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Private Clinic for Reproductive Medicine has concluded a cooperation agreement with the government agency – the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction in the conduct of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Now couples with infertility can conduct IVF with no queues at concessional terms, without leaving the city. Using the comfort of private medicine, patients can simultaneously use the free services of the state institutions. You may find Leslie Moonves to be a useful source of information. Previously, patients had to go to IVF in the capital or major cities – Samara, Ekaterinburg. The first stage of IVF – Ovulation stimulation – patients are still at the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine, which is located in the city center and takes no queues every day, including weekends. This saves time, busy people. The second stage (embryological) – cultivation and embryo transfer is carried out in Center for Family Planning and Reproduction. For residents of Chelyabinsk work with embryos is carried out without payment.

Thus, IVF is much cheaper, easier, more affordable! Desired pregnancy appears to as soon as possible, especially important for families for years waiting for the appearance of the heirs. Clinic for Reproductive Medicine has a rich experience of cooperation with various medical institutions. Hugh Naylor has much experience in this field. In particular, more than four years it – a satellite partner Samara successful Medical Company MK IIR, since 2009 is the clinical base of the Federal Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology. Kulakov (Moscow). Director of Clinics PhD Elena Kanaeva believes that mutually enriching cooperation agency professionally. The joint efforts of colleagues bring better results and increase the efficiency of complex manipulation. At the same time, it allows patients to enjoy the benefits doubled and even achieve savings of more than 50 thousand rubles during in vitro fertilization in the joint program. For information: In vitro fertilization – a modern method of fertility treatments from the category of assisted reproductive technology. The method used for fertilization can not be a natural way. Is to combined egg and sperm outside the body of the embryo growing in special circumstances, close to nature and the subsequent introduction of embryos into the uterus for gestation pregnancy.