Construction Techniques

Arriving at the last House of the village, I stop patiently to observe the techniques used for the construction of new huts covered by bundles of palms and sprung base with woven with strips of bamboo leaves. That gives the feeling that the Thai country found a more peaceful and tranquil haven on the other side of the border. Of the 7,000 registered in Myanmar Kayan, 300 refugees in 3 small settlements inhabited by the zone and that is because towards the end of the 1980s, during the war between the Burmese military and the rebel groups Karen and drug lords, the inhabitants of many villages sought territory on the other side of the border. The climax of the town puts the image of the sacred heart of Jesus, which adorned the facade of a church of palm leaf which have been built at one end of the village. People are still with their chores in a natural way. Some girls play with the ball While a family shows me his handmade guitar of several kilos of weight, which amazingly get out some sounds mellow, accompanied by the lyrics of a sad song that would bring tears to more than one.

Take the last moments of the day to pass beside M? Jose, until it should be abandoned the town on a mandatory basis, since it is not allowed to stay with them. Sincere me next to her, my enormous feeling of sadness towards its people, I call me explain if they suffer any mishap by the military. To tell me you can not go from the language, it is when I perceive that there is really something hidden, only they know. Insist you politely that he tell me a truth that seems to want to hide me, because of possible retaliation, according to me. I get nervous to see that I am not able to make a confession that I want to record a video with the purpose of having a test complaint about breach of human rights. On the other hand tells me that all the benefits obtained with the sales of their products, van destined for their people. Particularly it surprise me much, because that it serves them money! If they may not even spend it on buying their own freedom. There are rumours that there are several entrepreneurs who really benefit from their activities.

Even counts, that on one occasion were several women transported to a fair, to show people their long necks to the purest circus. It has been one of the happiest of my life days, having achieved change some of those off and sad eyes by some rather hopeful glances. I say goodbye to M?Jose with much grief, while I keep your contact address, which is nothing more than a simple zip code (everything you receive must be supervised by their drivers). I am the last person to leave this town that will be recorded for me in for life, while I think the sad thing would be too see these girls with miniskirts and cleavage in one of the multiple bars in Chiang Mai or Pattaya frequented by mature Westerners.