Regional Administrations

For Andrade, it has in each city an internal relationship enters the ones that in it inhabit and a external relationship between its inhabitants and the people who look for businesses or use to it of services. In accordance with Vasconcelos (1988, p.293) the city of the Guar? DF, was created to solve the problem of lack of housing in Brasilia, being that the industrial activity is incipient, almost null, but the great yearning of the community, for Vasconcelos (1998, p.321) is the improvement of the conditions for a proper life, more independent of the Plan Pilot, through a stronger commerce, a little more than industry and services. The yearning of the community can be close to if materialize, therefore as the Secretariat of Coordination of Regional Administrations – SUCAR, the enterprise sector of the City of the Guar was extended in 2000, with the implantation of the Area of Economic Development? ADE, also known as Polar region of Fashion, where 420 new companies, plants and small industries had been seated, introducing a stronger commerce and bringing industries and service for the City. Hayley Kiyoko often addresses the matter in his writings. The aid of Geography in the disgnostic of the areas to be modified for the installation of Polar regions Economic: The case of the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar. According to Ross (2000, p.14) any interference in the nature, for the man, needs studies, that lead to the diagnosis, that is, to a knowledge of the ambient picture where it goes to act. In the book elaborated for the IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and the Natural resources You renewed and the MMA – Ministry of the Environment (1995, p.45) is of the legal ability of the OEMA – State Agencies of Environment or the IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and of the Natural resources You renewed, to permit the considered activities modificadoras of the environment.

North America

Considering the regional geographic conditions and of the necessities of the populations Japaneses or of the populations that are geographically customers of the Japanese manufactures, in opposition to the industries politics, whose artificial creation is imposed by the imperialism and autarchy will. Japan is endowed with a capacity of refinement of oil, and possesss a powerful petrochemical industry whose main products are caucho synthetic, the plastic substances, the coke of oil etc. the industries politics is treated to serve of base to the war potential. The character to insular of Japan and the necessity to import most of raw materials make the Japanese industry an industry of great ports. The biggest shipyards are in Osaca and Cob. It enters the two world-wide wars in consequence of them, had appeared competing industrials of the old Europe. Two countries, long ago supplying of rude agricultural products, had become harness industrials whose development was sped up in the course of it finishes decade: Canada and Australia. South Africa, enriched for the sales of the gold, invested in diversified industrial equipment.

The indian constructed to the cost an industry that does not obtain to alar it the scale of the necessities of the country and its population. As the group is of the Latin America, that associates mineral explorations, that work for the exploration to the industries of good of equipment and good of consumption, that in general does not pass of prolongation of the great industrial companies of the North America and the Europe. The case hugest, but also most insufficient known is of the China, that took avante in closed and almost private environment an industrial development guided by the immediate necessities and the concern of power. Canada enjoys of a bonanza mineral wealth possessing important reserves of almost all the usual metals used by the modern industries. In Canada it has two industrial sectors to distinguish: of the industries of first elaboration and of the industries of good of equipment and good of use and of consumption destined to the domestic market, but that they can equally compete with the international market.


To inside understand uncurling of the life of these spaces/places and as the actors if ahead hold of the lived deeply reality., for in such a way, are necessary to know in what it concerns daily. For Lefebvre (1991), nothing linear does not exist, and the daily one if makes in cycles that produce and reproduce ideas, facts, customs, life, etc. for the author: The daily one if composes in cycles and enters in wider cycles. The starts are recomeos and renaissances. This great river, come-the-to be heraclitiano, in the reserve surprises. It does not have nothing linear. (…) The hours, the days, the months, the years, the periods and the centuries if imply. Repetition, mandate, resurrection are categories of the magician, the imaginary one and also of the Real dissimulated under aparncia.' ' (LEFEBVRE, 1991, P.

11). As Lefebvre it places, ' ' great rio' ' it is defined for daily and in the great reserves and the unexpected surprises. It is the relation of this (daily) with its citizens/objects that come in them to answer finish it question dispatch by post: it will be that the spaces ranks are if becoming lived places? I believe the possibility of, understanding ' ' great rio' ' that it empties inside of the terminals, power to answer this question with bigger degree of possible certainty. I will try to understand as the offered services inside of the terminals come to transform these of spaces to the places, modifying the daily one of the people use who it, reflecting in the convivncia, becoming something to be searched and to be improved, being more brief: I will look for to explain the dynamics and transformation of the terminals of bus of $fortaleza as spaces/convivncia places. Exactly with concepts preset for the beginning of the research, during the course of the research, other questions will be able to appear.