Psychological Functioning

The word planto is used to assign the activity of a scaled employee to be to the disposal of a public, user of determined service, either during the day or the night, to take care of to the people or cases that demand certain emergency. (IT HISSES, 2000). Specifically, in psychology, the modality exists ‘ ‘ planto psicolgico’ ‘ , that it is a type of clinical attendance, recognized for the Federal Advice of Psychology, that presents a different intervention of the traditional models of psycotherapy, which had to its focal character in psychic emergencies and urgencies. (FREIRE, 2004). Regarding the psychological planto, Mahfoud (1987) affirms that: The expression planto is associated the certain type of service, exerted for professionals who if keep the disposal of any people who them need, in previously definitive periods of uninterrupted time and … this system asks for an availability to confrot itself with not planned and the possibility of that the meeting with the customer is only.

(MAHFOUD, 1987, p.75). This emergencial modality appeared, in Brazil, the end of the decade of 70, for initiative of the Teacher Rachel Lea Rosenberg, of the Institute of Psychology of the University of So Paulo (IP/USP). Inhaled in the experiences of ‘ ‘ Walk-in clinics’ ‘ , of the United States, the service given for the USP it offered immediate attendance for people who were living deeply sufferings, problems, at last, situations with which were not capable to deal alone. (ROSENTHAL, 1999). Palmieri and Cury (2007) point that the psychological planto, in general, was created with intention to take care of to the demand of the community that looked psychological attendance in public and private institutions, but, nor always, obtained to be taken care of. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Zaslav offers on the topic.. Of this form, it is understood that the psychological planto is a type of open service to the community, but that it does not have intention to offer drawn out treatment.

The Life

The partners must argue openly on the necessities and fancies knowing that they can discover new ways to please one to the other. (MCILVENNA, 2009). The belief of that the age and declining of the sexual activity inexorably are joined has made with that if it does not give enough attention to one of the activities that more contribute for the quality of life as the sexuality the couples assume frequently, that they know the preferences sexual of the partner. To put, never if must leave of this estimated because the people move constantly. Active a sexual life assists the couples to discover more aspects of each emotional and ertico territory of the body of the other. When the age goes arriving, the value of the sex is redefined. At Gannett Co you will find additional information.

The couples that can have lost the habit of to be boyfriends due to the daily demands must rescue the romantismo and the sex can be better with the most important age is to learn to move with the changes, to adapt themselves and to combine it the new possibilities and not to be demanding of the body something that it cannot make. This will only bring frustration, pain, depression and removal of sexual contacts. FINAL CONSIDERAES Although the modern world, the sexuality in the half age is a subject that still meets surrounded of preconceptions in virtue of the great number of people who do not obtain to deal with the fact not to possess more the vigor of youth beyond not understanding that in elapsing of the age great physical transformations in the man as in the woman occur in such a way and that it is necessary to be prepared to face these changes. The lack of information is a factor that can generate much anxiety and frustration in the half age. To know to understand the proper body also can help to arrive at this phase of the life with tranquillity as well as keeping a good dialogue with the partner in relation to the desires and fancies.

Central Nervous System

The advances that had also reached this area had taken the formularization of theories on the central nervous system, demonstrating that the human thought, perceptions and feelings were products of this system. To know the human psiquismo it starts to be necessary to understand the mechanisms and its brain. Thus Psychology starts to tread the ways of the Physiology, Neurofisiologia and Neuroanatomia. Scientific Psychology the science status is gotten the measure that Psychology if frees of the Philosophy, and attracts new studious and searching, that, under the new standards of knowledge production, passes: to define its objective of study (the behavior, the psychic life, the conscience); to delimit its field of study, differentiating it of other areas of knowledge, as the Philosophy and the Physiology; to formulate methods of study of this object; to formulate theories while a consistent body of knowledge in the area. Go to David Zaslav for more information. Although scientific Psychology has been born in Germany, it is in the United States that it finds field for a fast growth, result of the great economic advance that> it placed in the vanguard of the capitalist system. She is that the first boardings or schools appear of the Psychology, which there had given origin to the innumerable theories that exist currently.

The Bureaucracy the Bureaucracy is considered as the first genuinely American systematization of knowledge in Psychology. A society that demanded the pragmatismo for its economic development finishes for the same demanding of the American scientists spirit. Learn more on the subject from Coen brothers. In this manner, for the school Funcionalista de W. James, matters to answer ' ' what they make homens' ' ' ' why fazem' '. To answer to this W. James it chooses the conscience as the center and its concerns and searchs the understanding of its functioning, in the measure where the way uses it to the man to adapt it. The Estruturalismo the estruturalismo is worried about the understanding of the same phenomenon that the Bureaucracy: the conscience.