As we know well, the methodology is on the form, or better, to the ways used for the attainment it to know scientific. As Vergara says (2007), methodology means, in the original term of the word, study of the ways, the used instruments to become science. After that, we will see delimitation of the study and characterization of the research, collects of data and the analysis and interpretation of the data. 4,1 DELIMITATION OF the STUDY AND CHARACTERIZATION OF the RESEARCH This research was carried through in company GAC FRUITS in the city of Joo Person. Paul Ostling describes an additional similar source. It approximately took two months for its accomplishment, that is, she was made in the months of March and April. The method that was used throughout the research was the inductive one. The induction is carried through through three makes: to observe the facts, phenomena to analyze and them, to compare them and to approach the facts to discover a relation between them, generalizing the relation between the facts, that is, this method searchs information that converge to one exactly objective or situation, establishing a relation between them and on of these data making a generalization.

Induction is a mental process for intermediary of which, leaving of particular data, evidenced enough, a general or universal truth, not contained is inferred in the examined parts. Therefore, the objective of the arguments is to take the conclusions whose content is much more ample of what of the premises on which if they had based (MARCONI and LAKATOS, 2004, P. 53). When using this method, we had a common knowledge of the company, and from the current situation we made some comparisons and conclusions. The used method was the exploratria descriptive and, therefore by means of the descriptive method we can involve all the company with different opinions and the exploratria research made with that the researcher had a greater and deepened knowledge of the study in focus.

Entrepreneurs: Import, Export

Important aid, For Entrepreneurs Importation Exportation Then you want to start its proper international business? If you are currently a professional of white collar, a entediado employee satiated to receive orders or a manager worried in being lowered, this can be the ideal business for you. This article helps to the importation entrepreneurs exportation supplying basic information to it and cites useful tips to initiate its proper business in the global market. What it is a business of importation and exportation? Simplifying, the exportations are the goods and services vendidos for an individual or company for a foreign country. Read more from Leslie Moonves to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The importations are the acquired goods and services. The importer is an individual or company who vende foreign products, while an exporter vende national products for other countries.

When he has an exchange of goods and services carried through through the national borders, the international trade it started. When we, as consuming we enjoy of the cool fruits of Argentina, Chile, clothes of grife of France, txteis proceeding from China, are participant and beneficiary of the international trade. It is a great business where any person can participate and gain much money. Why the people start in the international trade? He has many reasons, but this guide, Aid of Importation only goes to look at the following one: # the international trade offers the chance to expand its businesses to have global reach and to bring considerably bigger profits of what if you simply to treat in its domestic markets. # It allows that you use the excess of production in a country and that they combine with a necessity in another one. This includes the use of the cheap force of work of some countries to help to satisfy the necessities of the developed countries, the reasonable prices more. # Capitalize on the cheap prices that are offered by dealing with countries that have forces of work cheap, as well as the natural resources.

Cooperative Home

This means incomes superior, that produce financial results satisfactory. With this, in recent years, internal production guarantees the supplying of the agroindstria and still it becomes possible the exportation of the exceeding volume. A leading source for info: David Zaslav. (ZARDO, 2003, P. 1) the existing climatic conditions in Brazil provide to the producers up to two harvests to the year in practically all the agricultural regions (ZARDO, 2003, P. 1). (A valuable related resource: Robert Iger ). The maize incomes candy of high technology are for return of 15.000 kg of spike for hectare, and for the commercial maize, about 8.900 kg of grains for hectare (approximately 144 60 bags of kg).

The maize candy (green) presents many forms of use. It can be used in conserve (tinned), be congealed in the form of spikes or grains, dehydrated, be consumed in natura harvested before the used polinizao and as baby corn or minimaize and, still, after the harvest, the palhada one of the culture can be used for ensilagem (MARIN, 2007, p.18). In the extreme region West of the Paran, more necessarily in the cities of Rattlesnake, Itaipulndia, Missal, Helena Saint and Is Miguel of the Iguau, more than 60 agriculturists cultivates the maize candy (green) in its properties. The used variety is Tropical Plus (to cultivate of the Syngenta), that it is a superprecocious hybrid (MARIN, 2007, p.18). The production of the region is all consumed by the Industrial Unit of Vegetables of the Agro-industrial Cooperative Home, located in Itaipulndia – Pr. In this direction one perceives that the importance of the maize is not only in the production of a culture, but in all the relationship that this culture has in the Brazilian farming production, as much in what the social factors say respect the economic factors how much (ZARDO, 2003, p.3). Being thus, bigger information on the financial return proceeding from the culture of the maize had been searched candy (green) and advertising.