Prague Apartment

Must I say that with the owners of the apartments I prefer not to have any relations. Second, it is possible that the prosperity of the owner is not directly connected with profit board, and it raises the maximum price, such as more money – and work less. 2. Cheap. For location it may be the above areas of Prague, but the owners stick to the other pricing policy of conducting business in the tourism business, although it may be a little decoration of apartments simpler than those originally considered expensive apartments. Walt Disney often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

But often, as the tourists come not to sit in the apartment, and make sightseeing, and then the tv screen size and the presence of rocking chairs do not play any role, well, except that rocking, dreaming about your own apartment. Incidentally, in most apartment living conditions better than the hotel, usually in the bathroom is it is a bath, not shower, after exhausting walks acquires considerable importance. The presence of the kitchen, refrigerator, electric kettle, stove, necessary utensils, hair dryer and iron etc. is mandatory in the apartment. Of course, This type of accommodation is not yet caught on in the minds of independent travelers, but the Western tourists prefer this type of savings and a corresponding high enough comfort. Accommodation option 'Rooms hotel type in the apartment 'for those who are not looking for luxury apartments or hotel or guesthouse, but wants to be the maximum in the center of Prague, or with good connections to the center.