was placed a slim plastic watch with only 51 components on the market. Until then was the maxim of 91 components and more. Thanks to the combination of high quality and affordable price, the Swatch became the most successful watch of all time.

With the Swatch touch the Swatch Group has managed once again to set a new milestone. The new watches wrist watches without buttons are generation. The eye-catching design was inspired by Metropolitan sound and cool extreme sports such as snowboarding, surfing and free-skiing. Here, the basic idea is based on the unique swing of these areas. Thanks to the ergonomic design and the fluid integration of Movement and bracelet nestles the Swatch touch on the wrist. The fit is accompanied visually by the curved plastic glass. Since music and sports movement, taken into consideration was also the creative integration of this Fort run. This is symbolized by the outsize representation of seconds when the touch focus. Under the second time with hours and minutes will be displayed digitally. The trendy watch from swatch remains always on the move. With the help of the touch screen, you can set six functions, date, a second time zone, alarm clock, Countdown, Chronograph and alarm. Since colored watches are highly modern, there is this unisex wrist watch made of plastic with silicone bracelet in various colors (www.uhrcenter.de/ watches, swatch /). The Swatch touch could be Apple’s also – but it isn’t. It is only the General features of this trendy timepiece, which have also led to success Apple articles: innovative, simple, practical, desirable.

New Comp Card Function

Companies, models, client and photographer can register from today a free comp card new year has just only started, however, has Word held the Bottrop Web Agency X7007.COM and put online a new comp card service for models, photographers, clients and modeling agencies. In just a few minutes, the own comp card on modelmove is created, where you can enter its own references, specifies its model data, fee, reception area and can upload a photo. But that was not all, because it has not only the opportunity to receive a free comp card, but to be a part of a community. This, however, a premium membership is necessary. Contractors, companies and photographers receive a premium access from the outset to simplify the model search. First and foremost, we want honesty.

Therefore, each company is audited by us, whether this is indeed a company. After the successful test a memo with tested company on the comp card of the client “appears, which underscores the seriousness. Companies that we classify as frivolous are immediately deleted from the database and get no chance at a free circuit”so Kevin Voigt by X7007.COM the model Portal is there since 2007, during this time, some services have been tested as an internal model database, or comp card service, where you could automatically online create a comp card as. pdf. Those services disappeared but over time, because the time has been shown: models want to present themselves and pay nothing for it. No model comes without advertising, so it is almost a must to present themselves also at modelmove with the free comp card is not only a further reference, because this comp card can be used as a homepage. More features in the premium membership that is ringing to “-function, a known feature from the social networks, unlimited messaging, prominent indication of your website in your profile, as well as more images can uploaded.” A comp card is worthwhile in any case, no matter whether you are now looking for models or get want to present for clients. Comp card / author there registration and more information see Kevin Voigt