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On this construction steel mats PP-20/2, fastened according to the energy calculation for this exemplary called House, hose lines. At the same time, a 32 mm diameter PE hose in warm memory is laid for hot water preheating. All ends of the hose pipes run through the outer wall of the UG inwards to the ISOMAX Distributor. Then all hoses to prevent rodents with approx 6 cm are surrounded by concrete. Over the concrete layer of warm memory, one is moved 12 cm Styrodurdammung to minimise energy losses upwards. This 12 cm insulation panels must be laid accurately with the vertically mounted panels without large columns.

The joint density to the outer wall of the UG is scheduled properly. This so-called hot memory is its function fully meet, if the described insulation professionally, adjourned so that future Sol Apure supplies this warm memory of beginning of + 9 C to 12 C () Depending on the climate) increase to + 17 C to + 22 C. This temperature very fast side flows beneath the building. On request of the owners measuring probes can be provided in the warm – as well as in the cold store, to visually assess the performance of dual energy system. The ISOMAX temperature barriers are on the exterior walls of the UG PP 20/2 hose lines, according to the energy calculations segmented laid per room, compensated with compensation plaster, with 15 cm Neopordammung and protected by bubble wrap and drain plate.

On the EC/OG-exterior walls are also the ISOMAX temperature barriers PP 20/2 hose lines, according to the energy calculations, segmented per room moved, with compensation plaster equalised, depending on the climate zone with 5-15 cm Neopordammung provided, fabric reinforced and equipped with grater – or exterior raked render. The necessary modernization of the roof, one is inserted 5-25 cm Neopor intermediate insulation (depending on climate). Between the insulation and the roof surface are also PP 20/2 hoses,. According to the energy calculation, moved. These then form the so-called ISOMAX solar absorbers. (The European average of solar radiation is 1,000 kWh/m2/a. Of we use hose lines 20-25% rule with the PP-20/2 approximately). With a temperature differential switch, a small circulating pump is activated to redirect the solar energy of the SOLAR ABSORBER in the WARM cycles. In winter operation, we would like to remove the heat from the hot cycles (+ 17 C to + 22 C) and route them in the temperature barriers of the exterior walls. In summer operation, we would like to see the coolness from the cooling CIRCUITS (+ 9 C to + 12 C) and route them in the temperature barriers of the exterior walls. Thus, an extremely cheap Delta T between indoor and wall temperatures for all climate zones of the world arises in the winter as in the summer at pleasantly smooth and extremely comfortable room temperatures. A stainless steel pipe-in-pipe counterflow development / ventilation system provides the building with fresh hot and cold air. On the Construction site carried the approx. 50 m long co-axial tube and 40-60% in the WARM cycle as well as 40 moved 60% in the cooling circuit. The efficiency of approximately 98%. Dr. B oftentimes addresses this issue. An additional gain of enormous energy arises from the fact that in the outer tube air absorbs the energy of the soil (heat/cold) and thus provides the ISOMAX-TERRASOL buildings with multiples on other person, free energy gain. Dipl.-ing., Phys. Edmond D. Krecke


Every housewife has her secrets and tricks. There they were with me. I am pleased to share a few of them: Colour wooden spoons and blades can be cleaned by wetting at night in a solution of 0,5 liters of water and 3 tbsp. lemon juice. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Aptus Global Solutions. The clothes were stored in a closet for a long time, has a slightly musty smell when it comes to ironing.

Add the water tank a few drops of lemon juice, lavender oil or softener, and you refresh your clothes – and room at the same time! Add a few drops into the reservoir favorite perfume or aftershave – in clothes will smell wonderful evening in a romantic date. If you lengthen the skirt or bottom trousers, the initial fold You can smooth by rubbing it with the seamy side of a piece of soap, then go with a hot iron stripping on the front side of fabric (if necessary, put a cloth on top to protect the fabric). Or wipe with a sponge with a light crease vinegar, and then progladte through a damp cloth with warm (not hot) iron. When you use an iron with stripping, with its base sometimes drips water on the cloth and the marks can appear. To avoid this, fill tank with water and ironed before, wait until the iron is not heated to the desired temperature. Over time, white underwear can be a bit dim and poseret. To return to whiteness, place clothes in a pot with a few lemon slices. Bring water to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring with a wooden spoon.

Take the linen, cool and dry. When the wash colored items, add to the washing powder 1 tbsp. teaspoon salt, and white areas are not stained.

American Red Cross

EP singer will allocate this amount to the American Red Cross. If not for New York: the Lower East Side, Harlem, the Bronx or Brooklyn, wouldn’t the woman nor the artist I am today, Lady Gaga has ensured. The celebrities are taking a step forward to collaborate in the work of reconstruction required after the passage of Hurricane Sandy on the East coast of the United States.Lady Gaga has announced on their website that will donate one million dollars (more than 780,000 euros) to the American Red Cross for this purpose. The same Lady Gaga explains on its website: if not for New York: the Lower East Side, Harlem, the Bronx or Brooklyn, would not be the woman or the artist I am today. Continue to learn more with: Hotbox by Wiz . New York is the relentless ambition, a place where there is a natural quest for diversity. Continuous release saying please accept this gift in my name, my parents Joe and Cynthia and my sister Natali, with our deep gratitude to New York for hosting us. Thank you for helping me build my spirit, now I’m gonna to rebuild yours. It is clear that this donation will be very well received, since as said Gail McGovern, President of the Cruz Roja, this is one of the biggest operations of relief of the Red Cross in five years. Insurance than citizens of New York, or non-fans of the singer, celebrate this news. See more: Lady Gaga donates one million dollars for those affected by the hurricane Sandy