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3 Criteria For Selecting Topics Connectivity

The basis of any undertaking is the theme. It should be Makimalno defined, otherwise you'll walk in circles. In any case, every one of you come across websites about nothing and then they closed. And all because its author took a hit in choosing to this site. What should I consider when choosing a theme for the site? Here are some criteria by which I evaluate the prospects of the business project themes: competitiveness and quality, your interest in this topic, profitability. You can choose the importance of a criterion for your situation. Discovery Communications describes an additional similar source. 1. Your personal interest.

If you have a burning interest in your chosen subject – you can easily develop it. But to succeed it will be difficult choosing a theme, in which you are a complete zero. Discovery Communications has compatible beliefs. Pay special attention to this factor, if you have chosen for themselves as e-commerce income. 2. Competitiveness and quality. In addition to your personal interest in this topic, you must install interest in her potential visitors, that is, an analysis of demand. Ideally, of course demanded by users to find the theme so even with a little competition – this also happens, the truth must be carefully analyzed.

In material analysis of demand, competition, money is a link to a video tutorial on this topic. If the theme is competitive, so it is a demand, which means there is money. In any case, you can fight, it would wish. Most priority, this criterion for those who plan to earn affiliate programs. 3. Profitability. Besides the fact that your chosen topic should be in demand, it must be also profitable. This is not necessarily should be a commercial issue, it can be subject of sports, hobbies, education, etc., then there is something for which people can pay money. Especially important to the profitability of earnings from advertising. SEOs are more likely advertise on sites similar subjects, it is more likely to earn good money. All 3 criteria are inextricably linked with each other, so you need to consider them all when choosing a future topic for your project.