Collagen Serum

Probably each of us in the morning had to deal with the feeling of morning sickness, after a disabled sleep. But everything can change dramatically if reconsider their views on life in general. Start your morning with your favorite music, of course not the lyrical content, and more fun and invigorating. Look through the window and smile for the world. You will feel energized by nature. Take a contrast shower.

Douches, advised to begin and end with warm water, alternating with cool. Abrupt transitions from hot to cold water, do not worth it, but if you wish, then move on to such a procedure should be after you gradually prepare your body. After a refreshing shower, reward yourself easy, but very tasty breakfast. Pour the cereal with milk, and not too lazy to wash a few apelsinchikov, and make yourself a fruit juice. Despite the fact that breakfast easy, you will get the necessary vitamins, which will allow you to keep yourself in good shape all day.

Now you’re full of energy and it’s time to start collecting. Before you apply makeup, do not forget to prepare your skin. Do it properly, you will help the Israeli cosmetics company DeSheli, which is embodied in its products not only natural resources but also the professional and quality care for the person. Let your skin feel freshness. After processing the face cleansing milk, thus you have to prepare her for the next stage, namely, to soften the skin you will need a gentle scrub that will give your skin a fresh look. Continue with the Herbs Tonic, it will complete stage of purification, and maintain moisture balance of skin. Actively resist the aging process, we will Collagen Serum from DeSheli. It is well absorbed, is an excellent base for cream daytime and nighttime activities. And as the procedures we inflict Daily Moisturizing Cream SPF 15, which includes “intelligent crystals” and sunscreens. That day, our skin needs protection. The main task day cream is to strengthen the natural protective function of the skin. Daily Moisturizing Cream DeSheli optimal foundation for makeup. Now your face is ready for test day. You can apply a light make-up, or even without it, because now the envy of your skin each. And if you can not get over it without drinking a mug of coffee in the morning, then we have a terrific recipe that not only invigorate you, but please his new taste. Have you tried to ever combine coffee and juice from oranges? Miksuya not, as a single mixture, and stirred in dzhezke. We offer this special taste the coffee recipe. Instead of water, add the ground coffee orange juice and simmer until ready, then put a little sugar to kill the sour taste. For aesthetic beauty and fullness of flavor of sweet orange, flip cup and dip it in the first few millimeters in orange juice, then in sugar. Pour hot coffee into a mug of sweet rim. By the way, something no warmer countries (Italy, Greece, Israel) is a custom sip from the cup of orange juice immediately after a sip from a cup of coffee, orange smack against the background of coffee you will experience a unique feeling. Do not be afraid to make himself agreeable in the morning, as it not only affects your mood, but then formed an opinion about what you have people around them. We hope that these tips will help you overcome a bad mood the morning, and the beginning of each day, to become a small and pleasant holiday.

Master Nails

The recovery process of the nail would require a full renovation. When correction is necessary Cutting nails near the cuticles of the material, here involuntarily zapilivaetsya already regrown part of the nail. If the procedure was rough, it is likely to damage the root of the nail, so that may be as uneven nail (wavy nail growth) and slowing its growth. In addition, there are also mechanical damage and allergic reactions to materials. For example, even the various components of nail polish can provoke them, such as allergic may appear dermatitis in okolonogtevogo zone.

Also, there are eruptions of urticaria in areas such as varnishing. Allergic reactions to acrylic can occur through a rather long time from 2 to 16 months. They are accompanied by itching in the area nail bed and the development of paronychia. Nail bed is dry, thickened, and the nail plate itself is thin and crack. Treatment of this reaction continues for several months.

It is important to note that even the materials positioned as “hypoallergenic” can still cause allergic reactions. To avoid such problems need to choose a good master to whom you will trust your nails. Here at chtonuzhno note if you come to the procedure of the nails for the first time: – Master inquire whether you have an allergic reaction to any of the materials and look of your nails, if you have any medical conditions, he refuses to step up the nails. – Pay attention to how he will prepare your favorite nail in the procedure. An experienced artist will ask you to wash your hands and treated them with a disinfectant spray, it is necessary in order to avoid prevent the ingress of bacteria in the performance of the procedure. – Remember that there is no need zapilivaetsya nail plate is very much abused these uncertain in its result, masters and novices. Quite enough degrease nail nail polish remover and nail file to remove only the glitter. – Between the natural nail and the material should not contain air, if you noticed him, ask the master to alter the nail. – All the tools necessary must be disinfected. – Materials for nail should always be the same company! Since the mixing of materials of different companies causes a chemical reaction, which can obviously not a positive way affect the nails. – Either acrylic or gel cuticle is not “filled”, otherwise the nail will peel off! – When the correction (on average once every 2 weeks) the master should return the nails in their ideal state, that is washed down all the irregularities, to report on regrown material part of the nail. – Work with a professional master proprietary materials can not be cheap, so it is also important to consider the health and still is not worth saving. If you decide to do your nails special, it is important to remember about these guidelines to keep your beauty and health. After all, beautiful nails – one of the elements of feminine beauty. If you do not have so much free time, there is a range of quality services for nails at home.