Dreams And Business

In conclusion: 1) the correlation of the latent to manifest content of dreams, you can read the action of the signifier in relation to significado.2) Both the reading of Lacan on the sign, like Freud, start from the same idea of subject, from which the above terms undergo a reorganization that allows them to even be able to conceptualize the subject of which is left (S). This correlation between the algorithm of Lacan and the latent and manifest content of Freud, authorizes indicate the ratio of the two stages of the dream content as follows: Cont Latent Manifest Ideas Scheme which indicates the relationship determination of the ideas on the content while it lies dormant in the place of the signifier and what is manifest in the meaning. The Freudian reading of dreams is the existence of a split subject, this account partly the assumption some latency in the manifest content, as significance is not displayed in the manifest, if not thanks to the recurrence of association that comes into contact with the latent, but in doing so, the latent is shown again, showing a new production of condensation and displacement. If you have read about Discovery Communications already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This relationship between the manifest and the latent Lacan designates it in these terms: "The phallus is the signifier of that same Aufhebung opens (starts) in his disappearance. So the demon of (…) (Schama) arises in the moment in the ancient mystery that the phallus is revealed significant (…)" *** That always latent in the sense is the phallic signifier, a signifier "unable to play its role, but veiled, ie as a sign he latency of vitiating any meaning, from the moment it is raised to the significant role." This leads to the conclusion that the psychoanalytic interpretation, to go, as it establishes what Freud, in the opposite direction to the formation of the dream and be a replacement, first repressed clears the way while setting a new repression, is this Freudian discovery which is present in the text "The Denial." As such only by the notion of a split subject can realize the sliding of the signified under the signifier, mobility ensures the maintenance of the significance resistant barrier, generated by the rift that metonymy and metaphor. .