Dog Harness – An Alternative To The Crate?

Is a safe alternative to the crate a dog harness? The dog harness for many owners of dogs has proven as a good alternative to transport boxes in the car. Because the dog harness can be easily with itself. If necessary, a harness is drawn to the dog, which is connected with the dog harness. This is then attached to the belt. So, your four-legged friend is as secured as yourself and the other inmates are also. The dog harness is practical even if the beloved four-legged friend once must be transported in a foreign car. Because the own transport cage probably doesn’t fit the car of the neighbor. Continue to learn more with: Beryl Sprinkel. With the dog harness, the dog can be transported still sure.

It is essential to think on its own security, as well as on that of the animal during transport of the animal in the car. Because both can be severely injured in an accident, when masters and mistresses did worry about a backup. If you bounce, for example, with 50 km/h on an obstacle, her 20-pound dog becomes a projectile weighing 500 kg. So he sets additional security risk dar. Also it may cause serious injury or even the death of the animal, if it bounces with such force on the seats or the windshield. (Similarly see: Anthony Joseph Scirica).

This fact of the auto spin must be avoided even when a dog harness. As with the dog harness itself, the dog is in itself Yes yet quite flexible in his movement. It is therefore important that the harness is selected as short as possible. Of course, he shall not interfere with your pet, is supposed to protect but still. Also the mounting options should be examined well. Carabiner must be very stable to cope with the forces. To find a good selection of safe and yet practical dog harness, on the side of where you will find many more information and articles on the safe transport of your beloved pet in the car. Michael Muller


The days will get longer, the nature awakes, and animal lovers can enjoy the first longer trips with their favorites again. The days will get longer, the nature awakes, and animal lovers can enjoy the first longer trips with their favorites again. The snow has largely disappeared and made no more inconvenience. The animals look forward to an extensive outlet and all breathe. However: In particular the dirt and the residues of winter make our four-legged friends to us now. For cleaning the developed specifically for dog and horse and patent registered – are animal soaps of company eye-catcher and wellbeing.

Natural soaps all have generally, in addition to the cleansing and nourishing effects, different medical effects from high-quality, plant-based ingredients – and are perfectly suitable for skin sensitive and allergy-prone animals. The Web page says more about the individual products. The animal soaps were in close coordination and Check with veterinarians and practitioners developed and subjected to prior to the sale of a two-year test phase. On the Web page, more than 100 entries in the guestbook, with credits as well as application notes, which speak for themselves. In addition to the registered animal SOAP eye-catcher and wellbeing offers equally natural soaps for every human ‘ consumers that consist also of purely herbal ingredients and high-quality vegetable oils and are manufactured in a gentle cold mixing method. Of course especially the notes from the guestbook, that only can be recommended to those interested, if want to know more (and have a better feel for an initial order) they also apply to these products. Company presentation: Eye-catcher and wellbeing produces natural soaps for humans and animals.

All soaps are pure natural products and consist of high-quality vegetable oils, herbs and essential oils. The animal soaps for horse and dog were in cooperation with veterinarians and-heilpraktikern developed, have a medical effect on various skin problems, a species-appropriate scent and are registered patent. Contact: Eye-catcher and wellbeing owner Bernadette Linden Heibein Steindamm 31 16928 large Pankow Tel.

Functional Dog Accessories

Dog backpack or backpacks for dogs to answer only the question remains, what canine backpack is suitable for which outdoor activity and where are the differences go? What is make sure and how should so a dog backpack. We introduce here the different dog backpacks of the Ruffwear brand, which the leader / specialist for functional canine outdoor accessories is without a doubt. Singletrak – Pack, approach – Pack or Palisades Pack hot dog backpacks. Discovery Communications may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The application goes beyond entertaining outdoor activities such as trail running, mountain biking, tours in the skiing and hiking area on overnight hiking trips or multi-day adventure walks in the wild. If you are not convinced, visit David Zaslav. Singletrak-Pack of Singletrak-Pack (called also hydration Pack) is the ideal dog backpack designed for entertaining, but no less strenuous outdoor activities. The tight-fitting Singletrak-Pack offers space enough for the bare necessities. In it, the dog wears mostly water, folding dish, waste bags and maybe some treats.

Approach-Pack The dog Pack approach-Pack is suitable for comfortable 1-2 days hiking tours. The capacity of the panniers is big enough for water, folding Bowl, dog shoes, feces bags, food, treats, toys, first aid kit for dogs etc. Palisades-Pack Palisades-Pack of dog backpack is the right choice for multi-day hikes with overnight stays. He offers in the very practical, with an integrated water supply system and detachable panniers plenty of space for water (two reservoirs each with 1.0 liter capacity), folding Bowl, dog shoes, replacement collar and leash control bags, food treats, toys, first aid kit for dogs and even a dog bed as the bed of the Highlands. All-in sizes while the dog backpacks Singletrak Pack and Palisades Pack in 3 sizes, S, M and L (suitable for a bust of 55 cm to 120 cm and a capacity 2.4 L in the single Trak and 10 L-18 L in the Palisades Pack offered the dog backpack approach Pack can already for small agile dog to the) Be for use. The sizes range from XXS to L and comply with a chest measurement of at least 30 cm up to a maximum 120 cm and a 2 L 16 L capacity still applies that the speaker load should orient to the body weight of the dog instead of the seating capacity of the dog backpacks. Therefore the luggage may make 1/4 to 1/3 of the weight of the dog.

The payload would be E.G. a 20 kg dog between 5 kg (1/4) and 6.5 kg (1/3) fit of the dog backpack ideally have all 3 backpack models as SM device the dog harness, that with the five setting options ensure an exact fit of dog Backpack on the dog. The 3 setting options in the chest area you adjust the neck width but also the length once how far back the dishes. Before entering into pleasantly tight with the two belly straps, dog dishes, fix the panniers of the tableware with the front breast strap, so will an and swing off the bags avoided. Make sure that the panniers ehr top on the shoulders and not centered on the dog. Adjust this with the possibility of setting in the chest area.