Design Features

Whether we like it or not, but the doors in our lives occupy a special place. It turns out that door – it is most often expressed per day thing, no matter whether it is the toilet door, car or front door of any establishment. Therefore, if only for informational purposes only worth reading about the design features of doors, in particular, our interior doors, bringing us peace and solitude. Thus, the interior doors. Few know that behind all various designs of internal doors are divided into only two types: panel and framed. Shielding design is the most simple and consists of strapping frame and shield, hence the name. Paneled design interior door is a frame (rail), height (intermediate bars) and infill (small shields, which filled the space between the intermediate bars).

The material used to produce interior doors: array (the tree), fiberglass, laminate, PVC, glass, metal. Material for the manufacture of metal doors is aluminum – lightweight, durable, free of carcinogens, the doors of aluminum and the insulating well keep warm room. Doors made of PVC flame-resistant and lightweight, but strong impact can deform, so they reinforce the corners and perimeter of the metal frame. Fiberglass doors reliable, have a long life, not afraid of abrupt changes in temperature, ideal as an entry door. Just plastic doors sufficiently conductive, not afraid of moisture, high soundproof effect.

From Glass manufactured as separate elements, and solid doors. Such glass is always tempered, so to withstand impact forces of up to 50kg, the glass security doors for your home. Wood interior doors are made from array of only one type of wood. Material for the doors are solid pine, oak, so, cherry, ash, maple, walnut. This is the most expensive form of doors. Combined option: the materials are added layers of MDF, complicating production of the door. MDF or plywood reduces the cost of the door, and the low price makes it accessible to those doors wider range of consumers. Doors are made in many countries, but popular and reliable of all the doors are Finnish. Finnish box door is always marked by the manufacturer, which guarantees quality and reduces the risk to the consumer to buy a fake. Finnish doors are often counterfeited, that speaks to their great popularity, low price and constant quality. Using materials reference to the mandatory.