Alpine Dairy

Thanks to revolutionary UHT milk Pack, 12 million litres of milk in the glass and not also land annually. Freising, August 4, 2009; Germans love milk. Each year drink 63 litres of it. UHT milk is especially popular: is easy to store, at least three months durable and contains all valuable nutrients of milk. 2.3 billion litres are drunk each year alone in Germany. Really? Tests of the dairy Weihenstephan have shown that an average 0.5 per cent of the food is lost and when pouring. Overall, nearly 12 million gallons of precious and elaborately produced food lost annually. This corresponds to the amount of more than four competition swimming pools.

The reason: Conventional milk packaging have crucial weaknesses in the pouring. It gurgles and spills, the milk runs out evenly, but torrent-ways and is therefore difficult to dispense. As a result, Milk ends up on newspaper, tablecloth or even the clothes, rather than in the glass. So small the cause. so big the nuisance.

The dairy Weihenstephan brings the Germans now on austerity and together with the packaging manufacturer Tetra Pak has developed a new packaging concept. From August 2009 there is the Weihenstephan durable Alpine milk’ in the modern 1-litre Pack. The packaging innovation is instantly recognizable on the slender shape and the characteristic slanted”top with extra large screw cap. The new packaging concept allows easy and absolutely klecker-free dispensing UHT milk now for the first time. At the start of the long-life milk revolution, the dairy Weihenstephan extends also its product portfolio. The newspapers mentioned Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc? not as a source, but as a related topic. The new Weihenstephan Alpenmilch designed 0.1% for those, who deliberately low fat want to feed on, without compromising on a full taste of the milk. More information at dairy Weihenstephan Liam k.