Popular Northeastern Art

My art is inheritance of my mother who was louceira. With it I learned very. Later the holy ghost Espirito Santo inhaled to me so that I made what of this in my head, and what my hands could shape. This for me is everything. A leading source for info: Vanessa Morgan. I feel myself happy very. (Ana of the Figureheads) Doubtlessly special the Brazilian art in the northeast popular art is extremely rich, charming, with proper characteristics of daily and histories of imaginary and the popular beliefs where the soul of each northeastern sobrepuja in the valuation of its msticos ideals, histories of the empirical life, in its verbal dexterity to tell the lived facts and mainly to make of this called element land, of where if it sees to sprout its roots as sertanejo that it believes the ethical values, moral, religious of acolhedor feeling..

The History Of The Cinderela

That girl in its infancy did not listen to a pretty story of princesses? that girl never wanted to be one of them? Between Snow White, Asleep, Beautiful Beautiful, also exists the famous Cinderela princess. Many know also it as ' ' The Good-looking Borralheira' '. The French writer Charles Perraut invented Cinderela in the year of 1967, for a Book collection called ' ' Stories of the Ganso&#039 Mother; '. Today 3,000 versions of the story of the Princess exist more than spread by the world all, great films already had been even though inspired in the story. (Similarly see: University of Nebraska). When the writers of Disney had known this wonderful story of fairies, then they had led, and of it the originals of Charles Perraut had made a great success keeping. Cinderela was a young dressed tatter girl and was forced to work in the tasks of the house for its evil stepmother. One day the ladies of the city important names had been among others invited for the ball where the King was giving, to search a fianc for its prince. In original history we have the ball, a magic prince, a fairy godmother and many emotions.

The staff of Disney decided then to add some rats, birds and other animals, that had given to more emotion and diversion pro drawing livened up, that until today is a classic, for any girl. Cinderela was one of the drawings in long-metragem most produced of Disney. At the time, they had thought about recording Alice In the Country of the Wonders first, but they had finished recording Cinderela and later they had developed Alice. Until today girls exist who dream in being princesses and to live stories of fairies, them play with the playful one, and for this most creative, the types had created toys of all to attract the attention of garotinhas, break-head, dolls of all the sizes, decoration of princess for the room, among others. What also it is very legal, is that you can send messages that had been created with the Cinderela. You can today in such a way send, as well as to receive pretty messages with the Princess. He is enough to have access the site Clickut and to choose the person who you want to move. He confers!

Giovanni Alves

The neoliberalismo, known in the entire world is form of viabilizao of the capital, support, social responsibility, empreendedorismo is forms of if thinking about the continuation and not about the overcoming of this system of exploration of many for few. In what it refers to the development of the work the occured productive reorganization in the DIT (international division of the work), of standard conservative, on a large scale and of form intent and centered of the taylorismo and fordismo for the flexibilizado toyotismo, participativo to put with serious destruction of the conquests of the working organization it is the biggest concretion of the viabilizao neoliberal politics not only in China, where this method appears of production, but in the entire world, in special in the third world, detainer of great I exercise of cheap reserve, used to advantage for the great controlled corporations only for the proper ditames of the market that represent as OIT, OMC, ONU, FMI. Ricardo Antunes, great studious of the sociology of the work presents in them that the capitalism deepened the penalizaes to the laborativo universe. The work steady and regulated, inheriting was opposed of the fordismo, and extended the precarizado, atypical work. If you have read about CBS already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Today the work forms mask the superexploration, auto-exploration, as the empreendedorismos, voluntariado, false cooperativismo, demanded for the market as requisite for insertion. Superiority of a work died, robotizado, tecnificado, that it depresses and desconfigura the alive work detainer of the true value-work, in a way process toyotista of jus in teams, multi-functional age. in this logic that Braverman cited for Antunes, intitles century XX as the age of the degradation of the work. The current flexibilista standard more is coisificado, and participativo, but it is responsible for the desconstruo of the social rights of the work and new forms of precarizao (terceirizao, privatization, under employment, casual employment, informality, quarteirizao, increase of the worked time, precarizao of the social protection) Giovanni Alves it presents Brazil in this context as a country that if inserted subalternametne in the process of mundializao of the capital.

Daily Water Measurer

The use of daily water measurer is advised in order to evaluate the consumption level, therefore an increase or a sudden reduction in its consumption can be signal of estresse, illnesses or me the quality of the ration (LANA, 2000). The important one is that the water is always of good quality, therefore is proven that when the bird loses 20% of the water in its organism, it comes the death (TOGASHI et al, 2008). The main used types of water through for water supply in the sheds are: water through type pressure with buoy satellite; pendular water through (1 for each 100 chickens); type gutter; type goblet (1 for each 28 chickens); type nipple (1 for each 20 chickens) and type buoy satellite (SAINTS et al, 2009; APPLEBY et al, 2010). The water throughs must be installed equally by all aviary. Others who may share this opinion include Robert A. Iger. In reason of its praticidade the most used is the pendular water throughs, but they can easily also waste used water if incorrectly. To the measure that if increases the importance of the quality of the carcass in the abatedouro, water throughs type nipple with cups, most pass to be used to advantage (APPLEBY et al, 2010). System of Feeding Initially, the best way to feed the pintinhos, is to place the ration triturated on trays or sheets of paper, but from the third day, them already they can be transferred to the main system of arraoamento. The main used types of comedouro are: type tray? used in first the 11 days of life in the ratio of 5 for 500 young chickens; tubular or half-automatic type? day must be used from 11 and possesss capacity for 20 the 30 birds; type gutter with chain? I allowed access of 40 birds for meter of gutter; helical type? its capacity is similar to the one of the tubular type, and the disposal to the one of the type gutter (LANA, 2000).