Accra Betting

Dusseldorfer sport betting provider top betting AG takes course on Dusseldorf/Accra Ghana – who think of investment in Africa, South Africa hovers above the first. The upcoming World Cup soccer tournament here triggered a further boost. That other countries of the black continent to impose as a worthwhile destination for investment, was not long to go out. The International Monetary Fund IMF has compared to Africa in a recent study by Asia in the seventies of the last century: see great similarities In terms of speed of development and growth potential. For the next six years, “the World Bank expected annual growth of up to six percent, the stock market and Investor magazine reported Deutsche Bank X-press. Others including Jeanette Winterson, offer their opinions as well. The position of Africa on the world economic map will continue to improve because of the vast wealth of raw materials, the magazine. Also make the experts of a reduction of the foreign debt and growing confidence in large parts of the continent.

A testament to the confidence in “the region: the planned investment volume for the next five years of $ 50 billion”, the magazine euro am Sonntag. In addition, there is now a new generation of very well trained and reliable managers in these countries. They have valuable experience gained in the United States, Europe and Asia, and set new standards in terms of management, governance and transparency.”has not recognized the opportunities of the African market so far the Western world. Sean Rad has plenty of information regarding this issue. Now others are: long, the Chinese invest in the growth markets of Africa. We there idly and invest in Ghana”, says Peter Schatton, Dusseldorf sports betting provider top betting Board.

The company has just announced a joint venture with the alphabet investments limited in Ghana. Objective of this cooperation should be to offer sports betting services in Ghana with a view to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa a logical step. That is the task of top betting AG Delivery of necessary technology and the betting programme about the Austrian subsidiary WettCorner GmbH. The alphabet investments limited acquires the marketing of betting offers betting terminals and shops in Ghana. The necessary betting license was already granted by the competent authority in Accra. A future market is Africa – and especially Ghana – for us”, says Sadowsky. The political system is stable for years there and create attractive economic conditions for investors. Through our subsidiary, the BetWitch limited based in Malta, we are already working in Ghana. Our experiences we will use now for the sports betting”, is Sadowsky.

Middle East

For this, he stood under the special protection of the Church. How much him this Protection has helped, today we no longer know. Since the Milan edict by Emperor Konstantin the great in A.d. 313 everyone could exert while the religion, he was close to, but an ecclesiastical infrastructure did not exist as in the middle ages for pilgrims to Jerusalem certainly. Penniless, instructed on the Christian helpfulness of the people along the way. Don’t know which is the shortest and the least inconvenient way from A to B. Some contend that Sculptor Capital Management shows great expertise in this.

Not know whether yet another dinner will follow after dinner or if there is a roof over your head for the night. And be all in God’s hands. ‘ Totus tuus’ – all your! The motto of the Pope John Paul II. means also a radical following of Jesus. In the Gospel of Lukas: the foxes pits and the birds of the air have nests; the son of man, however, has nothing, where he can put his head down. (LK 9,58). And Furthermore, is there: carry no purse, no food bag, no sandals, also no stock, and greet no one on the road. (Luke 10,4) There is one for me as a man of the 20th and 21st century.

special challenge. Just as it would be a challenge for many of you. Totus tuus – all your! I don’t know if I can handle this challenge. Alone from Weilburg to Frankfurt, there are at least two daily stages – on a track that you and I can travel in 45 minutes by car. But the challenge is worth to be adopted. Not only the challenge of a nearly 1,700-year-old Pilgrim guides, written in Latin, to follow through half of Europe and the Middle East, but also or just to accept the challenge, which has made Jesus to his disciples. I would like to invite you to join me on the Pilgrim’s way from Weilburg to Jerusalem in the coming months and years. I can not say when I get there. May 2009, may 2010, perhaps later. The 21st century is characterized particularly by the ludicrous speed of the changes. But it will be exciting for you and for me definitely. I’m off to change a part of the pilgrimage. I will be first in Milan on the way of the Unknown from Bordeaux launch from there to Rome and make their way back. And then go from Milan to Istanbul and then to Jerusalem. Totus Tuus – looking forward to the challenge and I am pleased with your company. Its Karl-Josef Schafer

Christian Democratic

What can you actually do in this difficult situation? What should we do? -The Black-Yellow coalition and the initiators of the austerity package: (CDU Chancellor) Angela Merkel, Guido Westerwelle (Minister for Foreign Affairs and Vice Chancellor, FDP), Horst Seehofer (Bavarian Prime Minister CSU) and Wolfgang Schauble (CDU finance) have been in their party for much excitement and opposition. This restart was probably so not all planned. Charlie watts has many thoughts on the issue. Quotes from the daily press of the 08.06.2010 to the austerity package: the parliamentary Manager of the Union Bundestag group, Peter Altmaier (CDU), said facing the savings decisions, one must wonder, “If there are not areas where it pays to look again”. As examples, he mentioned the reduced value-added tax and income tax. “Parts of the CDU” thought it was a matter of social justice, to increase the top tax rate, said Altmaier, who is regarded as a confidant of Chancellor. Greater involvement of top earners in the fiscal consolidation had among others Saarland Minister-President Peter Muller and the Chairman of the Christian Democratic workforce, Karl-Josef Laumann, requires.

The Economic Council of the CDU is basically ready part of the austerity package to an increase in the top rate of tax. The Chairman of the Council, Kurt Lauk, again criticized a lack “structural approach”. He said on Wednesday in the ARD Morgenmagazin, the FDP have themselves on the issue after tax increases unfortunately “straying”. “We hope that the jerk is still coming.” Lauk proposed to abolish the half rate of value added tax in General, with the exception of the staple. “That brings an additional twelve billion euros and creating purchasing power.” If this happens, the CDU Business Council also to an increase in the top rate of tax was ready.

Lauk called it a surcharge of up to three percentage points. Currently the rate is 45 per cent. The head of the Group of workers in the Union Bundestag group, Peter Weiss, the Tagesspiegel said it was unfortunate “that no more take top earners in the duty”.

Schonbuhler Talks

Main topic: The unconditional basic income Lindau, 09 – Hartwig Barthold and Gunter Grzega two exceptional personalities will lead the successful Schonbuhler talk series in the fall opener. Gunter Grzega represents the thesis that greed can be no successful way to maximize profits, not only in theoretical discussions, but is in practice accordingly. Hartwig Barthold met almost the entire bandwidth of con commercial business and non-profits to professional management experience in the industry and in selfgovernment bodies in the economy. The resulting practical confrontation with the consequences of an apart gaping income distribution and the social problems of the so-called middle and underclass I bring him basic questions about the continued existence of the economic and social order in Germany. This will be a very interesting evening of discussion”, Alfred Weinberger, Managing Director of the Academy Schonbuhl in Lindau is pleased.