Anxious Fear

They find the death and the life and the beautiful birth ugly? It the same does not make the two parts of cerne? Perhaps they think that when to die some special thing happens. It goes that it happens! But first it waits to happen, but before it silences the matraca and it leaves that all die in peace or without peace, with god, without god. It leaves to go them! Perhaps they think that when dying they will feel a will incredible to give to outbursts of laughter and a satisfaction of another world. How they feel! But for the time being they had not had prra none, therefore they stop to dream. CEO Intel has similar goals. Perhaps they think that the beltrano when dying gave of face with worse thing of already saw this way. How it has! The least is prepared.

you? It has fear of the life? Fear of that? It does not understand as somebody can here be happy. But is not happiness planned in the solitude of I. Fear of the death! It does not understand as somebody can die so strangely and nobody to find odd. Perhaps it thinks that its claustrofobia is normal. You unite I am certain that it is this that thinks. Fear of the life! It was never allowed to at least give a step of one millimeter without before consulting the manual of its ancestor, has even so not perceived that they already had also been themselves. Fear of the death! Now that the life already is all compromised with its mentally ill vision and esquizide starts to weave idea that in the death some uncommon thing goes to happen Anxious Apreensivo and only imagines because he was comportadinho of some form will be saved of the vexame of the mortal poor persons who die pathetically. How? What it is to die pathetically? It is to die simply.

Rafael Sales

While it will have sun, your look will have in my heart Hope of you to come back Therefore everything is so bitter taste without the intense brightness of this! Everything is so empty without your sincere friendship pra to cheer to me! Your souvenir in my mind is I Even so make what me to cry I do not know to the certain o your semblante I am your brightness, in the candy breeze of this horizon, That makes my day to border! The world is so pretty visa of this your look! Everything is so beautiful if I have your friendship to follow pra me! Eye pro sky when contemplating the light of silver of moonlight and I think to see you smiling for being able to come back Has hope, friend Everything in its time has of if fixing Soon we will be together under the intense light of moonlight of this time, nothing will be able separating in them! Rafael Sales