Blood Transfusion

First thing we did upon reaching Mexico DF, was going to the gastroenterologist Dr. Nahum Mendez Sanchez, was a neatly dressed, trigueno, doctor paused, of good manners, it seemed to be a decent and emblematic character of the Moche culture, in the Peruvian North. Whenever Jeffrey L. Bewkes listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Hello Dr. Palacios!-was already greeted me – so known that Karin had been me announcing and waiting since 2 months ago, we embrace! , as two old friends, la tertulia started talking about the trip, about sisters cultures: Inca and Aztec and I discover that I knew of the issue, caused me pleasant surprise, we also talk about politics, I knew more than Fujimori’s Alan but knew, daba gusto recognize this truth, I reminded Galeno Claudius who demanded that the doctor, must also be a philosopher cultured person after this introductionWe will talk about the clinical case, Doctor has brought your clinical record? I questioned–if doctor, here I have results of Lima, Please allow me and I gave him the dossier or the clinical history, got a pair of thick glasses and began to read with attention the dossier, Dour, shirred moments, read and asked details about the accident, transfusions, evolution told Me I’ll him examining doctor! pass please! I went and I went to bed, was a stretcher in an adjoining room, I put on a robe and examined me, including decision of vital functions and physical examination in several months and after having been evaluated by several colleagues was the first time that a doctor examined me so neatly! Dress please and comes to talk – I said at the end of review-well said – there are some key findings, if we stick to these results, I’m going to be clear: first there is a very important, almost vital, history is 10 units of Blood Transfusion 18 years ago and half! know that each unit of blood has the risk of infection of 10%!, also was 1989 still is investigating the Virus Hepatitis c. and little was known. Second: During all these years there has been no control over this possibility to diagnostic, despite being a person’s risk, more still surgeon! Third: There is damage liver important, if we stick to the presence of gastric, and esophageal Varices in addition to a liver nodule whose diagnosis is not yet clear fourth: are clinically visible the deleterious effects of this disease, edema, telangiectasias, insomnia, irritability, hyperoxia, weight loss and others, I listened carefully and showed my agreement with the analysis of the doctor. Further details can be found at Coen brothers, an internet resource. Now what to do, tell you? (he told me– so is doctor! – I replied – well continued – let’s do the following: to) we will repeat the analysis all!, we need to be sure of the biochemical variables.

(B) we will perform analysis that was not even, such as Fibro Test, Virus genotype, Viral load as soon these then already We’ll see. (C) we will perform a neat imaging that includes repeat Abdominal CT, making liver Perfusion, magnetic resonance. Based on these results we’ll see correct doctor Miguel? -If Dr. Nahum correct!, thank you for then he devoted himself to write orders, recommended me to eat everything and did proselytising with food Mexican, we laugh and I left not gained a single weight for the inquiry!