Amino Acids

Amino acids can be found in proteins and contrary to the belief of many so-called “experts” essential if you want to remove quickly and in the long term. Leslie Moonves contributes greatly to this topic. Proteins are a part of our daily diet. We find them in cottage cheese, cheese, milk, eggs, fish, meat, nuts and legumes. These proteins, called amino acids, which are responsible among other things for the structure of cells and the muscles and thus determine the nature of the body’s tissues are built. Who wants to put excess pounds to body, should draw according to latest studies on lean meat, legumes and low-fat dairy products. All foods that have a high protein content. Lose weight fast without dieting is only possible if his diet as to, that in many proteins / amino acids are found.

There are substances in our body called hormones that play a critical role in protein synthesis, so convert the captured proteins. This process is carried out harmoniously if these hormones enable certain amino acids. Our body is the imbalance, this hormone can reduce, resulting in a reduced conversion of protein and fatty deposits in the tissues. Everything can be converted incorrectly must be stored somewhere. Only in completely dismantled it by the body can be removed and eliminated.

“If the body made of glue” goes, there is an imbalance somewhere. The body mass quickly spread beyond their natural ranges. In several studies, results confirm a positive effect on the body weight if a protein-rich diet is preferred. Which means that amino acids to remove develop their effectiveness in the body. Plain text is therefore, to supply our body, it also really needs from the basic building blocks and the amount of food. Not more, but also no less. Amino acids to remove? A look at our ancestors: we take a Look in nature, then should be really clear us, where we came off of the track. Milk is available, meat runs in the Meadow”, growing fruit and vegetables on the field. All foods that have eaten even our ancestors. The difference today is the products that contain tons of sugar, we daily eat chocolate, cake, coffee or snacks. Here an industrially oriented society that leads us to take something to us, what we don’t need. Need to lose weight and we must not starve. But the food only in reasonable quantities and composition take to us. Too much of a nutrient causes a deficiency on the other side. And the sport? Despite modified nutrition focus, it takes physical training? Both the movement and the changing diet, belong together. To burn fat, it needs physical activity. A diet in favour of protein food to amino acids to the Losing weight deliberately to insert a start in the right direction is associated with sufficient physical stress.