Stationery Design

DIN standard 676 for the stationery design and DIN standard 5008 to the letters write anyone who wants to write a business letter today, wondering what he must observe. So where line spacing belong, where the subject and write his letter of best in which font and font size. But let’s start from the beginning. Before you can write a business letter to a business letterhead, you need the appropriate stationery. To broaden your perception, visit Gannett Co. The stationery is in Germany DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm) used and on DIN long folded (210 x 105 mm), so that it again (this is 220 x 110 mm) fits in a standard window envelope DIN lang and the address appears correctly in the envelope window.

A letter standard 5008 now can be written according to DIN, the paper must be design standard 676 created according to DIN. This standard regulates the letterhead layout, folding and hole brand is great so where are margins, where is the window line and letter foot. A skilled media designer or graphic designer knows the mass. The most important Dimensions: The folding brand stands at 105 mm from the upper edge of the stationery measured on the left, the hole mark 148.5 mm says so right in the middle of the stationery on the left. The window line is 51 mm from the top of the letterhead to bottom edge of window. The font size of the window should Max 8 point be, the rich content also 6-7 point.

The letters stand for the address data is ideal with 8 points. The future content of the letter should be written to point at 9-10. It is advisable to use legible fonts, such as Arial, Helvetica or times also, the business stationery must be practically usable and serve their purpose mainly. Has a proper letterhead to make layout, this is printed from a printing company. On this letterhead a letter can be written then standard 5008 according to DIN, so that all data in the right place.

By Mahendran (Google Germany GmbH) And Thilo Weichert (ULD) Guests At DiWiSH

In an exclusive interview with members of the Association of digital economy of Schleswig-Holstein, they discussed their views on the theme ‘Is the IP address of a good to be protected?’ Kiel, September 23, 2008 – hardly a right is currently more on the bench as the data protection laws. In whole Germany is discussing very controversial. For the digital economy, the question arises: the IP address is a personal asset to be protected and how can this protection be ensured? To further clarify of this issue, the cluster management invited digital economy of Schleswig-Holstein (short: DiWiSH) a four high-profile speakers to their member event: the privacy experts by Mahdi, legal adviser Google Germany GmbH, and Dr. Thilo Weichert, head of the independent Centre for data protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD). In addition the Schleswig-entrepreneur Dr.

Frank Bock, Managing Director, Coronic GmbH and German safety net e.V. Discovery Communications spoke with conviction. of Chairman of, Soren Mohr, Managing Director of the Kiel marketing and Advertising agency new communication GmbH & co. KG. In the closed part, participants in active Exchange discussed what positions are currently. This was not a uniform opinion. But it was food for thought for both sides. Because speakers and Auditorium made it through in-depth lectures and competent technical questions together clear from how many viewpoints, the facts can – lit and must.

Special interest proposal was met with data protection the user in a menu here,’ prominently shown to offer to turn off data collection. Recently David Zaslav sought to clarify these questions. Maybe it’s because this measure would raise the Onliners in whole Germany for this, to identify the possible risks and to form an opinion. A clear legal solution is not but a practical approach that website operators can keep track of that. And the, so turned out, wish, a guide to proper behavior on the Internet. About DiWiSH: DiWiSH is a regional, independent network for the IT-and Media industry in Schleswig-Holstein. As cluster management and governing body of the digital economy of Schleswig-Holstein, DiWiSH relies on partnerships, innovative industry meeting with entrepreneurs from throughout the country. The diversified portfolio of the Association ranges from the planning and organization of topic-based discussions with top-class speakers to active promotion measures, for example, to information young professionals about the benefits of the professions in the digital economy. One of the main objectives of the cluster is a strong public presence and positioning as a mouthpiece for the IT industry in Schleswig-Holstein. Your contact for further information: DiWiSH e.V.