Establishing Medical Office Support

Tax advisor Ute informed Marseille from Bochum with self-employment in his own practice it becomes necessary for the doctor to act as entrepreneurs. The Bochum-based accountant Ute Marseille depicts areas in which this is necessary the support of a professional advisor. Economic success not by itself adjusts itself, maybe even less in the strictly regulated and associated with high investment costs healthcare than anywhere else. The step of a physician in independence want to be so well planned. In light of the content of his professional qualifications, often support a business professional is needed, because business thinking is not necessarily also a medical core competence. In the framework of a subsidiary consultancy the budding independent physician first about must clearly be whether establishing a private practice represents his most meaningful action alternative. Often cheaper, is to an already successful cultivation practice with their patient base take over or to participate in community practices and supply centers. This provides additional security and lowers the costs of investment in medical equipment.

Economically viable, the branch must work to secure the doctor his coming out, to secure the jobs of its employees and the demands of its lenders to use. All of these requirements make it necessary to work out a powerful economic concept for the practice. A realistic assessment of the site is of particular importance in this context. The rules of kassenarztlicher associations are also to note as the demographics and competition situation on the spot. Based on these factors is to assess the financial potential of the desired location and it can be started with the realization of actual practice.

Here, a professional consultation of the Branch supports the doctor by ensuring necessary financial resources, Setup and personnel planning, as well as the development of a legal Marketing concept, that helps in the patient recovery. In this context, falls also support practice assessment and purchase as well as the conveyance of cheap Government funding sources can be opened up. On the basis of its long experience in the branch advice know the Bochum-based accountant Ute Marseille to the specific consulting needs of branch willing doctors and offers dedicated support in all questions of business start-ups.