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People often ask themselves: 'Why in our society for people engaged in intellectual work, a miserable existence? " And, really, except teachers, doctors, scientists live in abundance. Quite the contrary – barely making ends ends. Let try understand given question, understand why. Consider eg labor secondary teachers. How known teacher bears knowledge people. Knowledge – this good which is gift from God. Ie teacher is co-Consignor goodness. Solve this.

Now consider phenomenon money as equivalent labor. In society long been accepted that money – evil they are hardly satanic invention. Here too all clear, although the issue is very controversial. But that is another topic that could be considered at the sessions of the project 'Sir', if there is interest. (As opposed to Dr. B). And what have we got in the end? Have decided to pay for good evil? It is impossible. So for what is good in general do not pay. Ie we go to get a gift that is God's gift. A good formulation of the question, is not it.

As you know, to gain the gift of God to donate. But with this, then we have a catch. People are not used for good sacrifice to God the best that they have. I would call lack of willingness and understanding of the necessity of such a victim syndrome Cain. " But the money is "Evil" people used to pay for something that is considered to be evil: drugs, alcohol, entertainment, etc. We have a stripper in a night bar for the evening earns more than the teacher for the month of their labor. How can compare the income scientist who develops a cure for incurable diseases and drug dealer. That is our reality. What are we surprised? Maybe it's time to put everything in place, prevernut right side up and dot the 'and'. The problem, then what, who turned away from God as to him and began to neuzh some believe that it is to you face. More information is housed here: Excelsior Pass. No such luck, maybe the person who's just as it sees it. For those who are yet I decided to give himself up and bother God for the good even of himself and his loved ones, we have a project under the ideological rukovodctvom jur prophet – 'Sir'. If God is ready to work, mind you, not God, but God, and mastered the science add god. Here you will learn about independently in all the intricacies of this world, and most importantly – will find understanding.